[Minghui Net] On March 1, 2001, about 20 Falun Dafa practitioners in Japan went to the Chinese Embassy located in Tokyo's harbor area. They quietly stood and presented a petition, despite the cold rain. Practitioners held red, yellow and blue banners that said, "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa", "Freedom of Faith is One's Basic Human Right", "Jiang Zemin's Framing of Falun Gong Will not be Tolerated by Heaven", "The Tiananmen Square Self--Immolation Incident is a Conspiracy", etc., all written in Japanese. Many pedestrians who were passing by stopped to take a look at what was going on.

The Chinese Government created the Tiananmen Square self--immolation incident to frame Falun Dafa. They have adopted these vicious means in order to persecute the domestic practitioners. Since February 2, 2001, practitioners in Japan have spontaneously gone to the Chinese Embassy every weekday to peacefully petition. Among them is one practitioner who just started practicing in July of last year. He always arrives at the embassy the earliest. His sincerity has moved many people.

One staff member from the Chinese embassy has been video taping each of the practitioners, probably for archiving practitioners and adding them to their name list. Today, a practitioner went over to give him a Chinese newspaper and some materials. Upon speaking with him it became apparent that he was completely deceived by the propaganda that the Chinese government has been pumping through the media. He even did not believe that we were not allowed to go back China. At that time a reporter from "Nippon Television" arrived to get some footage of our appeal. The reporter asked him why he was taping everybody in turn. He claimed that he could not understand Japanese. Even three staff members from the TV station were taped. With benevolent hearts, another two practitioners approached him to tell him about the health improvement they had experienced since practicing. They had spoken for only a brief moment when he claimed that he was busy, and left in a hurry.

One practitioner said, that in order for one to come to the embassy, one would have to be calling for the redressing of a serious matter. People who had not been wronged would not dare to come, and people who had not been seriously wronged would not feel the need to come and would think that it wasn't worth--their--while. The Chinese Government has mistreated Falun Dafa and our Teacher and has made groundless claims and created vicious propaganda. We must come to the embassy and the truth must be clarified-- otherwise who would be willing to come to the embassy with such busy lives today?

In the cold wind, the raindrops seemed like tears coming from Heaven, adding to the tragic and courageous atmosphere that the practitioners created with their calm and firm compassionate hearts.

A Falun Dafa practitioner in Japan

March 1, 2001