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  1. While Dafa practitioners continue to further their efforts in clarifying the truth, people of the world become more and more clearheaded. Seeing that the intrepid Dafa practitioners disregard their own danger and offer salvation to people, an ordinary person who is frequently in touch with these Dafa practitioners deeply respected them. One day, this person asked for some materials and wanted to help distribute them. A practitioner asked him, "What would you do if you get arrested"? He immediately replied, "I am not afraid, and I would tell them that first, I am not a practitioner; second, I believe good rewards good, bad rewards bad. Since people told me that this is the best thing to do ?quot;
  2. A Dafa practitioner carried a big bag full of Dafa materials and went to a train station. When she reached the ticket-checking point, she saw a couple of policemen there, checking everyone's luggage (for Dafa materials). It was already too late to turn around, since this would make the policemen suspicious. She had no choice but to proceed. At the ticket-checking point, the two policemen both turned their heads and looked away, so the practitioner went through with the bag. Right after she passed, the two policemen immediately turned their heads back and stopped the passenger behind her---- as if they never had noticed her. Later on, the practitioner was a little afraid when she thought about what had happened. She also came to the understanding that under all circumstances, the righteous mind can help her through any danger.
  3. One day a Dafa practitioner threw the spent cartridge from his printer into the trash. Some time later he wanted to print something. Since he had not purchased a new cartridge he went to see if the old one had any ink left. To his surprise it was like new. It had plenty of ink and lasted quite some time. The incident inspired many practitioners to put more effort into helping the Teacher. They also came to understand that if we focus on Falun Dafa, and less on material interests then maybe the power of Dafa will display itself right in front of us.
  4. In one Chinese family both mother and son are practitioners. The son was sent to a labor camp and the mother fled her home. Her whereabouts are unknown. Her husband saw his family fall apart. At first he cursed Dafa and helped in the persecution. Now he is against the persecution and helps in posting Dafa materials.
The change began in early in October, 2000 when he was forced to search for his wife in Tiananmen Square. He saw first hand how fearless practitioners were. He was appalled by the behavior of the police and other corrupt people attacking practitioners in broad daylight. They beat every practitioner, man, woman, and child, even the elderly. Some practitioners were knocked to the ground bleeding. Yet not one practitioner retaliated. Later on the man said, "I was so indignant at the time that my anger went beyond endurance. I came so close to fighting with them." After a while, he saw that his wife was also thrown into a police car. He stood there speechless, and slowly, his eyes filled with tears. He would never have believe what happened if he had not seen it himself. At that moment, he felt like he was waking up from a nightmare. When he returned from Tiananmen Square, he said emotionally, "The trip to Beijing educated me. Now I know what is good and what is evil. Also I learned what Dafa practitioners are doing. They paid a great price just for saying a word about Falun Dafa to the government; losing their families, their jobs, and even their lives. They are truly great and admirable. Compared to them, my suffering is nothing. I will never be upset and discontent about my situation again. Now I feel so proud of my wife and my son. Moreover, it seems that I should also do something to help them."
Dafa practitioners in China