On March 23, the Swedish government held a special "Meeting with Officials of the European Union" at the central train station in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. People who attended the meeting included Swedish ministers from several departments, some members of the EU Parliament, and several levels of delegates, as well as the general public from many areas and nations. Both young and old people attended and asked questions from different points of view. They asked political and economic questions, positive and negative questions, and questions about issues concerning their jobs and lives. The ministers answered all of them kindly and with smiles. The meeting lasted for two and a half days.

Falun Gong practitioners attended the meeting as well, taking this as a very good opportunity to introduce Dafa to the ministers. The practitioners politely handed the ministers Dafa materials. One practitioner told a minister, "Your carefully listening to ordinary people's opinions and patiently answering their questions has touched me." The minister kindly replied, "We are also ordinary people."

What a touching answer. They know that people are important. They also know their duties and responsibilities.

Provided by Swedish practitioners

April 6, 2001