[China] Deceptive Petition: Two Policemen Coerce a Primary School Student into Signing His Name

Jiang Zemin and his gang are trying to make people all over China, kids and adults, to sign his petition [ note: a petition to support Jiang's crackdown of Falun Gong]. They are making videos of people signing the petition and intend to turn the video over to the United Nations Human Rights Conference as testimony to deceive the public. For example, in Fendou Primary School of Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, students were reluctant to sign the petition. Two policemen took hold of one student and made him sign his name. Some children went back home in tears: "I don't want to sign it from the bottom of my heart." Some children signed the name of Jiang Zemin and some movie stars, or music stars, instead of their own names. Some believed their lies and signed their names. Now they understand what it means and are ready to take back their signatures. There were students in some schools who refused to sign. They were either dismissed from school or face pending dismissal. They said: "If I were dismissed from school, I will wait at home until the Fa is rectified."

Schools are being extremely demanding to those who have been practicing Falun Gong. Anyone refused to sign the petition would be taken away (for detention) immediately. It was said to be an order from higher authorities. Some teachers thought that the forgery being acted out in plain daylight was too much to bear, and they destroyed the white petition cloth. The organizer in Sartu Town Hall in Daqing City said while mobilizing the petition: " Put down the names that come to your mind and include all your relatives and family members, the more the better. Then we can fulfill our quota."

[Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province] A Dozen of Practitioners Put in Mental Hospitals

A dozen practitioners in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, who were illegally detained during the period during the Chinese Lunar New Year, are now being kept in the Mental Hospitals of Xuzhou City to attend "transformation class". In the class, there are three policemen for every practitioner, and practitioners are not allowed to speak to each other. Among these practitioners was the wife of Tang Hongqi. Tang himself was sent to labor camp for three years last November for spreading Dafa flyers. Deprived of parental care, their child is now living with the grandmother.

A great number of practitioners in Zhuining of Jiangsu Province went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa during Chinese Lunar New Year. They were taken back and kept under detention by local police.

[Beijing] True Story of the New Year's Day Immolation---Action for a Film

According to some insiders, the self-immolation episode in Tiananmen Square could never happen in Tiananmen unless it was all arranged before hand. Many high-ranking officials know that there is a huge monitoring screen (composed of many strips of smaller screens) in Xicheng Police Station of Beijing. Every movement of the tourists in Tiananmen Square can be seen very clearly from the monitoring hall of the police station. Even when someone bends down to pick up a cigarette butt, the monitoring camera would follow (though only with long distance shots). In other words, anyone who intends to do anything cannot escape being monitored. Besides, there are policemen and plain clothed policemen everywhere. How could several people bring in gasoline, pour it on their bodies, put their legs in the crossed position, shout out slogans, and set themselves on fire? To perform all of these actions without being interfered with by the police is impossible unless it was for making a film. And it WAS for making a film.

[China] Innocent Baby Tells Good from Evil

We were watching CCTV news on the evening of Feb 26, and our three-year-old was playing alone. When the news of the tormenters of practitioners being awarded was on, he cried out "not this one, not this one." Then he laid face down on the floor and covered his eyes. He only got up when we changed to another channel.

[China] Be Careful When Visiting the Web Site, Keep Web Site Messages Circulating

According to a reliable source from inside Public Security Department of Wuhan, Hubei Province, police stations in Wuhan had meetings to convey "the spirit" [note: the original intentions of high authorities] as early as Feb 14: to arrest all who visit the web site of Minghui (clear wisdom). The police monitor and block agent servers through the telecommunication company, and they monitor the IP addresses of those who visit Minghui net, 24 hours a day. So, it is difficult to visit the Minghui net in Wuhan now. Practitioners, please be careful. Try to keep the web site messages circulating.

[Beijing] Be Cautious of Police Misleading Practitioners into Giving Their Signatures

Recently it seems that the police in Beijing have received new training. They all used the same expressions to curse Mr. Li Hongzhi, and they are resorting to the same devious tactics. The police asked practitioners to sign on a 5c form without reading it, when they were in the extreme weakness after a hunger strike for dozens of days without food or water. The police covered the content of the form when asking the practitioners to sign.

Such police conduct in Beijing showed their weakness, why couldn't they let us see the content before signing?

[Changchun, Jilin Province] Labor Camp Adopts Physical Torture for Practitioners who Refuse to Write Letters Denouncing Falun Gong

1. Electric batons were used on practitioners, resulting in red and swollen blisters. The faces of some practitioners were deformed under the constant shocking and left with scars, and the bodies of some practitioners were covered with wounds. Some received electric shocks for as long as two hours. Some suffered incontinence, and could not walk without help. Some screamed under the pain from the electrical shock until they could not produce a sound. It was dreadful and upsetting to hear.

2. Practitioners refused to write letters denouncing Falun Gong were made to sit in the crossed leg meditation position, seven or eight hours a day for several days. The pain was too acute for practitioners to move their legs. There were blisters on their ankles, and they could hardly walk or move.

3. Practitioners were also punched, kicked, and slapped on the face.

4. Some practitioners took off posters slandering Dafa from the wall. They were shocked by electric baton, handcuffed, and placed in solitary confinement for a month. This was also often the treatment for those who refused to write letters denouncing Falun Gong.

5. The police also applied pressure on practitioners by denying them sleep for several days and nights.

[Wujiaqu, Xinjiang Province] Police Illegally Search the Houses of Practitioners

Recently, police in Wujiaqu, Xinjiang Province started illegal searches of practitioners' homes, in order to find out who released the information of Changji Labor Camp in Wujiaqu. They said that if any articles written by Mr. Li Hongzhi were found in a practitioner's home, they would require information on where it was from. Those who didn't speak would be sent to labor camps. Practitioners, please take good care of anything relevant to Dafa.

Practitioners Zhang Wenyan, Liu Hongyuan and others in Wusu City, Xinjiang province, were arrested for no reason. Because flyers telling true stories of Dafa were found in Wusu City, police arrested those who they thought to be the active practitioners even if they had no evidence. These people have been kept in detention until now.

[Xinjiang Province] Family is Refused Their Right to Visit a Wounded Practitioner

At the beginning of February, practitioner Xiao Xue (alias) went to visit a practitioner and send Chinese Lunar New Year greetings. A policeman was at the practitioner's place, trying to transform him. Seeing Xiao Xue, the policeman started to interrogate her. In a rush, she fell from the balcony and was unconscious. The police immediately searched Xiao Xue's home. Later there was news saying Xiao Xue was revived four days after she was sent to hospital, where it was discovered that she suffered several broken bones. Under such circumstances, the police only notified her family to turn in money for the operation, without telling them any details or where Xiao Xue was. Her family was not allowed to visit her. Nobody knows whether Xiao Xue is alive or dead, let alone any details about her condition.

This is another tragic event taking place in China under Jiang Zemin's reign during the so-called "best time for human rights in China" [note: from a speech given recently by Jiang Zemin]. Practitioners, while we are suffocating and eliminating evil, we should use a rational mind and the wisdom bestowed by Dafa so as not to bring any unnecessary damage to the work of spreading Dafa.

[Nanyang, Henan Province] Practitioner is Denied a Chance to Take Part in the College Entrance Exam and Sentenced to Three Years in Labor Camp for Spreading Dafa Materials

Practitioner Zhou Jin, female, is 19 years old, high school graduate of Nanyang No.1 High School. On July 6, 2000, one day before the college entrance exam, she was denied a chance to take part in the exam, as she refused to write a promise not to practice Falun Dafa. Undaunted, she followed the teaching of Dafa and went out more actively to "validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and offer people salvation with benevolence" [ note: words from Master Li's article: "Rationality"]. She was taken by the police while appealing for Dafa in Beijing in Mid-July, 2000. In October, she was arrested again while spreading Dafa materials and kept in No.2 Detention Center in Nanyang City. During that time, she was brutally tortured by Duan Xiancheng, policeman in the Security Squad in Wancheng Town of Nanyang. She was detained for one month and fined 500 Yuan (Translator's note: 500 Yuan is the average monthly wage of a worker in the city.) She went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa again in January of 2001. Because she refused to give her name, she was transferred from prison in Beijing to Anshan City Prison in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. Before the Chinese Lunar New Year, she was transferred again to No.2 Detention Center in Nanyang. On Feb 16, Security Squad in Wancheng Town of Nanyang approved the sentence of three years in the labor camp and sent her to Jiaozuo in Henan Province.

[Luoyang, Henan Province] Industrial Training School Slanders Dafa

Luoyang Industrial Training School broadcasted articles smearing Dafa from its radio station. They set up a schedule to denounce Dafa from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. every Thursday. After reading slanderous articles from newspapers, the Secretary of the Youth League asked the audience to voice their opinions, but nobody said a word. The school administration used the closed circuit TV system in the school to show the video of several so-called transformed practitioners reading their confessions.

[Beijing] Andingmen Police Station Tortures Practitioners

On the evening of Jan 22, I was caught posting Dafa materials in the alley and taken to the Andingmen Police Station. There, the police asked me to squat. I said: "No, I won't. Practicing Dafa is not a crime." A policeman then came over to slap me in the face. He asked for my name, employer, and address, but I didn't tell him. He asked why I wouldn't tell him. I said: "If I told you, my boss and family will be implicated. My boss will be dismissed and my family will be fined." The police lied to me by saying "No. It's not like that." But I met a young man (he was not a practitioner) the next day of my detention. He told me that when his colleague was found practicing Falun Gong, the landlord who rented the house to him and his colleague was fined 20,000 Yuan. The landlord was implicated even though he had no idea one of his tenants was a practitioner of Falun Gong.

I kept telling the policeman how Jiang Zemin's persecution of Falun Dafa was violating the constitution, but he wouldn't listen. On the contrary, he vented his anger towards me. At the beginning, he made me stand up with thin clothes right in front of the open window while it was 10oF outside. Later, a gang of policemen came over to beat me up. One of them kicked my leg, while another kicked my head. In the end, they stripped me naked and pushed me in front of the open window. They also cursed Dafa and Teacher Li with vile language. A policeman called Wang Zhenquan even threatened to burn the Portrait of Teacher Li in front of me. A plain clothed policeman whipped me with a stainless steel strip of metal and shouted out threats, but I didn't tell them my name or address. I was released several days later, but for some reason they didn't return my pager, 400 Yuan, and my glasses.

[Changzhou, Jiangsu Province] Practitioner is Persecuted to Death

Zhou Fenglin (female) was 32 years old when she was persecuted to death. Before then, she had been arrested many times. Dec 30, 2000 was the last time she was put in a detention center. She went on a hunger strike during the detention and was handcuffed to a board for nine days. She had been hung up for 17 nights (she worked in the day). After being force-fed, she dug the food out with her finger. She choked to death in a force-feeding. Her husband Yang Canrong (practitioner) was sentenced three years to labor camp because of his appeals for Dafa. Their four-year-old child was left to the care of Yang's sister Yang Shundi (practitioner). Police blocked the news of Zhou's death. When Yang's sister finally got the news, she went to inquire about it in Qingtan Police Station. She was detained there and then sent to labor camps for two years. When the child was kept in the police station, he was so frightened by the policemen that he wet his pants. Currently, no one knows the whereabouts of the child.

Deng Lingzhen (female), around 32; three years in labor camp. Gu Xiqi (male), in his 70's; three years in labor camp. Kang Wei (male), around 33; released after one year's labor camp and sent back again for two and half years. Yang Jianhua (female), around 50; two years in labor camp. Shen Yingui (female), around 50; two years in labor camp. Wu Juying (female), around 60; one year in labor camp. Yang Xiangying (female) around 60; one year in labor camp. Xi Xuedong (male) in his 70's; one year in labor camp. More than 60 practitioners including Tao Yuankai (male) and Liu Shengyong were forced to attend transformation classes, and they have not been heard from since. Some were said to be sent to labor camp because they went on a group hunger strike. Xu Min (male) and Cao Chunhua (male) were kept in the Changzhou detention center pending sentencing, because they downloaded material from the web site of Minghui (clear wisdom). It was said that their files were submitted to the office in the province to be approved.

[Urumqi, Xinjiang Province] Retired Doctor is Sentenced to Two Years in the Labor Camp

Jia Guilan, female, is of Han ethnicity and 62 years old. She is a retired doctor from Chinese Medicare Hospital in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang Province. She retired at the age of 52 because of her extremely delicate health, resulting from various diseases. She had miraculously recovered since practicing Falun Gong in 1996. From a patient constantly at risk of death to a healthy person as vigorous as a youngster, she told friends and relatives from her own experience that "Falun Dafa is good".

Practicing Falun Gong brought more benefits to one's mind. Falun Gong takes "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance" as a standard and teaches people to be better than good. Practice purified people's hearts and raised their levels of morality. Benefits both in her body and mind strengthened Jia's determination to practice, even after being put under considerable pressure to stop. Because she stuck to her faith and strived for the right to be a good person by spreading true stories of Falun Gong, she was sentenced to two years at labor camps by the county police station in Urumqi and sent to Ulapo Labor camp.

[Liaoning Province] Two Professors Are Sent to Labor Camps

Associate professor Liu Shujun of the Automatic Control Department of Shenyang Aviation Industrial Institute was sentenced to labor camps for two and a half years around Feb 17, 2001. Liu Shujun was taken by police of Heping district in Shenyang at the end of November, 2000. He hadn't seen his wife for more than two months. He was probably sentenced for visiting the web site of Minghui and printing related materials.

Associate professor Sun Shulin in the Department of Japanese Language of Dalian Foreign Languages Institute was sentenced to one and a half years in labor camps at the end of 2000 for printing Dafa flyers.

[Wuhan, Hubei Province] Practitioner couple is arrested and their young daughter is left home alone

Practitioner Hu Xiaohui in Wuhan, female, around 40, was illegally arrested at her home by three policemen. The reason for her arrest was that the police found articles written by Mr. Li Hongzhi and materials downloaded from Minghui in her home. Now only her 12-year-old daughter is left at home. Hu's husband Liu Dinggang is also a practitioner. He went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa and was taken back to Wuhan. Because he wrote an appeal letter, he was formally arrested. He is now being kept in the Qingling detention center.

The couple used to be excellent employees of a transportation school in Hongshang District of Wuhan. They were fired because they wouldn't give up practicing Dafa. They suffered a great deal of hardships after losing their jobs, but they kept practicing Dafa. Non-practitioners were moved by their perseverance and told them in private that one day their case will be overturned. On the night Hu was arrested, police tried to make a deal with her by saying that if she told them the source of the materials, they would not arrest her. She'd rather be arrested than to betray other practitioners and said nothing. The police were so angry that they turned her home upside down searching for clues.

Recent police roundups of practitioners have been quite frequent and unpredictable. Practitioners, in the process of telling people the truth, please take care of yourselves and Dafa materials.

Hu's nephew was arrested also for spreading Dafa materials. In Wuhan, they have started to persecute practitioners who made solemn statements on Minghui net. Practitioners in Wuhan, please beware.

Written on March 2, 2001