[Minghui Net] Wang Bo, lives in a small city in China. He is 84 years old, and has practiced Falun Dafa for 6 years. The following story describes his experience and how he attained Dafa.

When Wang Bo was around 17 years old, a master came to teach him cultivation techniques. His master was from the Tao School. So when he was taught cultivation principles, he was also taught techniques in Astrological Theory, the Eight Diagrams, and Reading Landscapes (fengshui). His master told him that these techniques should only be used to make a living and to put food on the table, and they should definitely not be used for profit. These principles had to be used to give virtuous guidance to devotees, and to help people accumulate merit and do good deeds.

In 1949, Wang Bo's master needed to leave. Before leaving, his master told him again and again: "One of true Buddha ancestry will come to the world and spread Dafa some day in the future. You must wait until that day and by all means be sure not miss it. It is the only chance of salvation for human beings. When that day comes, you must throw away all of the things that I have taught you." Since then, Wang Bo has lived in that small city, helping people describe the Four Columns and Diagnose Diagrams (Note: Chinese fortune telling techniques). Due to accurately predicting fortunes, Wang Bo became widely known; so he has gotten to know many Buddhist devotees. Every time Wang Bo predicted someone's future, he always taught him or her to accumulate merit and do good deeds.

When the Great Cultural Revolution began, Wang Bo was deemed a reactionary element, so he was arrested and thrown into jail, where he suffered all kinds of torture. During this period of hardship, Wang Bo always remembered what his master told him. He knew that he had to stay alive and wait until the day when the one of Buddha ancestry would come to spread the Fa, so that he could attain it and practice cultivation. So Wang Bo used his supernormal capabilities to make his body swell with edema, and he looked as if he were about to die. The rebellious people looked at his severe "illness" and really thought he would die. Since they didn't want to bear the responsibility of his death, they kicked him out of jail. After getting out, Wang Bo used his supernormal capabilities to rejuvenate his body. During this terrible period of time, Wang Bo often cried to himself, not knowing if he could wait for the day Dafa would arrive.

After social and economic reforms opened China to the world, the city Wang Bo lived in developed rapidly. He continued to eke out a living by telling fortunes. At that time many people gained wealth, and Wang Bo became known by more and more people. Many rich people wanted to use his services, and many Buddhist devotees always wanted to give him extra money. But Wang Bo did not accept everything they wanted to give him. Instead, he very patiently kept telling people to accumulate merit and do good deeds.

In 1995, Wang Bo discovered Falun Dafa. After seeing the book Zhuan Falun, he was so excited that his eyes brimmed with tears. Old Wang Bo tearfully said: "I have waited for this all my life! I never thought that I, at the age of 78, would be able to see Zhuan Falun, which is the true Buddha's Fa." From then on, Wang Bo stopped telling people's fortunes, and wholeheartedly practiced Falun Dafa. When many Buddhist devotees came to look for him, he always said to them: "I have waited all my life, and have finally attained the true Dafa. I will never do any fortune telling for people again. This Dafa is the only way of saving ourselves and breaking away from the abyss of misery. My telling fortunes for you in the past was simply a means to get to know you, so that someday, through me, you might obtain Dafa. Now it is up to you to learn Falun Dafa . I can only tell you why you should." Through Wang Bo's efforts, about a thousand people attained Dafa very quickly and practiced cultivation in his city. Since July 1999, many of them have stepped forward to validate Dafa and clarify the truth.

April 6, 2001