As invited by several Finland parliamentarians in charge of human rights issues, on March 26, we went to the Parliament Building after a press conference and met with them. Customarily, they do not work on Monday. However, becoming aware of Dafa (Great Law; Principles) practitioners who were there from other countries, they especially arranged this meeting for us. They expressed a great concern for the Falun Gong practitioners' in China and showed eagerness to learn more about Falun Gong. We answered the questions they raised; they also listened carefully to the experiences shared from Chinese practitioners after the brutal persecution began. Their willingness to provide help for us was encouraging. They said, "We know China's human rights condition very well. We have talked with Chinese officials on this issue as well. Though it is very difficult to have a dialogue with China, we would like to work with other countries' parliamentarians to improve the human rights condition in China. We sincerely wish you good luck!" Provided by European Practitioners April 2001