[Minghui Net] Old article revisited:

"I must go to the Geneva International Human Rights Conference and pay my respect to it, even though it may not stop all the killings or let all people live with dignity and enjoy their freedom of faith. I must go there to offer my tribute with all the esteem from my heart because it promotes justice, understanding, tolerance and humanity. Just as I must walk away from narrow--minded self--regard, I must always pay a dear price for true faith and compassion. If this is the only option that I can choose, then I will calmly pay that price..."

I was reading this informal letter densely written on the back of 3 pieces of scratch paper. It was the work of an unknown engineer, a guy who practices Falun Gong, a man who was labeled by the Chinese government as a "[Chinese government's slanderous word omitted] Member," and he is my husband. He continued to write: "Remember that oil painting -- The portrait of a young woman kissing the foot of Jesus who was nailed on the cross? You said then, this painting was so majestic ... it takes overwhelming courage to have true faith in benevolence. Just like that woman's unfailing belief in her Lord, a group of true Falun Gong practitioners were persecuted to death simply because they wanted to share with the rest of the world what they have learned about the manifestation of true Benevolence. Did they deserve to be killed? Should they earn any less respect because they selected a different cultivation path than that woman? From my perspective, that portrait demonstrated the value of genuine faith, the essence of which was manifested by the courage of that woman. Genuine faith is a virtue generated from complete oblivion to self--interest. Unselfishness leads to true faith in compassion; sacrificing one's own interests for the sake of others leads to true courage. For the sake of those who possess the same virtue, those Falun Gong practitioners with genuine faith, I must go to Geneva to fulfill my mission. I must do my best to stop the killing going on in China."

I was astounded that he went at the last moment after more than a week of deliberation, and left with me this 3--page letter and its impact on me. From the very beginning I was strongly against him making this trip. To me, this world is never fair, and any conflict between the weak and the strong will always end up with the defeat of the feeble side. It has become an innate tradition of the Chinese culture, if the ruler wants his people to die, his people had no choice but to die. Behind the slogan "For the People" is still the diabolic nature of complete annihilation of the whole family of the disobeying person. But why take such great risks doing it? Taking one--week's time off from work; spending half of the family savings to make a futile condemnation, is it worth it? While I am still contemplating just how much is the cost and benefit from the perspective of a private citizen, that Falun Gong fellow, that husband of mine labeled as a "[Chinese government's slanderous word omitted] Member" has already departed on his journey.

"Unavoidable as it is, we will be discussing what is true compassion, true goodness and true faith for a very long time. But let us put aside our opinions and take a close look at the reality of the persecution going on in China. I trust your loving heart and my compassion will never ignore the value of life. We must stop the persecution and atrocities. We must be clear in our consciousness that even though all cruelty is unlawful, they are often covered with rational justifications. Just like the justification given by the Japanese invasion was "for the advancement of modernization in South East Asia." Or the explanation for the death of millions during the Cultural Revolution was that "The enemy of the state deserved to die." Just like today, a group of Falun Gong practitioners were brutally tortured with bamboo sticks nailed into their fingernails, their bones and teeth were broken under severe beatings, and eleven of them died afterwards. All this atrocity was also justified as "for saving these people who were deceived due to their mediocre education." Those who were forced to go on hunger strikes, those who were forced into the psychiatric ward and given harmful injections, did they not have wives and children? They are facing life--threatening dangers at every moment, and a new record of wrongful death by persecution may be set. I must go to Geneva and be a man with genuine faith, just like the goddess that you admire in the portrait. I hope China, located on the other side of the world, can also hear the compassionate, sympathetic and benevolent voice from my appeal."

His letter stopped there, but my roiling emotion could not calm down. I want to make it clear, I was not convinced when I first heard that some Falun Gong practitioners were beaten to death. I was quite convinced that it was falsely reported. How could they beat some living person to death, how could it be possible? A few days later in the newspaper I read about the report from the Chinese Human Rights Group and became aware that the death was not a made--up story. On the Internet I read about the appeal letter from Ms Zhang Xueling. The daughter of the mother who was beaten to death described the appalling scene when paying the last respect to her mother: "A shroud has already been put over her body and makeup was done, also. When we removed the clothes we could see her body was covered with large patches of blackened wounds all over the place, with the exception of the chest. Everywhere else that we could examine there were wounds. Even her ears were blackened. Her teeth were broken. Even with makeup we could still see the bloodstains. In the courtyard we found her clothes, blankets and underwear which were heavily soiled. Just about all her clothes were cut up..." I remember that I was very sad after reading that article, feeling that it was so mournful this old woman died after suffering through such an ordeal. For a whole day I was emotionally restless. But when the warm sun awakened me the next day amid the fine spring scene, the dreadful account that I read the day before became a sad but very remote story.

At this very moment, I suddenly had the same feeling of losing my loved ones. I thought to myself, if we were in China, would my husband ever return? For those who already lost their loved ones, as well as for countless more people so that they won't lose their loved ones, I must also step forward, tell all those who can hear me that Falun Gong practitioners are neither thugs, hoodlums, cheaters, nor ruffians. There is not the slightest evil emanation from them. They are a group with unquestionable and veritable faith. I want to be the eyewitness of their innocence. I want to join them to awaken the compassion within our mankind.

Go, go to Geneva!

March 31, 2000.