I am a retiree and I have benefited a lot from practicing Falun Gong. When I saw the fabricated news about Falun Gong on TV, I wanted to clarify the truth to the people. Therefore, I traveled to Beijing to appeal in October 1999 hoping that the Government would stop slandering and persecuting Falun Gong.

In Beijing, I was stopped and interrogated by a policeman, and was sent to a detention center. After I told them my address, I was sent to the Dalian Office in Beijing. Five days later, the police of Dalian City sent me to the detention center of the Dalian Development District. In the detention center Falun Gong practitioners went on a hunger strike together to protest the unjust treatment. After 25 days, the police officer of my area picked me up from the detention center and made my sister write for me a letter of guarantee (I had refused to write the letter myself) saying that I would not appeal for or practice Falun Gong any more. I was released afterwards. But two days later, the security department of the factory where I had worked sent two female security guards to my house to watch me every night. They had to take turns watching me even if they were sick. The security guards said they were entangled in my life only because I had not written the statement pledging to give up Falun Gong. A month later, they tricked me into going to a mental hospital for a psychiatric examination. Since the examination showed me to be normal, they had no pretense for keeping me in the hospital. So, they threatened my family, telling my family either to take responsibility for monitoring me or else watch me get sent to Masanjia Labor Camp (the notoriously cruel labor camp in Shenyang City) and then expelled from my factory (thus eliminating my pension).

One day, two leaders of the labor union, head of factory and another employee of my factory again tricked me into going to the mental hospital of Lushun City. I thought that since I was only brought to the mental hospital because I am a Falun Gong practitioner, I could tell the doctors my situation, and they would then not accept me as a mental patient. But they didn't even ask about my situation, and the nurse started to feed me medicine the very next day. I told them that I was not a patient and asked to see her supervisor. Her supervisor came and ordered 5 or 6 nurses to grab me tightly. They pinched my nose so that I couldn't even breathe, and opened my mouth using some tool. I was forcibly fed even though two teeth were broken and my lips and gums were cut. In their custody, I was at first given a shot every day in addition to two pills. The shot did not work on me, and so they increased the dose from two pills to 12 pills and fed me twice every day. Even real patients do not take so much medicine. They detained me in the room designed for serious patients who need around the clock supervision. They assigned somebody to watch me 24 hours a day in order to keep me from practicing Falun Gong exercises. I tried my best to stay awake so that I could recite Teacher's articles. After 25 days of this, my body became swollen. Maybe they were afraid of taking the responsibility if anything really serious happened to me, and so they let my family take me home.

One morning of May 2000, I had just finished practicing Falun Gong exercises on the mountain. On my way home, a police officer stopped me and I was once again detained for 15 days.

On the afternoon of October 27, 2000, a group of people rushed into my house. There were people from the sub-district office, from my factory, as well as police. They told my 81-year-old mother that they would send me to a so-called 3-day "Educational Class." But to me they said this was a mandatory 7-day class intended to convert me. I was forcibly taken to the Dalian Correction Center. During this time, I was beaten and handcuffed if I practiced Falun Gong in the center. After I went on a hunger strike for two days, they forcibly fed me through a tube. I was handcuffed to a chair, and force-fed twice a day. I even vomited into the tube that they used to force-feed me. Somebody told me that more than 200 incidents of force-feeding had taken place here. To taunt me they would tell me that with this rough force-feeding they were practicing humanitarianism. At other times they also said that they just wanted to torture me. I told the relevant director what was happening. I did not seek to charge anyone but simply wished to have the beating and the force-feeding end, and to be released. On the seventh day, around 4 o'clock, they handcuffed me again and gave me two shots. They told me that they would not give me any more shots the next day. But on the morning of the eighth day, another person came to give me a shot again. I told him that he did not need to give me a shot that day. He said, "who gives the order?" Then he forced another shot on me. As a result, both my hands and shoulders were swollen. One of the team leaders threatened to shave my head and give me the shot directly into my head. In the afternoon, some of the sub-district officers, people from my factory and also a team leader of the correction center came to take me to the mental hospital for another mental examination. Once again, I was proven to be very healthy. The bad people did not have any excuses to detain me any longer and so they had to send me home.

During this year, I am not the only person who has suffered unjust treatment. Even my boss and co-workers were under pressure. My entire family has never had any dealings with policemen before and now the police are all involved. My family has been constantly harassed by phone calls and strangers. Since February, people started to harass my family again. They wanted to run some more mental tests on me. I told them, "As a person who is supposed to enforce the law, what you are doing is illegal. I am a Falun Gong practitioner so I need to tell the truth. You know I'm not sick. This time I am telling you clearly that I'm not going with you."

For the purpose of spreading Falun Dafa in this human world and letting more people benefit from it, an enlightened cultivator should never be shaken by any vicious forces.

A practitioner from China

April 6, 2001