[Minghui Net] Some high--level officials in the Beijing Steel Corporation forced the entire corporation's staff to sign the statement slandering Falun Gong. They were threatened with their pay and pension being terminated, being laid off, or their housing being confiscated if they refused to sign. Even the retired staffs were not spared; the corporation sent the statement to their homes to get their signatures. If anyone refused to sign, they will be forcefully sent to the "transformation class." This infringement of human rights has made the entire Beijing Steel Corporation filled with terror.

I plan, when the time is right, to deliver criminal evidence of their deeds to the United Nations human rights organization, let the whole world know their vicious deeds and let the whole world understand the true meaning of Jiang Zemin's statement "the best human rights period in China."

Party committee office of Beijing Steel Corporation

Address: Shijingshan District, Beijing, zip code: 100041

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