[Minghui Net] Cheng Shuping, politics and security section chief, and Zhang Yuanting (Doctor Zhang), head of the Detention Center of Anqiu City's Public Security Bureau, subject Dafa practitioners to daily persecutions. They forcibly feed practitioners a mixture of three teaspoons of milk powder, a handful of salt and a handful of drug tablets. After mixing this concoction, the milk powder turns green. Having this mishmash administered causes one to have stomach contractions, numbness of the hands and feet, cramps and even vomiting. When some practitioners did vomit, the thugs would cram the vomit down their throats again. Sometimes, one force-feeding-cramming session would last five hours. Recently, these ruffians have many times ruthlessly force-fed Dafa practitioners Du Tiening and Song Tingshan. If the practitioners would not cooperate, worse would happen. The thugs would instigate other common criminals in the jail to pry open practitioners' mouths with an iron poker and large pliers, while stepping with their feet on practitioners' hair. At the same time, jail guards hit practitioners' inner thighs with wooden rods. Nurse Ge Huiqin and Wang Kun from the thorax department of Anqiu People's Hospital clumsily and roughly inserted a plastic tube into one of the Falun Dafa practitioner's nostrils, causing the nose to bleed. Instead of stopping the procedure, they inserted it again into another nostril, repeating such rough pulling in-and-out action several times until they were satisfied, completely ignoring the practitioner's pain and suffering. Because of the nosebleed, since the February 3, they have permanently inserted the force-feeding tube into practitioners' stomach for more than a dozen days. Those abusers force-fed the practitioners with corn porridge three times a day. Instead of allowing them to enter the jail cell after force-feeding, for 20 days those beastly people forced the Falun Dafa practitioners to sit in the corridor day and night, with both their hands and feet cuffed.

Cheng Shuping and others transferred Du Tiening to Changle City Labor Camp. The labor camp refused to admit Du Tiening; due to a blockage in his veins they could not obtain a blood test. So they took Du Tiening to the People's Hospital and forcibly hooked him up to an intravenous glucose drip, six big bottles per day, for six days. To achieve their perverted goals, they sent Du Tiening home and forced Du's brother to stop working, but to stay home and keep watch over his brother. There were two police cars stationed nearby, one at Du Tiening's home front gate and one at the back. To suffocate the evil, Du Tiening continued to hold a hunger strike at home. On February 17, the ruffians forcefully took Du back to the People's Hospital for another intravenous glucose drip and force-feeding. The demon beings still arrest those who dare to come out to validate the Fa and safeguard the Fa in the human world. The evil forces would use the head nurse from Anqiu People's Hospital each time and order the trainees to force-feed and insert tubes into Dafa practitioners. The wicked beings treat human life as worthless.

I appeal to all kind-hearted people in society to be concerned about the persecution that happened in Anqiu and let justice return to humankind.

Main Criminal:

Cheng Shuping, politics and security section chief of Anqiu City Public Security Bureau, Tel: 011-536- 4261009 (home)

Accomplice: Zhang Yuanting, deputy director of Anqiu Detention Center, Tel: 011-536-4261032 (home)

Accomplice: Ma Xiyan, deputy director of Anqiu Detention Center, Tel: 011-86-4261799

Ge Huiqin: nurse of the thorax department of An Qiu People's Hospital

Wang Kun: nurse of the thorax department of An Qiu People's hospital

Another Accomplice: Liu Haoquan

Liu Haoquan, a local primary school teacher from Linwu village, Anqiu city, is an accomplice to the persecution of Dafa practitioners. Since December 2000, Liu has been patrolling the Anqiu City area to arrest Dafa practitioners. He threatened that he could send anyone who doesn't listen to him to the detention center. After the Chinese New Year, his persecution methods became more brutal. He has expanded his evil behavior to his hometown, Linwu village. He and his accomplice steal money from Dafa practitioners and spend it on drinking and eating out. Liu's wife is also an accomplice in persecuting Dafa practitioners. Once the practitioners are arrested, they would force-feed them. Merely for gaining a temporary, tiny bit of personal fame and profit, out of ignorance and stupidity, these wicked beings worked ceaselessly for Jiang Zemin's anti-human rights gang.

Liu's wife, Chen Zhenyu, is a teacher of a day care center in Linwu village, Tel, 011-86-536-4772015

Reported by Practitioner in China

Feb. 26, 2001