[Minghui Net] Ah-yi (pseudonym) is an illiterate housewife. She believed in Buddha since childhood, and she is a lay Buddhist who didn't get married until she was over forty. Her Tianmu (Third Eye) was already open, but she didn't pay much attention to it. Through her Tianmu, she saw a golden, shining child of about 30 to 40 cm (12 to 14 inches) high inside her lower abdomen; she didn't pay attention to it. (Editor's note: that was the "immortal infant." Please refer to the Lecture Four of Zhuan Falun.) After getting married, she often quarreled with her husband. For every quarrel, the golden child became smaller. After six quarrels the golden child was gone, she didn't pay much attention to it either.

In 1995, someone introduced Falun Dafa to her. When she picked up the book, Zhuan Falun, there were no words in it. Instead, these words were all Buddha figures who were blinking their eyes and talking to her. She was so scared that she didn't want the book. However, she kept the illustrative figures for the exercises so that she could learn at home. She had a dream that night, during which someone showed her Zhuan Falun and told her it was a very precious book. On the second day, she hurried to her friend and got a copy of the book.

Ah-yi often joined other practitioners for group exercises outdoors as well as for promoting Dafa. One day she was heading home after the exercises, when suddenly, everything in this dimension including houses, vehicles, people etc. disappeared. When she was able to see things from this dimension again after a while, she was already outside her house. Other practitioners often saw her laughing when doing the standing exercises together. She said, "For everyone, there is a Fashen (Law Body) of our teacher behind you, looking after you. Sometimes if you sleep during the exercises, he would nudge you gently at the leg joint from behind with his finger, and you would wake up." Sometimes, the Fashen of our teacher covered her mouth so that her laughter wouldn't disturb the others. One day, she was holding the Law Wheel (the 2nd exercise) at home, when she floated up to the ceiling. She said to our teacher, "Can I stop rising further? You see, my head already touched the ceiling and there is no more room for me to go up?" Then, she came down slowly.

When she was doing the sitting meditation, her Zhu Yuanshen (Main Consciousness) would go to the heavens and play there. Later, our teacher told her that it was wrong to do so, so she didn't do it anymore. Also, during the sitting meditation, she often saw some gods from other dimensions coming to drag her away, since they wanted to accept her as a disciple. She thus spoke to our teacher, "Teacher, they come again to harass us practitioners. Please ask them to leave." However, our teacher didn't do anything. She couldn't wait anymore. So she started to fight with them and asked them to leave. Then our teacher came and resolved it. Then she realized that our teacher was testing to see if we practitioners are determined in Dafa (Great Law and Principles). She said to some veteran practitioners, "The inborn quality of us Dafa practitioners is so good that gods in other dimensions want very much to take us as disciples. However, they are actually interfering with our practice of Dafa. We have to be alert, and resolute to Dafa. Otherwise, it is very easy to be deceived by them." When she went to a veteran practitioners' home for group study, she told them that, "It's golden and shining inside your house. There are many Buddhas sitting on the wall who are studying the Fa with us, and listening to our group discussions. The clothes inside the dresser are also golden and shining. Because of the high energy here, the characters on the wall calendar including people and animals become alive and they often come down from the calendar." After one year, Ah-yi was no longer illiterate and could read all Dafa books. Most of the time, she stayed at home to read Dafa. Soon afterwards, she started a group study at her home, and volunteered as an assistant. More and more people came to her home to study Dafa together. She told some veteran practitioners, "Many of the practitioners coming here are those who were considered not so diligent by other groups. However, after they come here, I helped them to read Dafa everyday. Every time we finish reading, I can see changes in their bodies. I am really happy for them."

Ah-yi has many supernormal capabilities, and she also realized that our teacher arranges everyone's cultivation according to each individual situation. One day, she wasted plenty of water, and our teacher then took her to a dimension where there was no water, and everyone was suffering of thirst. On another day, she wasted a lot of food, and our teacher then took her to a dimension where no food was available and everyone was also having a hard life. She then understood that in the "Issue of Killing" (Lecture 7 of Zhuan Falun), our teacher said, "Without such tribute services, such souls would suffer from hunger and thirst, living in terrible hardships" all of which truly existed. She also realized that everything our teacher said is the manifestation of "Truthfulness" at different levels. For a period of time, she ate a lot of hot pepper. During those days, she always saw something long and thin (which turned out to be a hot pepper) hanging in front of her when she was doing the sitting meditation. After 5 or 6 days, she realized that our teacher showed that to her to tell her that she should get rid of the attachment of being fond of hot pepper. There were many similar things that occurred to her, all of which were used to help her upgrade her Xinxing and improve her understanding of Dafa.

Ah-yi only sleeps three or four hours a day. She said that our teacher is very strict with genuine practitioners, and didn't want her to be lazy and sleep too much. She said, "If I want to sleep a little bit longer, I feel very hot in my body and on my bed. So I have to get up. Our teacher knows I was illiterate, so he doesn't want me to be lazy." During a dream one night, she saw the teacher. She told him, "Teacher, as you know, I am old and didn't receive much education. Because of my poor enlightenment quality, please be strict with me, and tell me if I have misunderstandings." Our teacher said, "All right" and walked away. But she was not sure if the teacher heard what she said, so she caught up with him and said, "Teacher, I am indeed a genuine practitioner. Please always never forget about me and leave me behind." Our teacher smiled: "All right, no problem."

Since July 22, 1999, there were massive reports on TV defaming Dafa. Ah-yi was very upset about this, and she continued organizing the group study at her home. Later, she went to appeal, but was arrested even before she arrived at the appealing center. However, no matter where she was sent, she would promote Dafa there. She told her own experiences including that she used to be illiterate. The police were all touched and said, "M'am, You are really compassionate." After she was sent home, a policeman was sent to keep an eye on her everyday. Through her Tianmu, Ah-yi saw that he used to be her son in a previous life. She then talked with him about how Dafa could save people. Every time, the policeman was moved to tears when she left.

Ah-yi went to Beijing several times and she had no fear at all. Since she couldn't find a hotel to stay in, she simply slept in the tunnel near Tiananmen Square. No matter how she presented the banner or spoke out the truth, the police simply didn't catch her, or released her soon after arresting her. The materials handed out by Ah-yi to clarify the truth were countless. After getting home, she would start to study the Fa (Law and Principles) diligently.