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Dafa practitioner Sun Hongyan (female) of Liaozhong County (Shenyang City, Liaoning Province) went to Beijing to appeal in September 2000 with 16 other practitioners from the same county. At that time, she was sent to Shenyang Dabei jail, and severely tortured for approximately six months. Half a month ago when she was released she had ulcerations all over her body and was barely conscious. Four days ago, she died. This is one more life taken by Jiang Zemin's associates.

Sun Hongyan had been tormented so much that when she was released her appearance was hardly human-like. The exact course of her imprisonment and sufferings are not known since she was unable to tell us. With great difficulty, she told us that she had two wishes: after she died, her death due to persecution should be reported on Minghui Net, and for fellow practitioners to write a Solemn Declaration for her. It reads as follows:

A Solemn Declaration

Under the influence of Dabei Jail's forced chemical injections, I have put my fingerprint on a document which was slandering Dafa. I was extremely distressed but could not get up and move to stop this act. I would rather die than let this happen, so I declare my print on that document null and void.

Liaoning Province Dafa practitioner: Sun Hongyan

20 March, 2001

30 March, 2001