[Minghui Net] More than a dozen German practitioners joined other Canadian and American practitioners in Geneva on the afternoon of April 11 to exchange their experiences in promoting Dafa [the Great Law of the Universe]. The meeting lasted for more than three hours, and many other practitioners who heard about it later also came to join in. The major topics of the meeting were: basing our understanding on the Fa, keeping up with the Fa rectification process, and doing our best with the Fa promotion activities.

Canadian practitioners shared their experiences with promoting the Fa to journalists, senators, and citizens. Before they begin an activity, they always get together to study the Fa and to discuss, so they can improve their understanding about the activity and remove any barriers. For example, practitioners should realize that when they promote the Fa to senators, the recipient of our Fa promotion is a human being instead of a government official who holds a high position. Promoting the Fa to them is also promoting the Fa to a district, a city, even a whole race and a whole nation. This way, we can save more and more people. This is absolutely not getting involved in politics; it is helping Teacher rectify the Fa.

Many practitioners mentioned a common understanding: as long as we promote the Fa with a righteous mind and clarify the truth to everyday people, Teacher will arrange opportunities for us at any time and any place. If we respond with a pure heart, the result is often exceptionally positive.

The reason we came to Geneva is another topic that has generated much discussion among practitioners. On this topic, a German practitioner's words were very inspiring. After driving home from a large-scale Fa promotion activity that took place in Geneva in mid March, she discovered that she had left her passport back at a restaurant. She instantly realized it was Teacher prompting her to return to Geneva. She thought: "The criminal group sent by Jiang Zemin is still running rampant; more practitioners are needed there. I can't just walk off." Therefore, she returned to Geneva. In the end she told others: "Nothing personal matters; what's most important is to uphold the Fa."

Through the experience sharing, practitioners gained deeper insight and were fundamentally changed. We knew that we came to Geneva not only for personal cultivation; more importantly, we came to assist Teacher to rectify the Fa.

Provided by a German practitioner