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Non-Practitioner's "Forced Signature" has been Annulled

I am not a Falun Gong practitioner, but I know that Master Li and Falun Dafa are both good and I promised my mother that I would not participate in the "Anti-Falun Gong Petition Drive" at school. But when being supervised by many school administrative staff, teachers, and leaders of the student union, I signed the petition against my own will. I hereby declare that the signature be annulled.

Declarer: Wang Dawei

March 31, 2001


I'm a student in my first year of junior high school. In February of this year, under pressure from my school, I was made to participate in the so called, "Million Signature Campaign" against my will. I hereby declare that the signature to be annulled.

Declarer: Wu Chao

March 30, 2001

A Solemn Statement

All guarantee statements [forced written promises to stop practicing Falun Dafa], including those I made, I wrote, or that were written in my name by others, under duress or threats, since 20th July 1999, I hereby declare that they be annulled. I will continue to steadfastly cultivate Dafa.

Dafa Disciple: Li Fu

March 23, 2001

A Solemn Statement

In late 1999, under pressure from my school, I was forced to write a guarantee to "Discontinue practicing Falun Dafa", I hereby declare that the guarantee be annulled.

I have always been committed to Dafa cultivation, and will make an even bigger effort in true cultivation from now on!

Dafa Disciple: Jiang Yongqin

March 31, 2001