[Fushun City, Liaoning Province] Fushun Education Center Tortures Practitioner Who Could Not Be Transformed to Death

The authorities at Fushun Labor Camp brutally persecuted those practitioners who steadfastly cultivated Dafa and could not be transformed, beating one practitioner to death. The rest of the determined Dafa practitioners were sent to a mental hospital for further persecution, where they were forcibly given injections that are harmful to the nervous system.

[Baoding City, Hebei Province] Mother Locked up at Mental Hospital, Leaving Infant Crying for Food

Gu Peng, female, 27-years-old, was a kindergarten teacher at the cigarette factory in Baoding City.

After the Chinese New Year, she went to Beijing twice to peacefully appeal for Dafa. The first time, she and her husband, along with their 6-month-old baby were detained in an underground police substation at Tiananmen Square. She was fined 20,000 Yuan (about 40 months salary in urban areas- translator's note) after being sent back to Baoding. Her husband was held in the detention center of Baoding City, while she was transferred to the fire department of the factory. Later she was transferred to the factory cafeteria, being given no choice in the matter. In January, she escaped from the cigarette factory with her baby and went to Beijing to validate Dafa again. Malicious policemen in Beijing shocked her body from the neck down over and over again. Gu Peng held onto righteous thoughts and did not feel pain. She refused to tell them her name and address, and she suffocated the evil by conducting a hunger strike. As a result, she and her child were released and returned home safely. She continued her hunger strike to protest the unfair treatment after returning her work unit. She took back the guarantee statement and requested the police to release her husband.

The 610 office at southern part of the city (translator's note: An office created by the government to deal specifically with issues related to Falun Gong) consulted with her parents (her father is the vice president of the Police Academy of the city), on whether to send her to the detention center or the mental hospital. After coming to an agreement with her family, they sent her to the mental hospital, where she has been detained for over three months. She was forced to receive medication and injections everyday. A previously healthy person was tortured until completely out of whack. Now, she paces the floor unceasingly. What on earth did they force her to take?

We urgently appeal to kind-hearted people of all societies to pay attention to this case. Please help and save this young mother from the evil den, please save the poor child who is waiting to be fed!

[China] Those Not Transformed Before "May 1st" To Be Sentenced to Labor Camps

According to reliable information, Jiang Zemin recently gave a secret order, urging every work unit and resident committee to set up "transformation classes" for Dafa practitioners in their responsible regions. The secret order also said that those practitioners who cannot be transformed before "May 1st" would be directly sent to labor camps. Many practitioners in my area have been forced to attend this "transformation class."

I want to remind all the practitioners that we should by no means cooperate with the evil!

Street offices in all the districts in Beijing have established their independent "transformation offices", forcing every Dafa practitioner (even if the practitioners have never appealed) to write a guarantee statement. Those who refuse to write such statements are to be sent to labor camps. Some practitioners have been forced to flee from home, but the authorities of some districts have assigned people to search for those absent Dafa practitioners.

[Beijing] Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Tsinghua University

An instructor at Tsinghua University (Translator's note: One of the top universities in China), Dafa practitioner Yu Jia was sentenced to three and half years in jail for steadfastly cultivating Dafa.

Dafa practitioner Liu Wenyu (Ph.D. student at Department of Thermal Engineering) from Tsinghua University and his wife Yao Yue (a former graduate student from the Institute of Microelectronics at Tsinghua University, dismissed from the school for practicing Falun Gong) were arrested at home at 5 o'clock on January 1, 2001 by policemen from Zhongguachun Police Substation of Haidian District in Beijing. According to information from the security department, after their illegal three month detainment they were transferred to a Beijing Police Station to face hard labor or jail.

Dafa practitioners who were arrested along with the Liu Wenyu couple include Chen Zhixiang, a graduate student from the Department of Civil Engineering (Chen stayed overnight at Liu's home that night and was arrested for this 'crime'), teaching assistant Meng Jun, and MBA student Qin Peng from the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University.

These five practitioners are still being illegally detained, and they face hard labor or jail. It is said that the "charge" against them was downloading articles from Minghui Net.

We hope that people of insight can pay attention to these Dafa practitioners' sufferings.

[Gannan Zang Autonomous Region, Gansu Province] Brutal Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners

Before the central government held the "two conferences" this year, the local government listed in the Gannan Newspaper all the people they know of who have ever practiced Falun Gong or had Dafa books, video, or audio tapes, regardless of whether they are still practicing or not. They then then sent these people to a "transformation class". However, there was only one so-called "transformed person" showing up on the local TV station to show "regret". All the other people were sent to labor camps, suffering inhuman torture. The Gannan police station offered a reward of 30,000 Yuan for reporting a Dafa practitioner. This is how Jiang Zemin's group operates---bringing disaster to the people while spending the people's money to do it.

[Baoding City, Hebei Province] Dafa Practitioner Yang Fengju Brutally Tortured

Yang Fengju, female, 36-year-old, is a supervisor at the carpet factory in Baoding City. Due to pressure from the government, her family asked her to write a 'repentance' statement so as not to implicate them with Falun Gong. In order to avoid having their home ransacked, her family members sent her to No. 6 Mental Hospital on November 24th of 2000. Doctors there disregarded professional ethics, forcibly holding her down on the bed to give her injections and force-feeding her without any examinations or interviews. Consequently, her symptoms became even worse than real mental patients. Her arms became rigid, hands trembling, and her neck seems to be shrinking into her chest. She is unwilling to sit and stay in bed, and unceasingly walks back and forth. Living one day in such a state must seem like a year. She often cries, and her physical and mental health is ruined. She tried to protest with her life, and finally the hospital had to contact her family and release her. Yang Fengju was tortured in mental hospital for 38 days, and they charged her 3,000 Yuan.

After she was released, she went to Beijing to clarify the truth of Falun Gong, where she was arrested and then detained in Baoding Detention Center. In order to resist the illegal detention and demand their release, over 30 practitioners in the female cells went on a hunger strike. On March 8, 2001 or the sixth day of the hunger strike, Yang Fengju's blood pressure was lower than normal, her pulse became irregular. Four or five policemen dragged her outside and pressed her onto a stretcher. She warned them, "I had a lot of diseases before I practiced Falun Gong, your force-feeding may cause me to die, and you would take responsibility for my death!" Secretary Lu Hong and Officer Cao Guoqiang answered simultaneously, "No problem." Then more than ten policemen came in and held her down, pried open her mouth, inserted a plastic tube into her nose, and force-fed her dense salt water for about five minutes. That evening, Yang Fengju felt sharp pain in her abdomen and vomited, while her whole body was black and blue with bruises. She eventually passed out. She regained consciousness the next day at around noon after being sent to emergency room. After being released from the hospital, she constantly feels pain in her chest and eyes, her nose often bleeds, and she keeps vomiting (she can only eat fluid food ever since). She also has blood in her stool, and her teeth have become loose. The hospital forced her family to pay a treatment bill of over 650 Yuan.

[Longkou City, Shandong Province] Abuse of Dafa Practitioners

Some time in November of 1999, Dafa practitioner Sun Cuifang from Longkou City went to work, where she found staff from the Xiading township government wait for her. They forcibly took her to the government office and detained her there for many days. They also fined her 400 Yuan. In February of 2000, they arrested her at home and sent her to local government office, where Dafa practitioner Sun Anzhi was tortured in front of her. Sun Cuifang was then beaten up also, leaving her body covered with bruises. Afterwards, she was released. Several days later, Sun Cuifang, Yu Xiliu, and Chen Fengjun walked to Zhaoyuan City in snowy weather and took train to Beijing to appeal. After their arrest, officers from the Longkou City agency in Beijing extorted money of various amounts ranging from less than a hundred to several hundred from them. Officers handcuffed Sun Cuifang and Yu Xiliu in a special fashion, where one hand comes down from the back of the head and the other hand comes up from the back. They were handcuffed outdoors in this way for a long time, suffering in the freezing weather. They were also beaten severely. After returning to the township government, officials beat them again using electric batons and rubber sticks. They were then sent to the detention center and held there for 15 days. In the detention center, the guards did not give them enough food to eat, much less than the regular prisoners' rations.

In February of 2000, the Xiadingjia Township government sent Dafa practitioners Lu Renjuan to be paraded through the streets. They first detained her informally for a long period of time and then sentenced her to criminal detention. In February of 2001, officials in the township government arrested more Dafa practitioners and sent them to "transformation class" by force. They tortured Dafa practitioners Sun Cuifang, Wang Wenqiang, and Yu Xiliu, among others, and filmed the incident. Secretary Cao Chenxu from the Politics Section slapped 72-year-old Dafa practitioner Guo Fuxiang in the face in front of many witnesses.

[Wuhu City, Anhui Province] Partial List of Cases of the Persecution of Dafa Practitioners

1. Former director of Wuhu Falun Dafa Assistance Center Yu Guiying was sentenced to one year in jail for sharing experiences with fellow practitioners and distributing Teacher's articles.

2. There are at least two practitioners being held in the detention center. One was detained for distributing truth-clarifying material, and the other was detained only because policemen suspected that he distributed truth-clarifying materials.

3. Several practitioners were dismissed from work units and fined 3,000 Yuan to 5,000 Yuan.

4. Practitioners were forced to attend a "transformation class", though some refused to go. Practitioner Zhang refused to cooperate in the "transformation class" and shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" As a result, Zhang was illegally detained for one month.

5. Several practitioners were arrested while at home. Others had their homes ransacked and all parts of their daily lives monitored.

6. Around midnight on January 18, 2001, all the branches of Security Bureau and local police substation broke into practitioners' homes and arrested them. The policemen called it the "united action of the whole county". Some practitioners refused to open their doors, so the malicious policemen broke them down.

[Wuhan, Hubei Province] Short Messages from Wuhan

A total of 650 practitioners were sentenced to labor camps in Hubei Province. 352 practitioners from Wuhan were sent to labor camps, among which there were 104 males and 248 females. 254 practitioners were sentenced to one year in labor camps, 96 practitioners to 1-2 years, and 2 practitioners to more than 2 years. The above number doesn't include those who were sent to re-education classes, detention centers, and jails.

On March 15, 2001, Hubei Labor Management Committee implemented the document "Prolonging 'Falun Gong' Practitioners' Labor Punishment Period". The first item of the document states that those who refuse to admit "Falun Gong " is a.... or refuses hard labor will be detained indefinitely. The document also said, "Prolong the detention period of those who refused to attend study and work; prolong the detention period of those who distributed or recited articles." They also uniformed the propaganda. They said, "due to dramatic increase in the number of 'Falun Gong' who are under detention or in labor camps, we should add more police force, financial resources, and manpower, working for more transformations."

Because of the implementation of the document, the detention period of all the practitioners were prolonged for another three months under all kinds of excuses.

Some kindergartens were given free tickets to attend the show "Denouncing Falun Gong". Jiang is extending his evil hand to innocent children.

[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] News from Shijiazhuang

1. In order to prevent practitioners from going to Beijing to appeal during the "two conferences", the Shijiazhuang Power Factory authorities assigned people to monitor Dafa practitioner Sun Jinying's whole family. Sun Jinying was dismissed from the factory for steadfastly cultivating Dafa. Those people who monitored her constantly called her or knocked at her door to make sure she was still at home, seriously interfering with Sun Jinying and her family members' normal lives.

2. At midnight on March 16, 2001, four explosions occurred in Shijiazhuang City, causing the death of 108 people. Some other explosions also occurred consecutively in Shijiazhuang City last year. The police investigated Dafa practitioners during these two series of explosions. In the morning of March 16, all the work units in the city held an emergency meeting to discuss the explosions and declared, "The explosion is likely to be created by Falun Gong practitioners." Then, they employed people to closely monitor Dafa practitioners, spreading all kinds of rumors. Some people who know the truth said, "The higher authorities blame everything on Falun Gong... What a society it is!"

3. Recently, some resident committees investigated "Falun Gong" door by door, forcing everyone to register and write down their attitudes toward Falun Gong. They used this method to collect information to monitor, transform, and persecute Dafa practitioners. As a result, some residents who did not know the truth stood on the opposite side of Dafa.

All of above actions that violated human rights and defied public opinion are examples showing how Jiang Zemin's is "ruling the country with virtue." No wonder some policemen said, "If only one third of the resources dealing with Falun Gong were used to control social order, it could be done well. Those good people were sent to jail, leaving the bad people outside. How couldn't bad things happen?"

[Beijing] After Being Missing for Four Months, Practitioners Found to Have Been Arrested Secretly

Beijing practitioners Zhu Baolian, Zhu Tong have been missing since December 15 of last year. During this period of time, their families knew nothing about their whereabouts. Recently, Zhu Baolian's sister verified from Beijing Security Bureau that Dafa practitioners Zhu Baolian and others had been secretly arrested by the authorities and forcibly detained. Beijing Security Bureau, Chaoyang branch was the department responsible for the arrests. These practitioners were transferred to the Beijing City Security Bureau, and they were transferred back to Chaoyang branch recently. They are facing jail and hard labor.

April 13, 2001