[China] Jiang Zemin's Regime of Violence and Wickedness: Every Public Security Officer Secretly Ordered to Capture at Least Five Dafa Practitioners

According to a reliable source, Jiang recently issued a confidential order that demanded that every public security officer capture at least 5 Dafa practitioners. áUnder intense pressure coming from Jiang, the police officers have become even more brutal than before. áAs long as people have practiced Falun Gong at any time in the past, regardless of whether they still practice, they all face the possibility of being arrested and taken away just to meet the quota. áAccording to information obtained recently, in Changchun, Yantai, Dalian and other cities, many Dafa practitioners were arrested in their homes. áMany more had to leave their homes to avoid arrest. áWe hope that practitioners from China are more alert to this, and improve their cultivation under this circumstance according to the Fa. áIn addition, they should try to avoid being arrested. áMeanwhile, we formally warn those who are closely following Jiang that you should stop ignoring virtue and conscience, discontinue the violation of law, and leave the path that will lead to your destruction. áOtherwise, you shall pay for all the evil deeds you have committed.á

[Wushan, Gansu Province] Jiang's Tyranny Breaks Up the Family of Practitioner Huang Yuanyi

Huang Yuanyi is a 47-year-old practitioner from Hejiadian of Shandan Village in Wushan County, Gansu Province.á His mother, who is over 60 years old, and his wife, Wang Xinjian, and two children, are all Falun Dafa practitioners. áSince July 1999, they have been arrested, detained and beaten numerous times. áTheir home has been ransacked and they have been fined a few times. áNow, the family has nothing left. áOn November 23, 2000, Huang and his wife were forced to leave their home. áOn December 22, they went to Beijing again to appeal and to validate the Dafa.

Unable to bear the constant harassment from the local police any longer, Huang's mother took her 18-year-old grandson and 10-year-old granddaughter to Beijing to appeal to the central government during New Year holidays.á áá

Seeing a happy and harmonious family breaking up and going bankrupt right in front of his eyes, Huang's 66-year-old father, Huang Fusheng, hanged himself on December 27, leaving behind his mother, who is over eighty years old.

After New Year's Day, Huang Yuanyi, his mother and the two children were sent back from Beijing. áThe police set only the 10-year-old daughter free, and let her relatives look after her. áHuang, his mother, and his son, together with two other practitioners have been detained since then. áThey weren't even allowed to hold a funeral service for Huang's father. áAlso, no visitation to the detention center is permitted.

Huang's wife, Wang Xingui, was detained at the Xuanwu District Detention Center in Beijing. áShe refused to tell her name and address; as a result, she was beaten by two male guards from Cells 11 and 12, and another prison guard.á Wang never gave in. áShe went on a hunger strike for 17 days. áFearing that she would die from the hunger strike, the police dragged her out of the detention center and left her on a street in Beijing on the evening of the 19th day. áShe was on the verge of death at the time. áHer feet were frostbitten. (In the Detention Center, she slept on the cement floor without any covers.) áIt was bitter winter, with the temperature hovering around 15 or 16 C0 below zero. With the help of other practitioners, and her unshakable faith in Dafa, Huang miraculously recovered within a week. áNow, she cannot return to her home, and has to live in exile in other provinces.

At present, Huang's mother, who is over 80 years old, lives alone, with no one taking care of her.á Huang's 15-year-old son is having a very difficult time working on the farm to support two families. áThe 10-year-old daughter is under foster care. áThe family is already broken up.á

This is the human rights situation under the tyranny of Jiang Zemin. We hope all the kind-hearted people around the world pay attention to the misfortune of the Huang Family.

[Lanzhou, Gansu Province] Jiang's Tyranny (Part II): A Family of Three Must Living in Exile

I am a 32-year-old female practitioner from Lanzhou, Gansu province. áIn January of 1996 my mother and I attained the Fa at the same time. áWithin a month after I started the practice, my disease-ridden mother miraculously stood up from her sickbed after 17 years of illness. áIn July 1999, Falun Gong was slandered and defamed. áWe went to Beijing to appeal and to validate the Fa in March and again in October 2000. áAfter being sent back to Lanzhou, we were illegally detained and blackmailed for money. áMy husband beat me savagely, breaking my nose.á But the authorities not only ignored it, they also said that it was my fault ábecause I practiced Falun Gong.

In December 2000, I, carrying my 2-year-old daughter, and my mother, who was over 60, set out on foot on the difficult journey to Beijing once again. On December 31, we got to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa. áThe police beat us up and even threatened my 2-year-old child with a stun baton.

Now, the three of us live in freezing cold weather in exile. áThe local Public Security Office and Neighborhood Committee keep harassing my father. áThey also extend the punishment to my relatives.á My younger brother was fired by his employer. áThey even called the company of my youngest brother and asked them to fire him. áHowever, my youngest brother, who is not a practitioner, said: "It is ok to lose the job. But truth should never be discarded." áHe encouraged us to continue to practice.

[Beijing] Beijing University of Aviation and Aeronautics Repeats the Terror of the "Cultural Revolution"

After the "self-immolation incident", the Beijing University of Aviation and Aeronautics escalated the persecution against Falun Gong. áNow, the entire campus is under the terror of the police.á The billboards and windows in the classrooms and residence displayed the pictures from the self-immolation, with defamatory statements against the Dafa. áThere were also two large banners saying "Uphold Science, Eliminate Superstition, Oppose Evil Cults." áNot too long ago, a campaign for signatures in the name of "Schools of Higher Education Reject Evil Cults" was started to mislead the students and faculty. áSima Nan was also invited to give a speech. áThe video was broadcast again and again on the closed-circuit channel on campus. Every day, the lunchtime radio program slandered Dafa and Teacher. áThe authorities claimed they would eradicate Falun Gong by February. áThe University has set a rule that whoever captures a Falun Gong practitioner during dissemination of Dafa materials will be awarded 1,000 yuan (the monthly salary of an average urban worker in China is about 500 yuan). All the security guards are now in plain clothes. They roam on the campus with walkie-talkies hidden inside of their clothes. It has been heard that recently three practitioners were arrested on campus while they were distributing Dafa materials. áSuperintendents of the dorms and owners of printing shops are frequently called to attend meetings. áThey are offered rewards for turning in Falun Gong practitioners who distribute materials. áIf Falun Gong flyers appear in a building, the bonus of the superintendent for that building will be reduced. áAll of these tactics remind people of the University campus during the "Cultural Revolution". áLou Shili, the Party Secretary áof the University, is liable for allowing these misdeeds to be perpetrated on campus.

[Beijing] More Practitioners Who Issued "Solemn Statements" Are Arrestedá

Shao Mingheng, a graduate student at the Beijing Industrial College, was recently arrested and taken away from the university by the police for publishing his "Solemn Statement" on Minghui Net. áCurrently, his whereabouts are unknown.

Liu Guifu, a practitioner from Haidian District, was arrested in mid-February for her "Solemn Statement". áA few policemen went to her house and asked her to go down to the district office for questioning, particularly on how her statement got on the net. She has never returned since.

Zhu Huizhi, a practitioner from Ritan region, Chaoyan District, was arrested at home on Saturday February 24th because she also issued a "Solemn Statement".

Recently, many Dafa practitioners have been arrested because of their "solemn statements."á Some were forced to leave home. This demonstrates how powerful these statements are in exposing the wickedness of the government authority.á

Two practitioners were arrested in the residential complex of Beijing University of Aviation and Aeronautics.á They are Lu Changchun, male, 30 years of age, and Guan Meili, female, over 50 years of age.

Before the commencement of the "Two Conferences", the Public Security System started another round of heavy surveillance of Falun Dafa practitioners. The measures used surpassed what was used in the past. The police cars, police officers, and people from the Neighborhood Committees circled around the houses of practitioners. Some practitioners realized that they should not be taken away by the evil force. "By having your heart unaffected, you will be able to handle all situations."

Luo Yanhong, a graphic editor at the Beijing Television magazine, was arrested when she was disseminating materials that explained the truth of Falun Gong. áShe went on a hunger strike and used her life to defend the Fa while she was under detention. áThe guards forcibly fed her, and twisted her legs to such a degree that she was unable to walk. áMonths later, she was sent to a labor camp. áLuo is thin and frail. áHer parents are old. áWe are very worried about her situation, and strongly urge all relevant government offices to end the torture and immediately release Luo and all other practitioners who have been illegally detained, sent to labor camps or imprisoned.

[Shanhaiguan, Hebei Province] Practitioner Zheng Qiyuan Sentenced to 4 Years in Jail

Zheng Qiyuan, a practitioner from Shanhaiguan, was arrested and sent back to Shanhaiguan after he went to Beijing to appeal for justice. áThe Court of Shanhaiguan found him to be an "organizer" and sentenced him to 4 years in prison. Before the sentence was served, the Court lied to the public, saying that the trial would be open for public viewing. áYet, when the trial commenced, they did not allow anyone to get in the courtroom. áAt present, Zheng is being held at the First Detention Center of the City of Qinhuangdao. áIt is said that the food there is very expensive and limited. áThe Detention Center reaps extra fortunes from the inmates for the meals. It is hoped that all the kind-hearted people pay attention to the misfortune of Zheng Qiyuan.

Around January 18, 2001, a group of practitioners from Qinhuangdao City were sent to Kaiping Labor Camp in Tangshan for going to Beijing to appeal. áWe have identified the following names:

Number 3540 Factory of the People's Liberation Army.

Yao Limin, female, sentenced to 2 years of re-education through labor.

Guo Cuige, female, sentenced to 1 year of re-education through labor.

There are practitioners from other companies who have been illegally sent to labor camps because they either studied Falun Gong or went to Beijing. áWe don't yet have the details, such as their names. áMost of the practitioners are being held at the Second Qinhuangdao Detention Center.

[Sichuan Province] Dafa Practitioner Xue Jun Flees Her Home

Dafa practitioner Xue Jun, female, of Sichuan Province, lives with her 2 years old child.á She changed her residence with her husband to Zhuhai City, Guangdong province. áBecause of persecution, she had to flee her home and rent a room in Guangzhou City, Guangdong province, living with Dafa practitioners Xue Renqiong (Xue Jun's niece) and Xia Yueqin. áAt seven o'clock in the evening on February 11, 2001, Xue Jun's brother Xue XX (Xue Renqiong's father, a nonpractitioner) led two cops from Sichuan Province to their temporary living place to look for them. áThe policemen found them on the way to their home; Xue Renqiong was arrested right away and her present whereabouts are unknown. áXue Jun and Xia Yueqin managed to escape from the police. áThat evening, the policemen ransacked their home when they were out and left their home upside down, and also confiscated their IDs. áXue Jun questioned her brother on the second day about why he led the policemen to arrest them. áHer brother told her that he had no choice, if he could not find her daughter, he and Xue Renqiong's brother (a nonpractitioner) would be detained as hostages. áXue Jun had not been able to bring anything with her at that time, so she asked her brother to collect her personal belongings from her temporary home.

On the fourth day, when Xue XX and his second daughter (a nonpractitioner) went to collect Xue Jun's personal belongings, they were caught by the plainclothes police waiting there. áTheir home was then ransacked a second time. áThe plainclothes also confiscated over 3,000 yuan without giving any receipt. áThey then went to the place where Xia Yueqin works and arrested her; her present whereabouts are also unknown. áThe policemen took Xue XX and his second daughter to Yuanchun police substation; they then started a fight with policemen.á Finally, the policemen negotiated with them: if they could help to find Xue Jun, they would be given a reward of 100,000 yuan. áBut they sternly refused, and the policemen had to release them.

There are policemen from three different offices looking for Xue Jun. áSince her hometown is Sichuan Province, and her residence was just transferred at the end of last year, the policemen from Sichuang Province are looking for her.á Because her residence was transferred to her husband's home in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, the policemen from Zhuhai City are looking for her too. áHer husband Yang Bangquan is also a Dafa practitioner; he was arrested from his home without any reason in the evening of June 17, 2000. áHis home was ransacked and he was detained in the First Detention Center in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. áSince her temporary living place is in Tianhe district of Guangzhou City, the policemen from Tianhe district are seeking everywhere for her too. áThis is an example how the evil group led by Jiang Zemin persecutes Falun Gong; in order to arrest one lady, they would employ all kinds of manpower and resources.

Xue Jun is homeless now. áShe brings her two-year-old child with her and wanders here and there. áBecause she escaped on the way home, she did not bring any money or clothes with her. áShe and her child are in an awful situation. áWe appeal to all the kind-hearted people to give her a hand, to oppose Jiang Zemin's persecution of Dafa practitioners and his policemen's brutal behavior, and to restore the reputation of Falun Gong.

[Hefei, Anhui Province] Persecution of Dafa Practitioners

Hefei Dafa practitioner Sun Ruhai was forced to leave his home and wander about. áHe was arrested for clarifying the truth of Falun Gong; his present situation is unknown.

Hefei Dafa practitioner Xia jizhen (transliteration) was arrested because they found materials that clarify the truth of Falun Gong in her home; her present situation is unknown.

Hefei Dafa practitioners, Ji Guangxiong and Zhang Lanping were arrested when they clarified the truth of Falun Gong in other places during the Chinese New Year. áThey might be detained in the First Detention Center of Hefei City.

Hefei Dafa practitioner Zhao Meilin was arrested for an unknown reason. Her father was also arrested before her and released several days later.

Hefei Dafa practitioner Lu Shumei (transliteration) was arrested from her home in the morning of February 28; her present situation is unknown.

Hefei Dafa practitioner Yang Xiaohong was arrested. áThe reason she was arrested is unknown.

Correction: Hefei Dafa practitioner Pan Lijia was forcibly suspended from school; other information about the case is unknown.

[Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] "Transformation Class" Is Strongly Resisted by Dafa Practitioners

On the morning of March 1, the authorities of Chengdu City took unified action to persecute Dafa practitioners. áThey employed policemen, security guards, secretaries in charge of street residences and security people from workplaces, resorting to base means such as cheating, hijacking, breaking into homes, etc. to illegally arrest over 90 determined Dafa practitioners whom they took to some vacation villages in Wenjiang. áThey held a "transformation class" to extract forced repentance, but these Dafa practitioners strongly resisted their attempts.

After the Dafa practitioners were all taken to the "transformation class" site, the hired guards started with young practitioners first. áThey handcuffed Dafa practitioners to restrict their movements. The older practitioners did not cooperate with them and strongly asked them to remove the handcuffs. áThe guards tried in vain to move the young practitioners to other places, but the older practitioners formed a circle hand-in-hand to protect the young practitioners. áThe class organizers tried to hold an opening ceremony, and organized the press to video so that they could claim merit for themselves. áThe Dafa practitioners resolutely resisted; nobody stepped into the meeting place , which made the opening ceremony turn out a failure. áDafa practitioners recited "Lun Yu", "Hong Yin", and "Essentials for Further Advancement" in the yard together.á The "transformation class" became a Dafa conference for this district, a valuable experience sharing conference.á Practitioners expressed that in the current difficult situation when facing all kind of tribulations they would stick to Dafa and not cooperate with the evil.

The "transformation class" forced every practitioner to pay 700 yuan, and the detention period was unknown. They arrested and detained Dafa practitioners without any legal foundation, and without legal procedures. áTheir behaviors violated Dafa practitioners' basic human rights. áIt is well known that arbitrary detention is prohibited by International Law. áWhat does this show about "the human rights situation in China is at its best period in history", as has been declared by the Chinese government? áIs this how Jiang Zemin claimed he would "rule the country with virtue"?

[Beijing] Be More Cautious and Reduce the Loss

A Dafa practitioner from Beijing was asked to have a conversation four or five days ago, and has never returned; nobody knows where he is now. áI want to remind everyone that we should be more cautious when working for Dafa, "spread the Fa and offer people salvation with benevolence". áOur Dafa practitioners are in one entirety, we should take the Fa as the Teacher, and do everything based on the Fa. áWe should also view the situation as a whole, and not add personal things to avoid causing any unnecessary loss.

[Luquan, Hebei Province] Practitioner Li Jianmei and Wang Jianhui Need Help

Recently, we learned of the deeds of fellow practitioners Li Jianmei and Wang Jianhui from Luquan City, Hebei Province. áWe felt that under the old-fashioned policies in rural areas, a peasant Dafa practitioner will suffer more. áLi Jianmei was illegally detained four times, and imposed with a fine of 4,500 yuan including a deposit of 3,000 yuan and a further penalty 1,500 yuan; Wang Jianhui was illegally detained at least four times. áSince July 2000, they were put in handcuffs and shackles, suffering torture.á In order not to cooperate with the evil, Li Jianmei went on a hunger strike for a total of 17 days, Wang Jianhui for 21 days. áDuring that period of time, Wang was tied to an iron chair for 23 days. áAs a result, Wang's feet swelled to the size of loaves of bread.á We collected the phone numbers of the criminals who persecute Dafa practitioners and the phone numbers of some government offices. We hope that more kind-hearted people can help us.

The criminals who persecute Dafa practitioners include:

Vice mayor of Lunquan City, Sun Jiyun, Nie Yingwu and Zhang Jiangang, Li XianZheng from the Police Station of Luquan City.

Vice head office at Police Station of Luquan City 86-311-2015413, 2015405, 2015412

Vice Director: 86-311-2015403

Secretary of Commission for Inspecting Discipline: 86-311-2012839

Politics Security Section: 86-311-2012082


Dahe Police Substation: 86-311-2295505

Gao Aimin, officer of Dahe Police Substation, policeman Feng Yanju, Sun Heliang and Zhang Zhenyan


Detention Center in Luquan City: 86-311-2019934, 2012336

Officer Zhang Weige, Vice officer Jie Meili (Male), Du Bin (female), Director Du Xiai and Zheng Chunyue


Du Yingcai, secretary of Dahe town: 86-311-2296540, 2296541

Page: 86-126, 127-1125666


Huang Yanli, cadre of Shao Ying valley of Dahe town, Secretary Zhang Qiuting


Other executive departments:

Office of People's Congress of Luquan City: 86-311-2012401, 2012308

Representative's Office: 86-311-2012384

Politics and Law Section: 86-311-2012307

Appealing Office: 86-311-2012500

People's Political Consultative Conference of Luquan City: 86-311-2012482

Legislative Committee: 86-311-2010010

The Secretary Department of Luquan Municipal Administrative Office: 86-311-2018061

Commission for Inspecting Discipline Office: 86-311-2012862 , 2012114, 2105843

Correcting Discipline Section: 86-311-2012817

Politics and Law Section: 86-311-2012524


Bureau of Legislative Affairs in Luquan City: 86-311-2012569

Inspection Office: 86-311-2012585

Policy Research Office: 86-311-2012504

Labor Union of Luquan City: 86-311-2012162, 2011794, 2103945


The Women's Federation of Luquan City: 86-311-2012089

Director Office: 86-311-2012054

Appealing Office of Luquan City: 86-311-2012052

Bureau Office: 86-311-2012305

Civil Administration Office: 86-311-2012925

Bureau Section: 86-311-2011803

Judicial Bureau Office: 86-311-2012951

Bureau Office: 86-311-2012347

Procurator of Luquan City: 86-311-2012159

Appealing Center: 86-311-2102000

Vice officer of Anti-corruption Bureau: 86-311-2101350


People's Radio Station of Shijiazhuang Cityá

Live Show Office: 86-311-5806420

Other Offices: 86-311-5815324, 5814236, 5811332


People's Radio Station of Hebei Provinceá

Chief Editor Office: 86-311-6043650

News Department: 86-311-6034514, 6057387, 6057592

Broadcasting Department: 86-311-6676066

Politic Education Department: 86-311-6047195

Hot line for Economy Channel: 86-311-6061125

Hot line for Live Broadcasting: 86-311-6054060, 6054061

North Express Edition Department: 86-311-6054003


Hebei Literature and Art Radio Station

Chief Executive Office: 86-311-6672446

Edition Office: 86-311-6062165

Editor Office: 86-311-6672464

Hot line: 86-311-66766336676611


Hebei Transportation Music Radio Station

News Department: 86-311-6683194

Special Topic Department: 86-311-6683014

Fax: 86-311-6062832

Hot line for Live Broadcasting Studio: 86-311-6062830, 6062831


Shijiazhuang TV Station

Secretary Section: 86-311-5814255

Chief Editor Office: 86-311-5810794

News Department: 86-311-5814245


Shijiazhuang Cable TV Station

Chief Editor Office: 86-311-311-6109144

Computer Office: 86-311-6111062

Network Control Center: 86-311-6111065


Hebei TV Station

Chief Editor Office: 86-311-5077834

News Department: 86-311-5655950, 5077885, 5077843

Hot line for Main Studio: 86-311-5087777

Fax for Advertisement and Information Department: 86-311-5083585


Life Morning Express

New Hot Line: 86-311-6069545, 6059346

Edition Center: 86-311-6048396

Editor Office: 86-311-6041466


Shijiazhuang Daily

Social News Department: 86-311-6054603


Merchandise Direction

Chief Editor: 86-311-6684928


Yanzhao Evening

Chief Editor Office: 86-311-6059334

News Interview Center: 86-311-6049623

Reader Service Department: 86-311-6676677


Hebei Worker

Fax: 86-311-3050450

Editor Office: 86-311-3058294 3022157, 3026862, 3022160, 3027497, 3990345, 3034499


Hebei Daily

Electric Communication Section: 86-311-8631000

Fax: 86-311-6056658

Fax for Important News Department: 86-311-8631045

Fax for Chief Editor Office: 86-311-6045939

Chief Editor Office: 86-311-8631059, 8631110


Yaozhao Metropolis

Chief Editor Office: 86-311-8631263

Weekly News Department: 86-311-8631208

Journalist Hot line: 86-311-8631211

Reader Hot line: 86-311-8631204


Hebei Economy Daily

Chief Editor Office: 86-311-3036294

Politics Education News Department: 86-311-3020360

Vice Chief Editor Office: 86-311-3031117

Important News Department: 86-311-3036292


March 4 2001