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In December 2000, Houji Town in Zhenping County, Henan Province, launched a massive persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. All practitioners, "reformed" or not, were forced to attend the "class" at the detention center to be forcibly "reformed." About 12 practitioners from Houji Town were forced to attend.

The persecution started on the second day. Every other day, the government officers, including Yao Jinbo (the current Secretary of Houji Town), Wang Kui (the former Vice Secretary of Houji Town, now transferred to somewhere else), Yan Zhongbao (the current Dean of the General Administration Department in Houji Town), would take a gang of thugs to the "reforming class." The thugs beat and cursed practitioners viciously. They forced the practitioners down on their knees, then punched and kicked them until they got tired themselves. They also lashed practitioners' faces and ears with branches. This torture continued for over 20 days.

Then Zhou Mingjun (the Secretary of Zhenping County) and another government officer (name not known, the Secretary of the Politics and Laws Committee) came to Houji Town on an inspection tour. The families of those practitioners came to them protesting the mistreatment with great indignation. These two government officers knew that they were in the wrong, so they didn't dare to say one word. Finally, the Secretary of the Politics and Laws Committee raised his hand [to get people's attention/ translator] and said loudly, "It is against human rights to beat people like that!" The Secretary of Zhenping County became embarrassed and concurred, "Yes, I agree. Let me know if it happens again. I'll deal with it." After this, those malicious people restrained themselves a little bit.

The most astounding thing was that the "reforming class" carried on the malicious "reforming methods" used in the Masanjia Labor Camp. A local thug even raped a 25-year-old female practitioner. Those government officials blocked any news or information about this rape. They also beat practitioners who knew about it in order to keep them from disclosing the truth. However, a policeman openly talked about the crime later. Local police knew all about it, but did absolutely nothing. The rapist wasn't even punished for what he did. This is just one example of Jiang Zemin's "reform" policy towards Falun Gong.

Here we appeal to the UN Human Rights organizations to stop the inhumane persecutions going on in Mainland China.

Provided by an informed insider

April 14, 2001