[Minghui Net] One evening after the Spring Festival [January 24, 2001], the division leader on duty and the political commissar of the labor camp convened the whole division to watch propaganda news on the Chinese Central Television Station. Because practitioners Liang Zhenxing and Han Yuzhu shouted out "Falun Dafa Is the Righteous Fa" and refused to watch the TV program, the guards then pinned Han Yuzhu down extremely hard and gagged Liang Zhenxing's mouth by stuffing it with towels. After the incident, the two practitioners together went on a hunger strike. On each subsequent occasion of having to watch the TV programs slandering Falun Dafa, they both protested against it. Right away, the guards again stuffed their mouths with towels. Officials at the labor camp issued three written documents slandering Dafa, which they forced the practitioners to read out loud.

On the morning of February 9, the head of the labor camp, Zhang Benquan, as well as other people in lead positions from the administrative division and educational division, arrived and prepared to force-feed the two practitioners. When Han Yuzhu was dragged out by force, he loudly requested an appointment with the leader. Instead of granting his request, some of the officers in charge replied: "This time it does not matter at all whether you eat or not. From now on it's just force-feeding you are going to get." Then, a group of guards harshly pinned Han Yuzhu down, pried his teeth open with an iron tool and force-fed him a highly concentrated saline solution. Right after that, they also force-fed Liang Zhenxing a bottle of the same thing. While this procedure was going on, the iron tool they used injured his mouth. After he was dragged back into the room he immediately and violently began to cough and vomit. Liang Zhenxing had already started to drink some water, but still was additionally force-fed a bowl of maize (corn) flour gruel.

In the afternoon, Han Yuzhu felt very ill and drank some water, but the guards had even tampered with the contents of his water bottle and added saline solution.

At dinnertime, Han Yuzhu knew that something was terribly wrong. He requested to see the doctor. The guards teased him and made fun of him, saying that he was faking illness, and dragged him back to the room. They did not take him to the doctor until past 7 o'clock in the evening.

The doctor, who made no efforts of any kind to administer emergency treatment, diagnosed that Han Yuzhu suffered from salt poisoning and pronounced that he would die that same evening. The people responsible for him did not send him to the hospital until very late in the middle of the night. Actually, because of the lack of emergency treatment and neglect by the doctor, Han Yuzhu was already dead when he was finally admitted to the hospital. Trying to absolve themselves of any responsibility for Han's death, the officers in the labor camp lied to Han Yuzhu's relatives, saying they fed him only syrup, and blamed Han Yuzhu for his own death.

Liang Zhenxing was lucky. Because of his vehement vomiting, most of the saline solution was excreted from his system. Therefore, he avoided the salt poisoning and lived.

Many Changchun Dafa Practitioners who are unlawfully detained in labor camps have already finished their terms. Their time is up, but they are still illegally imprisoned, because they refuse to say anything against Falun Gong.

Practitioners from Mainland China

April 9, 2001

(Editor's note: See also Han Yuzhu's case # 150 in the list: http://clearwisdom.net/eng/weekly_category/death_list.html )