[Minghui net]1. Practitioner Xu Guangdao from Guizhou Province was Beaten to Death in Dongcheng Detention Center in Beijing

Xu Guangdao was a practitioner from Guizhou province. He went to Tiananmen to appeal for Dafa; he was arrested and kept in the Dongcheng Detention Center in Beijing. He went on a hunger strike for the right of doing Falun Gong exercises. He was beaten up many times and abused with electric needles. One day after a beating, he was carried back to the cell by some prisoners. He couldn't turn in the bed, nor go to the toilet. And he started to throw up blood. He died that evening. It was in February of 2001. In order to cover up what happened, Dongcheng Detention Center asked the inmates to speak in the same tone. They gathered together the head of each cell to say Xu died from illness. Some people were skeptical of his having diseases. Later we learned the true story from a cell head: Xu Guangdao was beaten to death. The murderers were three people: commissar of Dongcheng Police Detention Center, vice director Guo, and a guard. Written on February 28, 2001, by an insider

2. Practitioner Ren Pengwu Was Beaten to Death by Police in Hulan County, Heilongjiang Province.

Practitioner Ren Pengwu was an employee of No.3 Power Plant of Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang province. He was 33 years old and had a college education. He was arrested together with four other practitioners on February 16, 2001, when spreading flyers with the true stories of Dafa. He received fascist torture and beatings; he died on the morning of February 21. According to a reliable source, the police station and Office 610 in the county (the office specifically dealing with cracking down on Falun Gong) made the head of No.3 Power Plant to trick Rens family. They planned to send his body to be examined and make doctors say in postmortem that Ren died of a heart attack. Then the body had to be immediately cremated to eliminate the evidence of their crime. Now the body of Ren Pengwu was taken to Chinese Medicare Hospital in Hulan County, guarded by dozens of policemen and armed policemen. No body is allowed to get near to it. Written on February 23, 2001, by a practitioner in China

3. Practitioner Liu Zhefen from Sichuan Province Was Persecuted to Death.

Because she refused to give up practicing Falun Dafa, practitioner Liu Zhifen from Pengzhou County, Sinchuan Province was arrested by the police before the Chinese Lunar New Year; this was to prevent her from going to Beijing to appeal during the New Year. She never came back. She was tortured to death on the 13th day of her detention. Without notifying her family, the police stealthily cremated her body, only to tell her family three days after the cremation. Her family were shocked and stricken by great sorrow. Where is the justice of law? Where is human conscience? We sincerely hope all kind-hearted people will stand up against and stop the evil persecution. Written on February 28, 2001, by a practitioner in China

4. Practitioner Shang Shuichi from Henan Province was Persecuted to Death.

Practitioner Shang Shuichi from Wuliang Town of Yuzhou City in Henan Province was a retired teacher of about 50 years old. He was persecuted to death around February 20, 2001. Details are yet to be known. Written on February 28 by a practitioner in China.