During the Chinese New Year's Vacation, the police of Haiyang City, Shandong Province started to arrest Falun Gong (a.k.a. Falun Dafa) practitioners. They arrested two practitioners from Facheng City. Around 10 pm on January 22, the cops from the Facheng Police Department broke into the house of Ding Shujuan and took her away. Her husband, a non--practitioner, tried in vain to reason with the police; instead he was choked. On the morning of January 27, the police arrested Yu Tonglin, while he was at his mother's house. Yu Qingjun, underwent tribulations when the police came to his house. They took both he and his wife away leaving their son (also a practitioner) in a desperate situation. Their son managed to escape arrest, has fled his home and lives in an awful predicament. Fan Huiyong from Lutou Village is another practitioner who was arrested. On January 15, the cops from the Facheng politics ministry and police station arrested 18 practitioners by breaking into their homes and violating their basic human rights. Those indecent and corrupt officials beat them several times a day, trying desperately to have them give up their practicing Falun Dafa. Those honorable practitioners faced the turmoil with immense compassion and did not cease their practicing of Dafa (Great Law). Their courage and dignity are marveled by all. Hence, the police couldn't achieve their goals.

2) Wang Yuzhu and Shao Qiuying is a couple that practices Falun Dafa. They were sent to labor camps because they went to Beiing to make peaceful appeals to the government. There is no one to take care of their 17 year--old son. Sun Shaobo and Ji Xiuyuan is yet another couple that was sent to the labor camps they too had to leave their children behind with no one to care for them. Yu Zhenfang, a practitioner, is a single mother. After she was sent to labor camp, her son was forced to live like an orphan.

Yu Ruiying, female, 47 years old. She started practicing Falun Dafa on May of 1997. She was ill before she started cultivation. However, her diligent efforts within Falun Dafa proved miraculous. In a short time her various diseases disappeared. Since then she has devoted herself to practicing Falun Dafa firmly and steadfastly.

On July 21, 1999, she heard that the government wanted to ban Falun Gong and became very upset. She decided to go to Beijing to appeal, hoping to reveal the true image and righteousness of Falun Dafa. But she was arrested and sent back to her city, and sent to the so--called "transformation classes." Later, she wrote a letter to the local politic ministry to explain how she benefited from practicing Falun Dafa. But they again sent her to the "transformation classes". On January 1, 2000, she was held in custody for one day for having stepped outside of her house. On the 2nd she practiced the Falun Dafa, meditation exercises outdoors and was unjustly detained for 15 days. Later, the police pressured her working unit as well as her husband's working unit to coerce her husband to control her with various manipulative methods. They gave him three options 1) Her husband would have to keep close supervision on her and prevent her from appealing or practicing; otherwise they would withhold his salary. 2) The unit sends someone to keep surveillance on her, and he has to pay for the fee. 3) They would send her to the mental hospital and he has to pay for the drugs used.

Without any other option, her husband, Qi Xuekuai, sadly chose the first proposal. He had to report to the unit everyday regarding his wife. Because of the mental agony imposed upon him for cooperating with the police, he was rendered unable to work for a month. Haiyang City's police did not stop harassing him. Finally, Qi Xuekuai, couldn't bear the pressure anymore and left his home, leaving Yu and their daughter at home.

On July 20, 2000, Yu went to visit her mother. Upon hearing this news, the police from the Haiyang Police Station immediately brought a camera and went to arrest her. Fortunately Yu went to her younger sister's house at the time. The police broke into her sister's house as well; but Yu managed to escape. Since then Yu, hasn't been able to return home. Her daughter who is only a high school student iss constantly harassed by the police. Under this aggravating situation her performance at school was affected.

Today, in China, many families like Yu's have been broken, simply because they practiced Falun Dafa and insisted on persevering with their firm belief of Truth, Compassion, Forbearancethe cosmic quality. We urge all kind--hearted and people of good will to help us in our efforts to free those detained and persecuted for practicing such a profound teaching of Falun Dafa (Great Law; Universal Principles). Thank you.

A Practitioner from Mainland China

February 2000