In order to explain the truth to the people in the world, especially to help those in the Chinese community who were deceived, Sydney Falun Dafa practitioners often went to areas near Chinatown to hold activities to promote Falun Dafa. Recently they spent 35 days doing activities to spread Falun Dafa and explain the truth. The result was very good.

Chinatown is located near the main tourist area in Sydney -- Darling Harbor. Many people from all over the world visit here. From the signatures that we collected, there were tourists from more than 20 countries. Everyday practitioners demonstrated the exercises. The peaceful atmosphere, gentle movements, beautiful music and clear explanations attracted many predestined people. Some learnt the exercises on the spot, and some asked how to find practice sites in their area or for more information. Some even went to buy Zhuan Falun in nearby bookstores after seeing the introduction.

Practitioners set up posters explaining the truth on a busy street in Chinatown. Sometimes they showed videos that explained the real situation in China. The shocking facts caused many who were passing by to stop and watch. This revealed the truth and allowed people to see it at a glance, awakening people's compassion. People with righteous and sympathetic minds signed their names on the petition. Some even wrote comments like "with sorrow" in the blank area. Some looked at the petition and said, "China's human rights situation is terrible...." One lady from Ireland was in tears after viewing the pictures and said, "I would like to sign. I hope my signature can help Falun Gong practitioners in China and improve the human rights situation." Some people indicated that they supported Falun Gong but that they needed to visit China often due to their job and therefore were afraid to sign. One Westerner said, "China has used so much of its resources to suppress Falun Gong. They must have many spies within you or surrounding you." Finally he formed a "V" shape meaning "victory" with his fingers and said, "I sincerely hope you will succeed."

In the hearts of many people, there is a part that understands the situation but they were afraid to say anything. That was often reflected from tourist groups from China. Most of them were surprised when they first saw it. Some tour guides gave the order: "" Usually there were people from these groups who asked for materials and quickly put them away. Some tour guides unintentionally slowed down to look and even accepted flyers from practitioners. Some people forgot they went to Chinatown to shop; they were concentrating on watching and did not realize that their friends walked away. Many people saw the truth of the "self-immolation" video and pictures and said, "The ten suspicious points make sense, and it is possible 'those people' would do such a thing." Some half jokingly said, "We are already used to being pushed around...." Some informed us, "Sooner or later Falun Gong's name will be cleared."

One tourist indicated that before they left China, they had to go through a program that showed them negative things about Falun Gong: "We were confused. We did not practice it, why gather us and talk about Falun Gong? Why didn't they show us something about Australia? Now we understand... A memorandum also indicated that if we don't comply with Central Committee's ruling, we will be punished, demoted, or fired. It's not up to us to decide. However, we really respect Falun Gong practitioners who are not afraid of death or being jailed." Finally, he quietly put up his thumb and said, "Salute to you!" Some saw the pictures or video or heard the explanation from the practitioners and discussed among themselves. Here are some of the conversations we heard: "If Falun Gong does not allow killing, then why is it that all we hear about is how they jump off the buildings, jump into rivers, commit suicide, burn themselves?" Some elderly people answered, "Well, you are too young; we went through the Cultural Revolution and were victimized. We all know what is going on. If they don't first ruin your reputation, how can they persecute you? Do you know why they burned their books and materials first? ...." One elderly person said to a practitioner, "You are very fortunate. You can say what you believe in and do what you like to do." Another elderly person said, "I really would like to say something fair for Falun Gong, but my children, wife and friends all convinced me that we couldn't afford to do it. It was better to mind our own business. High-level officers in the military were sentenced to almost 20 years for doing that. If I say something, my whole life's efforts in the party will be in vain. After much thinking, I decided not to go against them...." He sighed and shook his head as he spoke.

One tourist from China first saw the pictures, video and exercises and then looked at the practitioner who was asking for signatures. She asked, "Why do you force people to sign?" Right after she said that, one westerner volunteered to sign. The practitioner explained, "You see, we are not forcing anyone to sign. It is the people who are compassionate and want to help us. You saw it yourself!" She was embarrassed and said, "Oh, I don't speak English. It's all because they forced us to sign our names in China. Even my child from elementary school had to sign. Our company's officials from all levels were watching us and forcing us to sign. Who dared not to sign? I was really annoyed and scared. Over here I also saw people signing their names. You were standing here and I thought it was just like in China, and that you were forcing people to sign their names. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." One person who came from China not long ago said, "... China's news needs to be understood in an opposite way." The continuous 35-days activity helped people understand the truth and also facilitated practitioners' improvement.

Provided by Sydney Falun Dafa Practitioners

April 8, 2001