[Minghui Net] Since July 22, 1999, Laishui County has not stopped the evil persecution against Falun Gong. In particular, three major "transformation classes" - led by Sun Guijie (male), the Vice Secretary of the County Party Committee and the top leader of the County Political and Legal Committee, and sponsored by three law enforcement offices simultaneously -- were the most vicious.

The first class lasted 37 days. During the first three days, practitioners were asked to run around a playground and then stand on one leg with both arms extended straight forward. On the fourth night, led by Sun Guijie, police from the Public Security Bureau, officers from Village Administration and other staff called practitioners into a room and beat them up viciously one by one.

A female practitioner, Wu Dianhua, was surrounded and beaten up by five people. Sun Guijie beat her from the front. Pulling Wu's mouth forcefully toward the sides, Sun shouted, "Let me see if you'll still practice." People standing on the side couldn't even stand looking at this; they dragged him away. Sun yelled, "Drag her out! Have her kneel on blocks. Handcuff her." Then, Wu Dianhua was forced to kneel on blocks. These perpetrators took turns beating her face. Her hands were also beaten so severely that they couldn't move. After they knocked her down, they tied her with ropes. Then, six policemen took turns beating her again. They used the soles of shoes to slap her face; blood was all over the soles and her face.

There were two other female practitioners: Zhang Xiuxian, over 50, and Ji Guihua, 37. One of them was asked to hold the legs of the person in the front and climb over piles of garbage. After that, they were made to climb muddy hills and climb steps by jumping over the step one by one. They were forced to kneel on the ground with their hands cuffed behind the back. The perpetrators whipped the two women and ruptured Ji Guihua's skin and flesh. The handcuffs sank tightly in the flesh and blood was all over. It took a long time to take the handcuffs off. The perpetrators also told practitioners to beat each other: father vs. child and mother vs. child. Officials from Village and County Administration hit practitioners' faces with iron wires and soles of shoes. Every person was beaten black and blue and had wounds all over their bodies. After the "transformation class" ended, the highest fine was 3,000 Yuan RMB. (The average monthly salary of an urban worker is approximately RMB 500 Yuan.) Later, seven practitioners were sent to a detention center; every one of them was fined 5,000 Yuan RMB.

The second "transformation class" took place in April 2000. Organized by the three law enforcement offices, it was even more brutal than the previous one. Because Xia Hongmin (male) from Dongguan went to Beijing on March 15, Liu Zhenfu (male), the village chief of Chengguan, and Li Dawei (male), the vice secretary, ripped Xia's top off, and made him kneel on the ground with both hands extending straight forward on a table. They whipped him with tree branches and slapped his hands with bamboo sticks, until there wasn't a piece of good skin left on his body. He was sent to the party school after 15 days of detention. Led by Sun Guijie, police beat him up inhumanely. After the beating was over, Sun used the cigarette he was smoking to burn Xia's lips. He didn't stop until big blisters appeared on Xia's mouth. The police resumed beating the following day. Xia was told to slap himself in the face. After that, Xia was taken into a bathroom and forced to kneel on the tile floor. They pressed his head in a basin filled with water, which was followed by another round of beating and kicking for two hours. On the third day, while shouting dirty words, they ripped off his pants and whipped him with iron straps. They used all kinds of inhumane ways to torture him for hours. He was released on April 10 after being fined 2,000 Yuan RMB. On July 14, Hu, the vice secretary of the village, took Xia away to the office. Xia was beaten again four to five times. At one time, there were seven people beating him together. On December 25, he was again sent to the detention center. There are a total of four people in Xia Hongmin's family, two of whom are children. His wife is not capable of living on her own. Currently the family has no income, and they live in debt.

When it came to some of the female practitioners, Sun Guijie instructed his subordinates to raise the practitioners' tops. A number of police officers together kicked, punched and whipped them with ropes. The tools and methods they used were even more vicious. Some practitioners couldn't sit up for three months. Some couldn't eat for seven or eight days. Every practitioner was tied numerous times. Some were tied for so long that the ropes tore their sweaters. The village ransacked a home of one elderly woman. They robbed her food and killed her pig. This woman could no longer live like before, and had to leave her home and live in exile.

Sun Guijie ordered the secretaries and chiefs of all villages to beat the practitioners brutally. They beat up the Dafa practitioners, namely Zhang Fengzhi (female), Kui Fenglan (female), Wang Jinhua (female), Zhang Guohua (male) and Chen Chenglan, with very large, round, wooden sticks and legs from stools, as if they wanted them dead. These perpetrators forced practitioners to do 150 pushups straight, and demanded that veteran practitioners imitate frogs and jump in circles a few hundred times. Whoever was not able to finish was beaten heavily right away. This detention went on for 63 days. At the end, everyone was fined 2,000 Yuan RMB.

The third "transformation class" was organized in August with approximately 80 attendees. Both Yian Village and Shiting Village hired thugs who were paid 30 Yuan RMB a day. It was even more evil than the previous two. This session lasted over 30 days and everyone was fined 4,000 Yuan RMB. Some of these practitioners were sent to a detention center, and eight practitioners were sent to a labor camp. Liu Jinying was imprisoned.

At the present time, more than 20 practitioners are being detained. Some have been detained for more than three months. Among them, there is an elderly person over 60 years old and a 15 year-old student. Because the perpetrators want money, they still have not released these practitioners. There are also over 20 practitioners being detained at the confinement center, because the perpetrators want money.

At the end of December 2000, when more than 30 practitioners from Guizhou and Sichuan passed by Laishui, they were intercepted by the police and taken to the Public Security Bureau. The police beat them up viciously and body searched them finding a total of more than 20,000 Yuan RMB, which was stolen by the police. Female practitioners went through humiliating strip searches.

Steel windows were installed in all of the rooms where Dafa practitioners were detained. The Village Chief Liu Zhenfu (male), Hu Yuxiang, Li Dawei (male), Su Sheng and Secretary Jia personally beat up and injured more than 10 practitioners. Some practitioners passed out during the beatings. Since July 21, 1999, practitioners have been arrested, detained and fined numerous times. After July 1, 2000, as they feared that practitioners would go to Beijing to appeal, they cheated more than 10 practitioners into coming to the town offices by saying that this time there would be no beating, scolding or fining, and that they only needed to stay there for a couple of days. It turned out after a few days all the practitioners were beat up individually. Some had their hair pulled out, and some passed out during the beatings. One female practitioner was beaten so severely that she couldn't eat for 19 days. During those 19 days, she was beaten five times. Her body was covered with wounds. Because these perpetrators were afraid of bearing the responsibility if anyone died, practitioners who had been beaten to the brink of death were drug to the hospital. There was a woman over 50 years old who was beaten by three people. This old lady was knocked down and fell down the stairs from the second floor. Two days later, she was beaten again viciously. There were another four practitioners sent to a detention center and have not yet been released.

To those party leaders and police officers who've participated in the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners: The people bestow your power to you, yet you torture and persecute them without any humanity. This cannot be tolerated by heaven!

Article provided by Dafa practitioners

January 9, 2001