[Minghui Net] I [female] began to cultivate Falun Dafa in March 1996. After I read Zhuan Falun, I was totally convinced of the principles taught in the book, and thus began my cultivation in Falun Dafa. In my continuous cultivation, I have made great improvements both physically and mentally. I am an outstanding worker and a good citizen. How could the government label such a good Dafa [ great law] a "?? Because I tried to speak the truth about Falun Dafa to the government leaders, I was sentenced to 2 years of forced labor in the Jiamusi Labor Camp [Heilongjiang Province]. Over the past year, many Falun Dafa practitioners have been subjected to inhumane tortures in labor camps. I myself have been changed from a healthy, energetic person into an emaciated person with slow responses, plus I suffer from headaches, tachycardia [a heart disease which causes a very fast and irregular pulse], dyspnea [difficulty breathing], and acro-anesthesia [numbness of limbs]. The following is my personal experience and what I witnessed in the labor camp: The labor camp ordered criminal inmates to watch over us. We had only one toilet to share with everyone, including the criminals, some of whom suffer from venereal disease. During the first 7 to 8 months, our practitioners were beaten and insulted by the criminals everyday. The guards ordered the most vicious criminals to torture us, and every practitioner was black and blue all over from repeated beatings. In April 2000, a male guard beat me up while we were standing in line to be numbered. While I was squatting on the ground, the guard kicked my stomach and chest very hard. After that I was in great pain for more than two months. In May 2000, in order to gain the right to study the Fa [the law and the principles of universe] and practice Falun Gong exercises, Dafa practitioners went on a hunger strike. At 10pm, I was taken to the Guard Room. Five to six guards pinned me down onto a chair. Someone held my head back, another held my arms and legs down, and someone pressed my tongue down with a scoop and pinched my nose. I was almost out of breath. In this way, they forced me to drink four bowls of rice porridge. They tortured me for half an hour, and almost suffocated me. It took more than an hour to recover. Two other practitioners were beaten unconscious by the male guards when they were force-fed. They were sent to a hospital for emergency treatment, and it took them a long time to regain consciousness. But the guards even claimed this was humane treatment. They force-fed us soup with highly concentrated salt water. After being fed, we felt horrible and were extremely thirsty, and suffered from vomiting and diarrhea. Then guards tied us to beds and left nasal feeding tubes in our noses for several days. They forced us to pass stool and urine in bed. They did not care that our cotton pants and sheets were soaking wet. We endured such agony in the cold and wet beds, while the guards abused us verbally. My face became swollen due to the force-feeding. My teeth were loosening, my gums were swollen, and I could not open my mouth. The guards could not even recognize me. In June 2000, they forcibly gave me an injection. When I resisted, the head guard, Guan, kicked and beat me, and shocked me with an electric baton. They tied me to a chair and hung a bottle of medicine on the door in corridor. They ordered a criminal without any medical knowledge to give me an intravenous injection. The medicine leaked out subcutaneously. My hand became swollen badly. When I told them, nobody cared and the doctors did not give me any treatment. I was tied to the cement floor for 5 hours until the injection was over. Another wicked method they used to transform practitioners was close monitoring. We were not allowed to open the cell door and were prohibited from talking with persons outside the cell. The toilet basin was put inside and they did not allow us to leave the cell to relieve ourselves. During the hot summer, they had us defecate into toilet bags. At that time, 6 people in the room suffered from diarrhea. Everyday, there were a pile of toilet bags with a horrible odor. Flies were everywhere. In this filthy environment, we were unable to recover from the diarrhea. Some suffered from it for more than a month. We asked the guards to open the door to let the odor out and bring in some fresh air. But they replied, "You have to repent, otherwise it will never change." Once, it rained heavily and the rain came into our room, causing it to be very damp. As we could not do any exercises outdoors and the sanitary condition was so bad, many practitioners suffered from rashes. Some itched all over and felt so uncomfortable that they could not fall asleep during the entire night. They told those practitioners who did not write the repentance statement to look at my rash. They said, "If you do not repent, you will become like her." Upon seeing my situation, some practitioners screamed at the sight and could not fall asleep for several days. They said I looked like a mummy. After long-term detention, my physical and mental conditions were on the verge of breaking down. For me, one day seemed like a year. Every time we asked them to treat us like humans, the answers were always the same, "You have to repent." We were treated like this only because we stuck to the truth and spoke out the truth. What repentance should we make? Later, two practitioners died in the labor camp. When the director of the labor camp was transferred [to another work unit], we had hoped that the new director might improve our situation. However, the new director did not even allow us to speak. Instead, he scolded us severely and left. Afterwards, several of us practitioners were taken to an old building. They asked us if we obeyed the rules and regulations in the camp. We asked, "Is persecuting us part of the rules and regulations of the labor camp? We have to live!" Thus, we were handcuffed to our beds for tight administration on the first day of Chinese Lunar New Year [January 24, 2001]. My body and spirit were heavily damaged. My legs and arms were so numb that I could no longer walk. Later I learned that in order to make it easier for them to monitor us during the Spring Festival, they fabricated a lie that we wanted to commit a group suicide, and reported this to the upper level government. The upper level government agreed to let them handcuff us to our beds. This is really deceiving those above them while cheating those lower by spreading rumors. They treated our lives so casually and irresponsibly. Eight days later, we were relieved of the intense pressure, but by this time I was almost on my last breath. After a conversation with the Team Head, named He, the situation improved a little. Many practitioners have been persecuted to the extent that they have become deformed. We hope people from all ranks of society will pay attention to the situation here! Provided by a Dafa practitioner March 31, 2001