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On the morning of February 24, 2001, more than 20 of us Falun Gong practitioners of the "Laiyuan County Falun Gong Practitioner's Class" were sitting in a classroom quietly. Li Zhongxian, one of the practitioners who had been detained for more than a year, said, "It is hard to believe I can still come out and see you while I am alive." Everyone was moved to tears. We have done nothing wrong, we have been detained only because we want to speak out about the truth. We have suffered inhuman torture and endured all kinds of pressure from society, the government, relatives, and friends. We want our dignity and honor back, and we want to go home.

The following are the crimes committed against Falun Gong practitioners by the Laishui County:

1. Extended detention: Li Zhongxian, Tan Fuhong, Bai Zhanting, and Xing Shugai have been detained for more than a year and a half. Li Zhongxian was charged because he wrote a letter to the government, which expressed some of his ideas and suggestions.

2. Inquisition by torture: Policemen in the LaiYuan Public Security Bureau beat Falun Dafa practitioners at will, showing no respect for their lives. For example, these policemen subjected Wan Baojian and Fan Baoqinto to inhuman torture.

3. Large fines: Since July of 1999, the more than 200 Falun Gong practitioners who had been detained in the Laiyuan detention center were all fined. For example, Li Yanping has been fined twice and the total is 10,300 Yuan RMB [The average salary for an urban worker is about 500 Yuan per month], Li Shulin was fined 3,000 Yuan, and Zhao ZhiGang was fined 7,000 Yuan. Because they could not afford these fines the policemen took away their property and destroyed their houses.

4. Illegal detention: Every practitioner has been detained illegally, especially during holidays and weekends. For instance, Liang Zhaohui, Zhao Zhigang, You Yongqiang, Li Zhanzhong, and many others have all been detained illegally.

5. Assault and severe injuries: Practitioner Wang, who is over 40 years old, had various diseases before and fully recovered after practicing Falun Gong. He lost 6 teeth in the detention center due to the beatings. 7 to 8 policemen beat practitioner Hou when she was in the detention center. The policemen even placed an electric baton inside her clothesthis created many wounds on Practitioner Hou's body. They tightly secured handcuffs on her for more than 20 days, which caused the flesh on her wrists to rot. Finally, they took the handcuffs off to avoid further damage. When the handcuffs were removed there were deep grooves left on her wrists and her hands could not move. Policemen forced practitioner Fan to hold a piece of ice and stay standing while only dressed in her underwear; She almost froze to death. Practitioner Wu's head and face were seriously wounded due to beatings. Policemen also put an electric baton inside her clothes and pants to inflict pain. The female guards of the detention center pulled Practitioner Xin's hair and beat her. When the guards got tired, she was forced to kneel down so that a guard could beat Practitioner Xin's head and face with the heels of her shoes. A piece of flesh was gouged out of Practitioner Xin's face. The heels of the guard's shoes were broken and she felt so angry that she asked the practitioner to pay for her shoes. During the beating, many people said to the guard, "Stop, otherwise she will die." Li Zhongxian was in a coma 4 times due to severe beatings. Once he was hung up on a wooden pole to be beaten while his feet hung in the air for about 7 or 8 hours.

Torturing Falun Gong practitioners is against the law. The policemen jailed practitioners on December 16, 2000. The so-called reason for jailing them was to "protect them." Who is willing to be "protected" like this in jail? Is torture the same as "protection"?

The above are just a few real stories of the persecution that Falun Gong practitioners have suffered in LaiYuan County, Hebei Province. All kind-hearted people, please show your concern about these cases.

Practitioners from China