Falun Dafa practitioners Zhu Qingbin (male) and Wang Lirong (female) are a married couple from Dazhu Village at Zhaoguan Temple [a place name, not a temple] of Lianzhen Town in Hebei Province. In late October 1999, the Town Government sent Wang Lirong to the County's detention center just for practicing Falun Dafa. She was illegally detained for more than 30 days. Only after their relatives paid tribute to the officials and submitted "fines" to the police was she released. While being detained, she had to pay 30 Yuan every day for her meals and, altogether, they spent more then 10,000 Yuan [about US$1200, average monthly wage in rural area is about $25] to have her released. Zhu Qingbin was detained by the Town Government and was fined more than 5000 Yuan before getting released. However, this couple was arrested again in December 2000 and, as of yet, they have not been released .

Ma Guifeng (male) and Sun Yanyun (female), also Falun Dafa practitioners, are from Nanmenli Village of Chengxiang Town in Jing County, Hebei Province. In November 1999, Ma Guifeng was detained in the Fucheng County Detention Center for more than one month for peacefully appealing to Jing County police bureau. He was then sent to Jing County Detention Center for more than two months and was then sentenced to a one year of prison term subject to two years of probation, and was also fined a large sum of money. Now, he cannot even go back to his own home. On November 1, 1999, Sun Yanyun went to appeal in Beijing, was detained for more than 20 days, and was fined several thousand Yuan before being released. On July 11, 2000, Sun Yanyun was again detained in the County Detention Center and has not been released as of today. The reason for her detention was simply that she gathered with other Falun Dafa practitioners. Their two children are left at home with no one to take care of them.

Ma Peizhi (female) was detained before the Chinese Lunar New Year of 2000 in the County Detention Center simply because she was a Falun Dafa practitioner. Her husband, An Yongqing, went to appeal in Cuimiao Town on April 6, 2000 of the Lunar Calendar and remains in detention up to this day. Since they were both detained, their children have no one to take care of them and their farm is left unattended.

Since July 1999, Song Lanzeng (male) from Matou Town, has been detained in the County Detention Center many times. The police refused to release him for autumn harvest or for his son's marriage ceremony, and he was also fined more than 10,000 Yuan. On December 23 2000, Song Lanzeng and his wife were both arrested in Tiananmen Square [in Beijing] along with Lanzeng's sister, Lanrong, and his 76-year-old mother. All four were sent to Matou Town and endured severe torture. Before the Lunar New Year, the 76-year-old lady was asked to pay a fine of 6000 Yuan before she could go home. Before Lunar New Year [January 24, 2001], Lanzeng's wife was forced to write a "guarantee statement" [ a statement promising not to appeal in Beijing and not to practice Falun Gong] and was fined 5000 Yuan before she could go home. They didn't have enough money to pay all the "fines" and had to borrow from others. Up to this point, Song Lanzeng and Lanrong are still being held in the County Detention Center. Song Lanrong, a widow with 2 children, has been detained many times. Their lives are already very difficult, yet she was still forced to pay "fines" for peacefully appealing to her own government. On January 6, 2000, Song Lanrong's daughter got married without her own mother present since she was still being held in custody. In December 2000, Song Lanzeng's elder sister, Lanying, went to appeal in Beijing and is currently still being held in the County Detention Center. She has been arrested and fined many times as well.

In late December 2000, another 26 Falun Dafa practitioners living in Jing County of Hengshui City, Hebei Province were sent to labor camps. None of their family members know where they've been sent by the chief of the "610" group, the head of the political and security unit of county police.

The Repayment of the Crimes

In August 2000 on the Lunar Calendar, the chief of Lianzhen Town local police station in Jing County, Hebei Province, died of an illness.

During the harvest season of 2000, the chief and a head officer of Liang Town local police station in Jing County had a car accident and were sent to hospital. The head officer had two broken ribs.

The responsible persons of persecution:

Ju Zhaokun, the secretary of Political and Legal Committee in Jing County

Yang Wenzhuang, the deputy director of Jing County Police

Zhao Mingguang, the chief of the Political and Security Unit of Jing County Police

Zhang Huasheng, Li Guisheng, officers of the Political and Security Unit