[Minghui net] The law enforcement officers in Dehui City of Changchun area, have committed a variety of crimes in their persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. Since July 22, 1999, they have been arresting practitioners who went to appeal in Beijing and have beaten them at will. Some policemen even attacked female practitioners with insulting language. They have broken into practitioner's homes to search and arrest people at will. They have also broken into the home of one practitioner several times at midnight, causing the practitioner to become a vagrant, unable to return home. When there were three or four practitioners together, the police would arrest them under the name of "illegally gathering as a crowd." If practitioners did not answer their questions, they would adopt physical torture. One female practitioner lost consciousness while being beaten.

When practitioners went on hunger strikes, the police would force-feed them. A female practitioner from the Chaoyang Area (she was a Representative of the People in the area), while in jail, suffered a lung injury caused by a force-feeding tube, and was in critical condition. The police refused to send her to the hospital and only after persistent requests from other Dafa practitioners was she sent. When she was being sent, they refused to allow another Dafa practitioners to accompany her and instead permitted an inmate charged with corruption to stay with her. When the female practitioner died, this inmate was bribed with early release to give false testimony hiding the police's barbarity.

The police attacked practitioners' spirits with insults and their bodies with torture. From senior citizens in their 50's to young people in their 20's, it is difficult to say how many of them have been beaten. The police robbed practitioners by imposing fines at will for appealing, and raised the fines from 1,500 to 2,000 Yuan, and finally setting it to 3,500 Yuan. (The average monthly income of a city worker in China is about 500 Yuan) Many practitioners have been economically ruined and had no resources to live on. There were very few practitioners in the detention centers or prisons who had not been fined. A practitioner who was a farmer was fined 2,000 Yuan (their budget for buying seeds and fertilizer) and at present his daughter is ill and they have no money to send her to the hospital. He said in tears that it was very hard to live on. As to those who could not afford the fine, especially farmers, the police would send them to labor camps. The families of practitioners were afraid of their beloved ones being sent to a labor camp. So they went privately asking for help from their families and borrowing money wherever possible. Some practitioners even spent 10,000 Yuan. They have been left with a very hard life. Worse of all, the family of one practitioner spent more than 10,000 Yuan, but the practitioner was still placed into a labor camp for one year. Another practitioner, whose time in detention was over, was released; but the police arrived at her home and asked for a fine of 3,500 Yuan. The practitioner's family only consists of her mother and daughter and both were unemployed. They couldn't even feed themselves at times. So the police took the practitioner back to the detention center again, and sent her to a labor camp for another year.

According to the regulation of the city, if eight people went to appeal in Beijing from one particular area, the party secretary and the chief police officer in that area would be removed from their positions. The Party Secretary of Yangshu Area announced in a conference: as long as a practitioner was discovered to go to appeal in Beijing, his family members would be arrested, and the farmland they leased (their source of living) would be taken back. In order to protect their self-interest, these officials in power intended to devastate Falun Dafa practitioners spiritually, physically, and economically, so as to ask for rewards from their superiors for their accomplishment in upholding the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. We hereby call upon all people with righteous minds to help stop their crimes.

Written on March 2, 2001 by Practitioners from Mainland China.