[Editor's note] Shanshan turned nine years old this year. He began practicing Falun Dafa at the age of four with his parents. At the very beginning, his mother watched videos and listened to tapes of the Teacher's lectures at home, while Shanshan was playing with his toys nearby. He appeared not to have been listening closely to the lectures at all, but he started saying some words that really amazed his parents when he was five. Since then, Shanshan began his cultivation practice earnestly. Though he didn't know any Chinese characters, and couldn't even write his name in Chinese, he was able to read Zhuan Falun and other Dafa books. However, he couldn't recognize the identical words when they appeared in other places. Over the past year, Shanshan has started telling his mother about what he has seen. The contents are substantial, and the main parts are described in following. The Falun Cleans Up at Different Levels of Dimensions Right now, in other dimensions, except the Earth, it is indescribably clear and extraordinarily beautiful. The heavens in other dimensions are all starting to "live," festively singing and dancing, and frequently having big get-togethers. Only the Earth is fearfully dirty and filled with demons, Futi animals, strange monsters, and ghosts. There are too many to be described. Sometimes people would oddly feel cold in the sunlight, which is sometimes caused by ghosts and demons around their bodies. These demons are negative and are all crowded on the Earth. They try to possess human bodies by all possible means. Right when a person thinks or does very bad things, they would fly over and take over his body within a second. The countless aliens and various animals that are not able to possess human beings are looking for opportunities at every second to control humans. There is a large, round and annular screen radiating rays on Earth, and the beings inside the screen cannot get out. The universe is full of Faluns cleaning up demons. There is also a flaming red sphere on which is written "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." The sphere is cleaning up the entire universe from high-level dimensions to the Earth, and it deals with and destroys all evil demons. There are also many Buddhas, Taos, heavenly beings, and divine beings, even the sun, the Fire God, the Electric God, and the Sea God; all have come out to battle the demons. In the low-level dimensions, the spirits (yuanshen) of trees, flowers, and houses all watch these things happening. The Flaming Red Sphere is charging towards the Earth at a tremendous speed. I feel when it reaches the Earth the annular screen will be gone. When that happens, a very big event will occur. Ever since more than a year ago, wherever the Flaming Red Sphere and Faluns went, there was drastic heavenly fighting. With excitement and fury to such an extent, it is more splendid than any movie, or Xi You Ji (Journey to the Westa classical Chinese novel) by a countless times. Evil was most powerful about a year ago. There were innumerable numbers of demons: skeletons, big black and white demonic dogs, huge pythons, and iron face-shaped monsters, and others gathering together. There was a leader who made commands in each group of demons. Arranging various types of formations, all demonic groups cooperated with one another to battle with Faluns and Gods. The scene was much like an ancient battlefield in a story. The evil demons used different kinds of powers to rush at the Faluns. Some spurted thick black paste at the Faluns and the huge pythons bit and tightly held onto the Faluns. A type of monsters that looked like hairy worms gulped down the Faluns; but the Faluns rotated inside them at a very high speed until the worms were completely dissolved. Some demons charged at the Faluns with their bellies. The Faluns dissolved the bodies of the demons starting from the belly. While many of the huge pythons tightly bit the Faluns, their tails were being dissolved; but their heads would continue to bite the Faluns until they were totally dissolved. There were a couple of black ghosts that had only a round head without arms and legs. They spurted out an extremely filthy liquid at the Falun, making the Falun quite dirty. The Falun then automatically washed itself, and gave off a continuous red gas to nail them there. The ghosts screamed and begged the Falun to spare their lives. However, the Falun gave off more and more of the red gas to wrap them up eventually. The demons disappeared while the red gas dispersed. The poisoned demons were not afraid of dying or being completely eliminated. They just hated the Faluns. Their eyes glowed red and showed hatred. None of the demons could beat the Faluns. The Faluns in the end destroyed all of the large demons that had come down from higher levels. Some demons changed into imitation Faluns but were immediately destroyed. A few started to become imitation Faluns and pretended to aid the Faluns in capturing other demons. When the Falun wasn't paying attention, the imitation Faluns secretly let go of the little demons that were captured. But, those demons were quickly destroyed. When some demons could no longer fight, they charged towards the Earth. Most of them went to China, especially Beijing. They took over people's bodies by all means. Once Faluns found them, they would immediately be destroyed. The Party leader and his group of followers have many animal possessions on their bodies. In addition, there are also many people wearing police uniforms who have a lot of animal possessions on their bodies. The Falun did not care about these animal possessions on the wicked people. Some demons could not take possession over human bodies in China, so they went to other countries, looking for bad people to possess and then do bad things. Once living beings came to Earth, they could never escape. A Falun would often battled by itself without inviting other Buddhas or Gods to help. But, many Buddhas, divine beings, and enlightened beings, the righteous forces of the universe would come out on their own initiatives. The Electric God, the Fire God, all came out to help the Falun in clearing up evil demons with their supernormal capabilities resembling electricity, fire, and tornadoes. When the Sea God wanted to come out to assist in the fighting, his several daughters were all strongly opposed. Because the evil demons were extraordinarily powerful, the Sea God could be injured in the fighting. But, his attitude was steadfast. I saw that when the Sea God wanted to go out to fight, his daughters exerted their utmost strength to pull him back and didn't let him exit the water. Seeing the furious warfare outside, the Sea God then used his strength and dashed out of the ocean. Riding his yellow, wave-shaped chariot, he engaged in battle with evil demons. There was an extremely powerful demon fowl that could discharge electricity. When the Sea God battled with it, its electricity shocked him. The Sea God was very brave. In the end, he returned home safely. But, his daughters didn't come out of the water. The majority of the Gods came out to assist the Faluns in fighting. However, there were also some that didn't get involved as if these happenings were not related to them. They sustained their conditions. I saw that the spirits (yuanshen) of many different trees, grass, flowers, and even buildings were all watching everything happen. Every single strand of grass on the whole Earth is related to Fa-rectification. There are many, many of these kinds of stories. These scenes are spectacular. Divine beings at war used various supernormal capabilities, while the demons also have many different skills. I saw that when Buddhas cleaned up evil demons, they didn't use their hands at all; they just sat there doing the sitting meditation. Once he lifted his eyes and looked up, the demons would be dissolved. I saw Faluns go up to the moon where dark beings were deposited, and with one scoop into the ground they were destroyed. Right now, both the moon and the sun are clean. These scenes have not been seen for several months because everything has already been cleared up. In the most recent period of time, it seems that some issues with divine beings have been dealt with in the heavens. Some divine beings that were not up to the standard were annihilated and disintegrated; some were knocked down onto the Earth. One being was knocked down with a stick. While he was falling to the Earth, simultaneously, his body gradually turned into a plant. When he finally dropped to the Earth, he was a plant with many red fruits and flowers. After some divine beings and Buddhas were dealt with, their paradises were destroyed. The destroying process was like a huge explosion. In the end, the paradises turned into fragments and dust and landed on the Earth. Some stars, after exploding, would become pieces of gems or stones and fell into caves that no one ever goes to, or into a pile of dirt. When the people who scolded or hated Dafa die, their spirits (yuanshen) would have already been eliminated. When their spirits left the bodies, they were already aware of everything and felt endless pain and extreme grief. Their expressions were as if they were leaving their most, most beloved or treasured person. But, just seconds after they left the bodies, their spirits were sucked in and dissolved by the Flaming Red Sphere (mentioned above). Everything was gone. There appears to be a standard or a line. Three types of people must be annihilated. One of them is a person that swears at Dafa in his heart, but not out loud; another is one that swears at Dafa out loud and in his heart; the third is one that swears at Dafa out loud, but not in his heart. Those who hated Dafa and have been destroyed were mostly older people. Some people who didn't swear at Dafa were destroyed as well; these people were drug addicts. After their flesh bodies died, they were eliminated. Those villainous people that beat Falun Dafa practitioners all have many animal possessions on their bodies. The evil demons clustered on the Earth still often gather to discuss how to persecute Dafa. The giant python's commander in chief is in India. The various animals and poisonous demons are all gathered in China. These beings all know they will be destroyed. Their reason of existence is to undermine Dafa. I just want to cry when I see a number of ordinary people and Dafa practitioners that are not diligent in cultivation. Every minute on this Earth is precious and it is all given by the Teacher. These people still hold on to their thoughts and spend their time on meaningless things, but they do not know what they will face in the future. (Story related by Shanshan, and recorded by her mother.)