[Changde City, Hunan Province] Result from Investigation: Pitiful Tan Yihui was a Patient with Mental Disorder The Chinese Central Television (CCTV) Station broadcast on February 16, 2001 that Tan Yihui who lived at No. 117 Jianmin alley in the north part (Chengbei) of Changde City in Hunan Province, set himself on fire in Beijing because he practiced Falun Gong. After this broadcast, some people conducted an investigation regarding the incident. The investigation found that Tan Yihui, who tragically died in the fire, was a patient with a mental illness. It is known that no Dafa practitioner ever saw him practicing or studying Falun Gong. Also, no practitioner ever promoted Falun Dafa to him. It is explicitly stated in Falun Dafa books that mental patients are forbidden to learn Falun Dafa. The consummation of Dafa practitioners must be open and upright. It is absolutely not like what Jiang Zemin definitively stated as the so-called "ascending to heaven" by self-immolation. Right now, the special task force dispatched by the central government has stationed itself in Changde. It is there to appease people, block the news, and intimidate the public. It has also intensified the persecution of local Dafa practitioners. [Beijing] Brutality of Beijing Xuanwu District Police Station From January 2 to February 8, 2001, Xuanwu District Police Station continuously and brutally persecuted female Dafa practitioners. On January 2, six policemen spent 3-4 hours viciously beating a female Dafa practitioner who refused to give out her name and address. This practitioner called out: Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is righteous! Police kicked her chest and private parts with leather boots. Later, they dragged her in front of a male practitioner and wanted to take off the pants of the male practitioner in front of the female practitioner. In order not to humiliate the female practitioner, this male practitioner was forced to give out his name and address. A female practitioner was interrogated at night. Three policemen locked the door and by force, stripped off all her clothes except her bra and humiliated her using obscene language. They also threatened her: "If you still don't tell, we will strip off all your clothes and throw you into a male cell and torture you to death." One of the policemen has a police serial number 028834. On the second day of the first month on the Chinese lunar calendar, policemen with police serial numbers 028851 and 028844 and another policeman named Zhang Bin (pronunciation) interrogated a female practitioner. They handcuffed her two hands from the back, cut her hair using scissors, and used a cigarette lighter to burn her head. The wicked policemen also violently kicked her chest, lower abdomen, and private parts. Zhang Bin yelled during the beating: "You don't have your period now? Today, we will kick you until you have your period or throw you into the male cell and have the prisoners abuse you so you will have your period." A doctor in the detention center whose last name is Liu is extremely evil. While force-feeding practitioners, he intentionally pulled the tubes inside the practitioners' bodies over and over to increase the pain. Some practitioner refused to cooperate and bumped his own head against the wall. He then pulled the practitioner's hair and forcibly bumped the practitioner's head against the wall. He held the death notice in his hands and showed it to the practitioner and said: "It's ok if you die, you'll just be dragged out and thrown away." A wicked policeman took great pleasure in stripping off the female Dafa practitioners' clothes, and his police serial number is 028865. [Hebei Province] Malicious Police Arrest Practitioners after Finding Their Names Signed on "Solemn Statements" Recently, a county in Hebei Province, in line with the order of higher authorities, arrested five practitioners after finding out their names from solemn statements published on Minghui Net. The criminal police team specifically sent three thugs to cruelly beat these practitioners. Practitioners endured all of this silently and with firm determination. These Dafa practitioners suffered all kinds of miseries in the detention center in order to uphold their belief. At the same time, several dozen more practitioners became destitute and homeless. Also, according to reliable sources, all local public security bureaus received the "Mingbao Fax" from the higher authorities. The general outline is: From January 1 to February 5, 2001, a total of 1,220 Falun Gong practitioners have published solemn statements on Minghui Net. Now, the name list is faxed to you. You must start to work on this immediately and report the results to XX department by February 22, 2001. [Gansu Province] Practitioner in Gansu Province Is Forced to Leave Home On November 2, 2000, Liu Lanxiang, employee of the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Minqin County, Gansu Province went to a fellow practitioner's home in Wuwei City to stay overnight. While getting a ride, she was followed by police and was taken by force to the public security bureau of Wuwei City. Because she had Dafa flyers clarifying the true facts with her, she was illegally detained for 20 days. During that period, Chen Fenggang, the leader of the public security team of the public security bureau of Wuwei City called her relatives several times to ask them to pay the fine of 5000 Yuan (average monthly salary in Chinese cities is 700 yuan). Her family members scraped together only 4000 Yuan. While paying the fine, another 100 yuan was found through a body search and taken away. There was no receipt at all. After Liu Lanxiang was released, the public security bureau of Minqin County monitored and harassed her day and night, not allowing her to live a normal life. This practitioner was forced to stay away from home and wander about in destitute. [China] China's Social Welfare Departments Are Looking Among Retired Workers for Falun Dafa Practitioners It is learned that China's social welfare departments are looking among retired workers for Falun Dafa practitioners. If the person is a Dafa practitioner, these departments will stop paying him or her the pension covering basic living expenses and will return him or her to the former work unit for management. [Shanghai] Shanghai Intensifies the Persecution of Dafa Practitioners Shanghai has intensified the persecution of Dafa practitioners. Practitioners including students receiving higher education who did not write promises to quit practicing Falun Gong would be sent to labor camps. An undergraduate student enrolled since 1997 in Fudan University, who was about to graduate, was forced to escape from the school and became destitute and homeless. Jiang Zemin and his accomplices have arbitrarily deprived the educational right of citizens by persecuting talented people, and are ruining the hope of the country. [Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] Chengdu Dafa Practitioner Ni Yuehua's Life Is in Danger Chengdu Dafa practitioner Ni Yuehua, female, 63 years old, is a retired cadre from Sichuan Provincial Labor Re-education Bureau. After years of hard work, she suffered from fatal gastroenteritis. All medical treatments had failed, and her life was in danger. However, she regained her life after cultivating Falun Dafa. Currently she is being held in custody in the First Detention Center in Chengdu. In this extreme and difficult environment, her health is seriously threatened. She continuously suffers from serious vomiting and malfunctioning of stomach and intestines. Her life is in immediate danger. Her friends and relatives are appealing to the public security departments of Chengdu as well as the First Detention Center, to apply the minimal humanitarian policy for the elderly and the sick, which allow patients to go home for treatment in an attempt to save their lives. Meanwhile, we are also appealing the people's government and all conscientious and righteous people to extend your hands of assistance to save this dying elderly lady! [Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] Save the Mother! Save the Child! Chengdu Dafa Practitioner Liu Hui's Life Is in Immediate Danger Liu Hui was once an outstanding young female teacher in Chengdu Jinqin Road Primary School. She was very popular among students and parents. However, she was detained without reason simply because she persevered in practicing Dafa and refused the demands of the police and TV stations that wanted her to tell lies and attack the Teacher of Falun Gong on TV. After she was released, the school asked her to leave the teaching position and instead, take cleaning jobs in the school. Soon after that, the chief of the first division of Chengdu Public Security Bureau Feng Jiuwei, using his personal power, pressured and the school and Liu Hui again and again. Under this huge pressure and the threat of being sent to labor camps, she finally lost her job, and could no longer return to her home. After October 2000, she became homeless with her 4-year-old son, and was unable to support herself. On January 5, 2001, she was thrown into the Chengdu First Detention Center on Ningxia Street. In prison, after watching the "self immolation" incident on January 23, she expressed her judgment that this was a lie and a deception. She went on with a hunger strike. One day, police officer Li and police officer Liu, who were on duty, dragged her out of the female ward to force-feed her. Under the instigation of the detention center chief Leng (with badge number 009212) she, being as weak as she was and a woman, suffered a serious beating and snipping. The torture was extremely brutal. She was force-fed through the nose. Currently the detention center force criminals in her ward to force-feed her a bit of milk everyday to keep her barely alive. Under this situation, she is still being handcuffed and tortured. This has lasted for over 16 days, and her life is in imminent danger! Liu Hui's husband, at work out of town and thus away from home all the time, could not take care of their 4-year-old son. Currently the child still has not learned that his mother is about to die, and is still waiting for his mom to come home! Please save the child! Please save the mother! We urgently request people with a humane and righteous mind to extend your hands of assistance, to protect the legal rights and privileges of women and children, safeguard the most fundamental right of a human being's survival, condemn the brutality of these vicious people, and release the illegally detained Dafa practitioners! [Heilongjiang Province] Hulan County of Heilongjiang Province Steps Up Persecution Against Dafa Practitioners Before the Chinese lunar New Year's Day, about 150 Dafa practitioners in Hulan went to Beijing to validate Dafa, and hundreds of thousands of truth clarifying leaflets were sent to tens of thousands of homes, which allowed the masses further understand the truth of Falun Dafa. However, this also has triggered the escalation of the vicious forces in their persecution of Dafa practitioners. Before the Chinese lunar New Year's Day, 32 Dafa practitioners were illegally sent to labor camps. Several dozens of arrests were carried out in rounding up Dafa practitioners. It is mandatory that everyone has to be examined, and each level of leadership has to sign letters of responsibility, with a copy signed by the work unit, the street office, and the police sub-station, respectively. All those who practice Falun Gong have to write three statementspromising not to practice, not to go appeal in Beijing, and not to tell or clarify the truth. At the same time, mandatory deposits are collected. Anyone who fails to do so will be, without exception, thrown into the detention center of Hulan County Public Security Bureau for extended illegal custody. Over 70 Dafa practitioners illegally arrested before the lunar New Year's Day are still being held until now. Twenty or more other practitioners were forced to become homeless. Currently, those detained Dafa practitioners are on a hunger strike to protest. Northeast China] The Ugly Crimes of Jiang and His Followers Are Despised by People Recently I was passing by Fujin on a business trip. At an intersection, 3 armed-police officers were at the checkpoint. They stopped the bus, and two policemen got on. One of them held up the portrait of the Teacher, while the other said, "Starting from the back, everyone must step on the portrait." And then added, "Don't cause any damage, since there are more vehicles coming." No one on the bus cooperated, and one person behind me said, "What are they stirring up? China is doomed if they are stirring up troubles like this. I don't know who is on the portrait, why step on it? Don't make troubles any more." Seeing this, the two armed-police officers got off the bus in less than a minute. More and more ordinary citizens are waking up and they are no longer willing to cooperate with the perverse forces. It is clear that more and more people have become fed up with the ugly crimes, committed by Jiang Zemin and his followers. They are making people boil with anger. [Changchun City] Changchun City Forcibly Holds Transformation Classes Changchun has started conducting month-long transformation classes targeting Dafa practitioners, and forcing them to sign the "five statements". Anyone who refuses to cooperate will be reported to higher authorities. The scope that has been reached is much wider than before. No matter whether practitioners have stepped forth or not, they are treated in the same way. The authorities are violating human rights arbitrarily. We bring this to the attention of people of all walks of life, so that the evil can be extinguished. [Changchun City] Some Facts about the Heizuizi Labor Camp in Jilin Province In the Heizuizi Labor Camp in Jilin Province, some of those who have renounced Dafa are no longer under the term of labor re-education, but they are still around trying to transform practitioners. If new practitioners who have just arrived refuse to write statements renouncing Dafa under the transformation, these vicious people will then take turns harassing the newly come practitioners by not allowing them to sleep or forbidding visits by their family members. They even use electric stun batons, and lock practitioners in tiny damp dungeons without a single ray of light. Family members who come to visit must swear at Dafa and the Teacher, and they must purchase books that defame Dafa. The practitioners here work 13 to 14 hours a day, without vacation on legal holidays. When the higher authorities come for inspection, practitioners are ordered to rush back to the wards, so that it appears that they are away on vacation. As soon as inspectors leave, practitioners have to go back to the workshop immediately. Daily necessities brought in by family members are not allowed, and items are racketeered at high-prices are forced upon them. In holiday seasons, in order to make profit, the guards force practitioners to ask for money from their families under the excuse of purchasing items. Those practitioners, who could not get money, are abused and humiliated. [Dalian City, Shandong Province] Jinzhou District of Dalian City Hires Unemployed People to Monitor Dafa Practitioners Who Distribute Flyers Jinzhou District of Dalian City hired unemployed people to monitor Dafa practitioners who distribute flyers. When they saw Dafa practitioners distributing flyers, they wouldn't report them right away, but would quietly follow the practitioners to their homes, and then reported to the police who illegally search and ransack their homes. [Beijing] The Vicious Crimes of A Detention Center in Beijing I was detained by the police department in a detention center in Beijing for 30 days without being given a reason. During these 30 days, I saw Dafa practitioners suffering ill treatment in the detention center. It's really a living hell! When I was walking in the hallway of the interrogating building on the way to be interrogated, I heard somebody saying," Towards Falun Gong, we would rather kill a thousand by mistake than let one off." When a policeman interrogated me, I told them, "In the future, I'll accuse you for illegally detaining and ill-treating us. " He said," You Falun Gong practitioners will find no place to accuse me, and nobody takes care of it. It'll never be wrong no matter how we treat you!" They were even more aggressive to Dafa practitioners from places other than Beijing, and beat them up. Some practitioners' clothes were taken off, leaving only their underwear on. Their arms and legs were tied with tape to the wood clubs on both ends of boards. They were not allowed to shout, and their mouths were gagged! The blood could circulate for 8 hours, 12 hours or even 24 hours. One practitioner was even unable to hold a spoon 20 days after she was tortured like this, and she could not take care of herself! Some practitioners were forced to kneel down on the muddy ground, leaning on an iron frame with their hands and feet in back and their heads tied on the iron frame in a position in which they could not move. It's so miserable that one could not bear to look at them. In those coldest snowy days, they forced practitioners to stay outside on the snow covered ground! One practitioner was cuffed on an iron frame in the yard at night. The police poured cold water on her chest and back. Yet they still didn't enjoy themselves enough, and stuffed a big snowball in her sweater and forced her to freeze in the severe cold weather for half an hour. Some police slapped practitioners' faces with elastic belts, and their faces became swollen. [Suining City, Sichuan Province] The Vicious People Detain the Family Members of Dafa Practitioners Who Became Destitute and Homeless Dafa practitioner, Wu Xiaojing from Laochi County, Shizhong District of Suining City, Sichuan Province has forced to leave home for a long time due to the persecution by the local government and vicious police. The vice secretary of the county Qi Guangxue, the director of the office in charge of dealing with "Falun Gong", Yan Hong, the director of the police station, Liu Cunde, and a policeman Lu Jincheng detained her over seventy-year-old mother for four days as a hostage. Later on, they released her from fear of causing her death because she is old and weak. They also detained Wu Xiaojing's sister Wu Mingxiu as a hostage and still haven't released her. Wu Xiaojing's brother Wu Bin (a Dafa practitioner) was also detained in Wujiawan Detention Center. Her family was fined 3000Yuan RMB (average monthly salary in Chinese city is 700 Yuan). The local zip code is 629002. The phone number of Wujiawan Detention Center is 86-825-2225874 [Sichuan Province] The Vicious Suppression Breaks Apart Families A Dafa practitioner from a certain county of Sichuan province was an industrial and commercial leader. Before obtaining Dafa, his leg was severely injured in a car accident. After obtaining Dafa, the leg soon recovered, though the iron board wasn't taken out until now. In the beginning of 2000, he went to Beijing to safeguard the Fa. After being escorted back, he has been detained in the detention center for more than one year and still has not be released. During the detention, he has persisted in studying the Fa and doing the exercises in the detention center. After he was found out, his Dafa books were confiscated, and he went on a hunger strike for four days. The guards thus forced him to sleep on a bed of torture for several days. With his hands and feet wearing iron chains, this practitioner suffered brutal torture, yet he remained steadfast all along. Several months later, he was released. His work unit discharged him from both employment and the Party. His leg injury is work related, and he should have the industrial injury labor insurance. However, the work unit refused to give him any industrial injury treatment, unless he promised to stop cultivating Dafa. This practitioner chose to firmly cultivate Dafa and give up his personal interest. One month after going back home, he was married. During his honeymoon in the middle of July 2000, he was once again detained in the detention center as a backbone figure. He is now still being detained. His wife is also a Dafa practitioner, therefore, their home was always illegally ransacked by police. Several days ago, police found a Dafa book in his home. His wife was thus arrested and detained once again. A nice family was broken apart, and this is the heinous crime of the vicious people in Mainland China today. [Sichuan Province] Four More Dafa Practitioners Sentenced to 18 Months of Forced Labor. Recently, four more Dafa practitioners, from a certain place of Sichuan Province, Liu Deming, Yi Cuiping (female), Chen Yuqing (female), and Ms. Wang were illegally sentenced to 18 months of forced labor.