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I am a female practitioner from China and I have been imprisoned for the last 9 months at the Hefei Women's Detention Center in Anhui Province. I was later transferred to the Nanhu Temporary Labor Camp for Women. At present twenty practitioners are imprisoned there.

After nine months of labor re-education, our practitioners became very weak and thin. The police used every possible measure to torture the practitioners who still continued to practice Falun Gong. The police used such methods as beating and swearing at the practitioners, forcing them to stand in the snow, tying up their arms and legs, handcuffing them, placing shackles on them, cuffing them on beds and window frames. For those practitioners who had been handcuffed and hung up, their legs were terribly swollen. Practitioners were placed into short and long-term term confinement of which varied from three to five days and up to 20 days to several months.

The authorities in the labor camp tried very hard to force practitioners to write pledge statements to promise not to practice Falun Gong. Some practitioners and I were forced to write a pledge letter to renounce our belief; this was done under extremely harsh inhuman circumstances. The police utilized some vicious people to mix among practitioners to deceive and confuse those who had suffered prolonged hardships. Most practitioners kept a clear mind and were not deceived by them.

Practitioner Fan Ying was sent to a hospital because she was on a hunger strike. While at the hospital the police tied her to a bed and force-fed her through a tube jammed into her nose. They left this instrument in her nose for three days. Practitioner Wang Yumei, who during a meeting questioned the police about their wrongdoings, was put into confinement immediately and was forced to stand for several days. Practitioner Fan Wenfang and I were constantly kicked by the police and beaten with electric batons. The police pulled me from off a bed to the ground and dragged me outside to tie me up. They kept pulling me up and down a cement stairway. The wounds on my body still have not healed. A male practitioner who did not renounce his belief in Falun Dafa was shocked on the head by an electric baton repeatedly until the rod was out of charge; since he still refused to write a "repentance letter"(a letter stating the person will give up practicing Falun Dafa-translator), the police used another electric baton to shock his heart. When the charge of the baton was fully consumed, the practitioner was already unconscious.

Practitioner Zhang Cuiping was on a hunger strike for five days, but the police still forced her to work. When punished, she was forced to stand the entire day; she became so weak that she fainted and fell to the ground. When this happened the police sent her to the hospital where she was tied to a bed and received forced injections. They said what they did to Zhang Cuiping was not torture. They even tried to cover up the truth with lies by saying that she was in the hospital due to high blood pressure.

On February 24, 2001, I went to Tiananmen Square to validate the Fa in order to makeup for the previous wrongful statement I signed. As soon as I unfurled the banner "Falun Dafa is righteous," the police dragged me and threw me into a police car. Three or four policemen used electric batons and frantically shocked my head, body and legs. They proceeded to slap and punch my face. Later they used an electric baton on me again; this time they shocked my eyes, nose and mouth. They dragged me around by my hair and fiercely threw me against the window of a car; they kicked my legs and breasts hundreds of times. Another male practitioner was beaten so badly that his face and mouth were distorted and swollen. They pushed him down as soon as he was against the police car and while he was lying on his back, they struck at him repeatedly. He was beaten much more severely and with vindictiveness than I was. The police stepped on his lower abdomen and used electric batons on sensitive places on his chest, face, and between his legs. They grabbed his ears and pounded his head on the seat. They dragged him over to me, and while grabbing our hair they rammed our heads together many times. Finally they slapped us until they were completely out of breath and worn out. Is this what they call "serving the people"?

After the police had stopped beating us, we were sent to the police station in Tiananmen. As soon as I sat down, a male practitioner was sent in. He suffered from the same brutal beating as ours at the police car. A 60-year-old policeman ordered him to stripe his clothes and asked a 40-year-old policeman to get two electric batons from the other room. Then, I heard the cry "police are beating people." A policeman opened the door stepping in and at that moment, I saw four policemen step onto that practitioner. After a brutal beating, the practitioner's hands and face were terribly wounded and full of blood. What I witnessed and experienced that day was so inhuman and brutal.

Kindhearted people, if we keep silent these acts of viciousness will be unending, all people sooner or later will be victims. Stopping the viciousness is the true nature of our humanity. I call for your support! Your righteous behavior will be applauded by the world.

Practitioner in China