Jiahe, a small town, was given the award of "Civil and Healthy Town" in both August and September, 2000. However, the behavior of the town's government officials and Police Department were bitterly disappointing. Although the officials carried out the law, they also violated the human rights laws by persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. The following are some of their evil activities.

  1. One senior cadre in the town's Food Department felt he had benefited physically and mentally from practicing Falun Gong. When he went to Beijing to appeal in 1999, he was arrested and illegally sentenced to spend one and half years in a labor camp. Three practitioners who had gone with him were illegally detained for 45 days and fined 10,000 Yuan RMB (translator's note: the average monthly salary is 500 yuan, Chinese dollars). The fines were levied to pay for so called "travel fees and Falun Gong fees." Practitioners also had to pay an additional 6,000 to 8,000 Yuan per person as a deterrent to their appealing again. The police tried to force them to denigrate both Dafa and Master Li on TV but the practitioners refused. One practitioner, who had been an "extraordinary" ticket-seller, was sent to clean the restrooms and was paid only half of his usual salary.

  2. In July 2000, one practitioner was found visiting another practitioner and was illegally detained for 15 days. The police charged him with "conspiracy to commit a crime." The homeowner was charged with "suspicion of disturbing social order" and illegally detained for one month. The police coerced an additional 4,000 Yuan from his family by threatening to send the practitioner to a labor camp if they didn't pay.

  3. A teacher in Zhuquan Primary School, who had previously received several awards from the town and city, was arrested when she prepared to appeal in October 2000. She was handcuffed to an iron window in the Police Department in such a way that her toes barely touched the ground and was left there for a whole day. She was deprived of food, sworn at by many people, and was severely damaged physically and mentally. She is now at the Jiahe Detention Center and may be sent to a labor camp. Xiao, a teacher at the Shiqiao Middle School, was tricked into going to the Police Department when the police asked her to come in to "discuss some issues." She was locked in the Jiahe detention center. During the interrogation, she insisted on reserving the right to appeal and say a fair word for Dafa and Master Li. For this she was sent to a labor camp. To this day, her family has not received any official notification of her detention or labor sentencing. Hu, a teacher in Tanping Village, was awakened by the police around 12 a.m. on July 12, 2000, and detained for 15 days in order to attend a "conversion class."

  4. One practitioner, a college student, was suspended from school in Changsha City and sent to Jiahe to work. Since he practiced Falun Gong in the work place, his simple shelter was searched and he was detained for 25 days. To express his objections, he went on a hunger strike and refused to even drink any water. On the fourth day of fasting, the police forced concentrated salt water down his throat. Officer Cao shouted that even if the practitioner died, he would have less value than a dog. After they force-fed him, Cao called a dog to come and lick the practitioner's face. Other officers and inmates at the scene laughed wildly. Unwilling to watch, some kind people turned their heads away. After being humiliated, this practitioner's membership in the Party, his employment, and his permit to live in Changsha were all terminated.

  5. In December 2000, an elderly couple (practitioners) from Changsha went to Jiahe to visit their relatives. They were suspected of encouraging other people to appeal for the right to practice Falun Dafa. They were both detained. One person was held for one day and the other for six days. Each of them had to pay 60 yuan per day while they were under detention.

  6. CCTV once reported that a middle-school student in Jiahe, who killed his parents, was a Falun Gong practitioner. The truth was that this person was mentally deranged and was not a Falun Gong practitioner. In 1994, he tried to enter Master Li's lecture in Guangzhou, but was not allowed in. Also, he had been practicing other forms of Qigong. However, the town's TV station and CCTV blamed Falun Gong for this person's behavior.

  7. In January 2001, the authorities held a meeting (it was actually a meeting to slander Falun Gong) and illegally sentenced six practitioners to one and half years in a labor camp. They hung black name boards on the practitioner's necks and made them parade down the street. However, a real criminal, accused of abduction and given a ten- year sentence, was sent directly back to the detention center. He was not subjected to the same humiliation as the innocent Falun Gong practitioners.
While the city officials were spending time cursing, punishing, detaining, and sentencing practitioners to heavy labor sentences, activities that go against the great law of the universe and Dafa practitioners, they were ignoring the pornographic flood that was happening in hair salons, nightclubs, and hotels. The town provided a "Special Services License" to establishments that were conducting illegal sex trade activities.

Last year, the water in the famous Zhuquanting Spring suddenly became dirty several times. The spring is usually clean and clear, warm in winter, cold in summer, and sweet to the taste. According to the elders, the water also turned dirty just before the big earthquake in Tangshan, and during the Cultural Revolution. The occurrence of this strange phenomenon seems to be warning people about something.

The evil people who persecuted Dafa practitioners are:

Deng Xuguang, Head of Jiahe Police Department. Tel. 86-7356622572 (w)

Wang Sheqing, Director of the Security, Jiahe Police Department. Tel. 86-7356621124 (w), 86-7356622909(h), 86-13707359868 (cell)

Li Xianguo, the Secretary of the Law and Political Committee. Tel. 86-7356621092 (h)