During the period of the National People's Congress Conference, and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the police department of Shenzhou city, Hebei province, intensified the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Practitioner Ke Xingguo from the Beijing Agricultural Department and local practitioners Yang Kuizhe, He Jinhuan, Sun Yanen, Liu Menglin, were arrested one after another in Shenzhou city, before and after March 12. Instigated by Shang Yunhang, Political and Security Section chief of the police department, the policemen used many vicious methods to torture the Falun Dafa practitioners.

The policemen handcuffed Yang Kuizhe with one hand up, another one down, and forbade him to sleep. They slapped his face fiercely, and shocked him with electric current many times with a hand-crank telephone. The sight of him was too horrible to look at.

The policemen from Hengshui, together with Chen Hua, (director of the Police Department in Shenzhou city), and Shang Yunhang, (Political and Security Section chief in Shenzhou city), tried to coerce practitioners into being spies. Their coercive measures included using the bait of not sending practitioners to the labor camp or detention center, as well as the bait of rewarding those who make contributions to this evil plan.

Dafa practitioner Sun Yanen was arrested by police and has not been heard from since. It is unknown whether he is still alive or not. Ke Xingguo, a Dafa practitioner from Beijing, was arrested in Shenzhou city after the Beijing Police Department issued an arrest order. The policemen did not allow him to sleep, and tortured him with electric shocks several times. They were even proud of themselves and boasted, "We earned thirty thousand Yuan RMB (around US $4,000) by arresting a wanted practitioner." Currently, all of the above Dafa practitioners are locked up in the Shenzhou city detention center.

At the time this report was published, the Shenzhou city detention center had imprisoned about 50 Dafa practitioners. Because large numbers of Solemn Declarations (by practitioners to annul their previously written statements renouncing Falun Gong) appeared on the web, the police are speeding up their investigation. We remind Dafa practitioners to be alert and cautious. Detained practitioners have held hunger strikes several times for the purpose of protesting their extended detention by the local agency, and also to strongly request their legal rights. However, the province and district have issued a permit to the local agency: "If a death is caused by hunger strike, it counts as normal mortality."

The list of detained Dafa practitioners in Shenzhou detention center:

Cell #1: Ke Xingguo, Cheng Shaoning, Bai Jiancheng, Zheng Jiancheng, Shi Yan

Cell #2: Meng Jianxin, Zhang Suqing, Li Jing, He Jinhuan, Wang Fenggai, Zhang Junmei, Zhao Shuqin, Huang Xifeng, Zhao Xiaojuan, Geng Xiaoqing, Bai Ruixian, Zhang Xinnuan

Cell #3: Liu Menglin, Han Liu

Cell #4: Dong Zhanying, Xie Shuheng, Zhang Fanteng

Cell #5: Zhao Shuzan, Sun Yuzhang, Chen Jianchang, Bai Shunqi, Li Zhenling

Cell #6: Li Wanning, Zhang Zhiquan, Li Zhiyong

Cell #7: Li Dingmeng, Li Jianping, Wang Jinxia, Song Kuixiang, Chen Xiaofeng, Zhang Xingru, An Xiaoling, Wang Guimian, Huang Suyun, Shang Xingzhen, Wang Xingzhe, Yang Kuizhe, Zhang Ran, Li Xiaoran, Geng Lanqin, Zhang Yunjing, Lu Guizhuan, Li Xiaoxiang, Wang Chunmei

April 10, 2001