I'm a retired 48-year-old worker. I want to talk about some physical changes I've experienced since I started cultivation practice and offer some opinions about the unfair treatment which Falun Dafa cultivators have suffered in China.

In March 1995, due to carelessness, I fell from a great height. My third lumbar vertebra was crushed, and the second and the fourth vertebra were damaged and displaced. These injuries resulted in my lower limbs being paralyzed. Because I did not undergo an immediate operation, my lower limbs had no feeling after I finally had one. The doctor could do nothing, and told me that I would spend the rest of my life in bed. Then I approached both a Traditional Chinese medical doctor and a person who practiced massage, but they also told me there was no hope. I was in despair.

While in this state, I saw the book Zhuan Falun. Thereafter, I chose the path of cultivation practice. I felt uncomfortable when I first read the book because I was still smoking. I stopped smoking within a few days. After reading the book, I felt there were numerous ants crawling on my right leg. My leg had feelings. Half a month later, I could sit in a chair myself and practice the exercises. After a month, I could walk out to the practice site and practice with others.

It is unimaginable that a person who was paralyzed for such a long time could recover after only a few days. My entire physical condition had been so bad before. I'd been afraid of cold in winter. I was not able to drink cold water, even in summer, and I would get diarrhea as soon as I caught a chill (not even a cold). I had to use two mattresses, an electric blanket, and cover myself with two quilts in winter. The first winter after I started cultivation practice, I used only one quilt, and oftentimes I took it off because it was too hot. I knew this was the result of Teacher's purifying the body of a genuine practitioner.

Through these four years of cultivation practice, according to Master's teachings, I upgraded my xinxing, starting with being a good person, and eventually attaining "the righteous enlightenment of selflessness and altruism" (from "No Omission in Buddha-Nature", Essentials for Further Advancement). I think Falun Dafa offers a hundred benefits and not a single harm to individuals and to society. I hope that every leader will read this heavenly book, Zhuan Falun. If they read it without any prejudice, they will know who is lying and who is actually violating the law. They will also know what Falun Dafa is all about and what kind of person is worthy to be called a cultivator.

A genuine Falun Dafa practitioner