[Shulan, Jilin Province] Practitioner Wang Shuquan Was Persecuted to Death Wang Shuquan was a 30-years-old man from the township of Lianhua, Shulan City. He was detained at the Jilin Labor Camp during the summer of 2000, where living conditions were extremely horrible. All Falun Gong exercise was prohibited in the camp, and, without it, Wang's tuberculosis worsened. The camp officials were afraid of having any responsibility, and finally sent him to the hospital, and summoned his family members to the hospital as well. However, Wang Shuquan was in critical condition by the time he got to the hospital, and he died there soon after being hospitalized. It is also reported that a female practitioner, name unknown, also died. This female practitioner went to Beijing to appeal to the government together with Chu Congrui, a 19-years-old practitioner, who was also persecuted to death. The female practitioner died from being pushed from the 8th floor of a building by a police from the Haidian Police Bureau. Her mother, who is also a practitioner, was there when the female practitioner landed on the ground. She literally died in front of her mother. Accompanying Chu Congrui to Beijing were also Chu's fiancé and his mother. After Chu was killed, her fiancé and his mother rented a small house in Shulan City, and were later reported by local residents. Then they fled to other residences, but were finally arrested by police. Persecutors of Falun Dafa in Shulan City, Jilin Province: 1. Zhang Zhimin, female, Deputy Secretary of the City's Communist Party Committee in charge of legal affairs. She orders the police to unlawfully arrest and detain practitioners and forces them to pay fines, and security money. Her telephone number is 0432-822-3713; 2. Xiao Yong, male, Division Head of the Division of Politics and Security; Li Jiazhe, Assistant Head of the Division of Politics and Security; Wang Ximin, Assistant Head of the Division of Politics and Security; Jin XX, male, The above four people are assisting the Police Bureau to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners, and they have gone to Beijing several times to escort practitioners back to Shulan. They also search practitioner's persons and take money from them. They neither gave receipts, nor return the money to them. 3. Yang Shuhua, male, Chief of Beicheng Precinct of the Shulan Police Bureau. He was one of the key torturers of Practitioner Yang Guoqu. Du Yuzhuo, Deputy Chief, has on numerous occasions personally beaten practitioners savagely. He has forced horse radish oil into practitioners' stomachs, and applied many other torture methods. 4. Wang Xinchang, Instructor of the Police Bureau, has also personally beaten practitioners. In summer, 2000, he forced three and a half bottles of horse radish oil into the stomach of a 50-year-old practitioner from Harbin. Wang's nickname is "Black Heart." 5. Li Zhuo (Police Officer), Zhu Zhaohe (Police Officer), Jiang XX (Janitor) Telephone number for Beicheng Precinct is 0432-822-5923. [Wuhan, Hubei Province]"The Sound of Dafa" Resonates Across the City On the evening of 4th of January of this year, practitioners from Hubei Province mounted loudspeakers and broadcast Falun Dafa at the Hewan Labor Camp, Wu Chang's Qingling Detention Center and No.1 Detention Center, and Erdaopeng Reformation Center for Women, where practitioners are being detained. The broadcast effectively crushed the morale of the police force, and encouraged the detained practitioners. On the 15th of January of this year, the practitioners also distributed over tens of thousands of Dafa flyers and other materials on the incident of "Self-Immolation at Tiananmen Square". This has made it possible for thousands everyday people to know the lies made up by Xinhua News Agency, and to see its ill intentions. [Changchun, Jilin Province] Everyone Must Be Screened at PLA's Military School The Regional University of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), formerly "PLA University of Farming and Husbandry", held a meeting at 1:30 p.m., February 21st, 2001, at which all faculty members had to announce their position on the Falun Gong issue. They had to agree to the following statements: 1. Recognize that Falun Gong is an evil cult; 2. Promise that they will not practice; 3. Promise that their families and relatives will not practice Falun Gong, and if any of them is found to be practicing it, to report them to the authorities. Those who refuse to oppose Falun Gong, or those who dare to challenge the process, will be sent immediately to the "Transformation Class," to be reformed. If the classes do not work, the university will remove them from their positions and send them to labor camp. This another incident during the so-called "best period in China's history for human rights," claimed by Jiang Zemin. [note: from a speech Jiang Zemin gave recently.] [Changchun, Jilin Province] A City-Wide Search and Arrest Is Launched The authorities of Changchun City conducted an all-out search and arrest starting on February 21, 2001, aimed at arresting all practitioners who still practice Falun Gong, and who withdrew their "promises not to practice" on the Clearwisdom website. Once arrested, practitioners will face severe physical abuse to force them to give up their belief. Some practitioners had to leave their homes and jobs, and drifted to other places. Some hid themselves at home and would not answer the door when hearing the police knock. The police would then pry open the doors with a pry bar, and use force in the arrest. There is one household where the entire family are practitioners. The door to their house is very sturdy with a well-concealed lock. On the 22nd the power was shut off and they had to come out of the house to check the power meter. Once they were out, four police officers forced themselves into the house and took away the parents. The daughter-in-law shouted: "Why are you taking them away?" The police said to her: "If you hadn't just had a baby, we would take you away as well." Recently, the Changchun authorities ignored the constituional rights of practitioners freedom of belief. They hired ignorant but greedy citizens to help arrest practitioners who put up posters and disseminate Dafa materials. The government pays them 200 for each arrest. Some workplaces have installed "task force teams" just as they did in the "Cultural Revolution," to handle the Falun Gong crackdown. We, the Changchun citizens with a sense of justice, hereby appeal to the people and governments all over the world to show your concerns about the persecution of thousands of practitioners in Changchun, and to stop Jiang Zemin's madness. [Chengdu, Sichuan Province] Anti-Falun Gong Forces Plot to Arrest and Detain Practitioners During the National Conferences The National Conferences of the People's Congress and the People's Political Consulting Committee will be held on March 5, 2001. The anti-Falun Gong forces all over the nation are expanding their "Reformation-Through-Study" Sessions fearing that the practitioners will gather in Beijing again. They plan to arrest and detain practitioners on the pretext of having them attend the classes. As disclosed by Jing Jinan, Party Secretary of the Chengdu Number 420 Factory, his factory will gather all the practitioners at Tiantai Mountain in Gongxia County, a suburb over 100 kilometers away from Chengdu City in March. A Reformation class will be held there until the conferences in Beijing are concluded. Then they will decide who will be released according to how the practitioners have been reformed. [Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province] Chen Xiuling, Mother of Chen Ying, Is Forced out of Her Home Chen Xiuling, born on November 25, 1951 in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, was a manager of a trading post for a shipping company. She had a daughter named Chen Ying, who was born on July 1, 1982. Chen Ying was a high school student from Shuren High School of Jiamusi City. She was an honor student, and her calligraphy had won her several prizes. She went to Beijing to appeal to the government on July 22, 1999 and was arrested. She was persecuted to death on August 16, 1999. Chen Xiuling went to Beijing to appeal on February 29, 2000, and she was detained at Shenyang city. As a result, her salary was suspended for one year. Chen had to go to Beijing again on November 16, 2000 and she cannot go home now. [Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province] Police Savagely Torture Practitioners Four practitioners from Zhangjiakou City went to Beijing to protect the Dafa on January 15, 2000 of this year. They were intercepted by the Wuyi Road Precinct and taken back. It was very cold at the time and the police stripped the thick jackets and pants from the practitioners, and hung them up in the courtyard during the daytime with only their underwear on. The police physically tortured them every evening until dawn, and they continued this routine for three days and nights. Zhang XX, the Party Secretary, and Deng XX, the Police Chief of the Wuyi Road Precinct, personally conducted the torture. They punched, kicked, slapped and whipped practitioners. They also used electric shock batons. The four practitioners had wounds and bruises all over their bodies. One day they took practitioners out and stripped them naked. They kept hitting their buttocks with a wet washboard until their buttocks were full of cuts. One of the practitioners lost consciousness due to the beating. [Dalian, Liaoning Province] Police Illegally Arrest Practitioners Heishijiao Precinct of Dalian City has recently arrested many practitioners under all sorts of unlawful charges. They did not follow any legal procedures while entering practitioners' homes to search and arrest them. The police took practitioners to the precinct where they verbally and physically abused them at will. Telephone Number for Heishijiao Precinct: 86-411-467-1392 Telephone Number for Houjiagou Precinct: 86- 411-443-1696, 86- 411-443-0562, 86- 411-440-0174, and 86- 411-443-1567. [Quzhou County, Hebei Province] Local Government Officials Brutally Torture Practitioners On July 20, 1999, The township government of Yizhuang, Quzhou County, Hebei Province released 14 practitioners detained for 8 days only after forcing each practitioner to pay a fine. Practitioner Xu Jinfeng refused to renounce Falun Gong, for which she was detained for 15 days by the County Police Bureau. After 700 Yuan fine (three to four month salary for a rural worker) was paid, she was transferred to the township government where she was fined again for 100 Yuan before finally being released. (Xu is very poor and her mother is over 70 years old and is afflicted with mental illness.) On July 20, 2000, Yizhuang Township government went to Xu's home again to search the house and arrest her. Xu was taken to County Detention Center and has not yet been released. Furthermore, the police also arrested Xu's husband, Ren Youxi, who is also a practitioner, and tortured him with burning cigarettes, etc. The persons responsible for the persecution were the township government official, Huang Jiecheng, and the Deputy Chief at the precinct, and others. On December 25, 2000, Yizhoung government tricked 20 practitioners into going to the government site and detained them for 10 days with a 500 Yuan fine for each practitioner. Among the 20 detained practitioners, 9 were from Yizhuang Village, 2 from Donglu Village, 2 from Yalu Village, one from Xinqing, and 6 from Junying Village. They are treated like convicted criminals. During the same period of time, Practitioners Zhang Lianwen and Zhang Tongjiang received brutal beatings at Guang Ping County Police Bureau. Ren Youxdi, husband of Xu Jinfeng, was forced to leave home to avoid arrest, and there is no news about him. Xu has only her mother, who is mentally ill, to look after Xu's child, and they are facing extreme financial difficulties. [Chaling County, Hunan Province] Practitioners Are Persecuted for Going to Beijing to Appeal A 17-year-old middle school student from Chaling County, Hunan Province, attained Dafa [great law and universal principle] 10 days ago, and decided to go to Beijing to protect the invaluable Dafa after reading through "Zhuan Falun" only once. She was severely beaten by the police for disseminating Dafa materials clarifying the true facts in Tiananmen Square. She received multiple injuries to her head. Later she was detained in Pinggu County, a suburb town in Beijing. Chaling County police took her back to Chaling after 4 days, where she was detained for another 5 days before her release. Yin Jiaying is a 49 year-old female practitioner, and her husband, Tan Chuwen, is 48 years old. The couple went to Tiananmen Square to protect the Dafa on October 26, 2000. About 3:00 p.m., several military police were going to take Chuwen away while he was doing the sitting meditation near the People's Hero Memorial. His wife, in order to divert the police's attention, raised her arms and shouted: "Falun Dafa is Good." Several police swarmed in, and savagely beat Yin Jiangying. Several police stepped on Yin's legs, and some held her down by her hair. The police from Chaling County took them back and detained them in its facility. Yin was fined 7000 yuan, and was released after 9 days in the facility. Her husband is still being detained at the same detention center. [China] A Wise and Kind College Dean A practitioner, who is a college professor, had a conversation with the Dean and also the Party Secretary of the college regarding the truth of the "Tiananmen Self-immolation" incident. The Dean said: "The government thought that people are morons, but what they did was purely politics." The Dean made examples of "April 5th Incident" (where Beijing citizens commemorated the late Premier Zhou Enlai, and attacked the "Gang of Four" and were attacked by police on April 5th, 1976.), and "June 4th Incident" (where students and citizens of Beijing demanded freedom, democracy and political reform, which was suppressed on June 4th, 1989 with the killing of several hundreds, maybe several thousands of students and citizens.) to make the point that every time, the central government would find excuses to suppress a movement. When they discussed the current guarantee-signing campaign by the government, the Dean said sadly: "They have done too much of this kind of thing, and how can it change the hearts of the people?" The practitioner told the Dean the truth about Falun Dafa, and offered to leave the Dean so that he would not take too much of the Dean's time. The Dean asked the practitioner to stay longer. The practitioner told him more about how the practitioners are assisting the Master to rectify the Fa and certain cosmic changes, and the Dean listened to him attentively. The Dean nodded and said that he believes everything the practitioner told him. He told the practitioner to be careful whatever he does for Dafa. [China] The Power of Dafa Brings Goodness to Ordinary People All the graduate students in one dorm room of a certain university are practitioners except for one. That non-practitioner student once had a quarrel with another student, who almost committed suicide. After she moved to this dorm, she had the opportunity to listen to Master Li's lectures on audio tapes, and to read Dafa materials. She said to a roommate emotionally: "You are so kind. Now, everyone looks after himself, and only Falun Dafa practitioners do not. Although I have not started practicing, my heart is with you, and I will be a good person." [Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] Police Actively Participated in Persecuting Falun Dafa Practitioners Sun Zhifeng is a policeman from the Gexin Street Precinct. Zhiqiang Zhao, the Deputy Chief of the Precinct, once beat practitioner Wang Yunman viciously, and now he has a strange disease that makes him unable to urinate. Sun Zhifeng did not learn the lesson from Zhao's case and stop torturing the practitioners. On the contrary, he continued beating practitioners with even more enthusiasm. When he arrested the local practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal, he took money from them illegally, telling the lie that it was used for his bus fare. Practitioner Zhang Suqing was beaten brutally just because she didn't have the money to pay him. As a result, she lost her hearing in both ears. She also felt dizzy and had black eyes for many days. Sun beat Zhang Suqing again because she tried to stop him from putting a female practitioner in the same cell with the male prisoners. At present, Sun Zhifeng continues his bad deeds, and we believe that he will receive his punishment in due time.