[Minhui.net]The Women's Labor Camp in Jilin Province is another dark camp that has been persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. The jailers here are cruel and inhumane. They use fully charged electric batons to shock the practitioners who practice Falun Gong exercises, applying it especially to those sensitive parts of the body such as mouth, chest, armpit etc., for as long as 30 - 40 minutes. Many Dafa practitioners received such electric baton "education" and "persuasion". Some of them were shocked till they were incontinent and could not hold their bowels. some other practitioners' mouths or necks were burned black and swollen. This Labor Camp detains more than 2000 Falun Dafa practitioners.

There is a unit called 'New Birth' in the Labor Camp, where the jailers are the most vicious and cruel. All new comers must spend one month here first. Instigated by the jailers, other jailed criminals swear, hit, and kick Dafa practitioners at will. When Dafa practitioners reported the incidents to the Labor Camp's directors, the criminals were not reprimanded, they were encouraged instead to intensify their abuse. Dong Hui at unit four (jailed for prostitution) often swears and verbally abuses practitioners, Feng Guojing (jailed for drug abuse) and Yao Yongkui (jailed for drug abuse) are cruel and merciless in beating practitioners. Of the two the former has been promoted as a 'study committee member' and the latter has her sentence reduced and released home early.

Once, when Dafa practitioners were practicing Falun Gong exercises together, Xu Hong (jailed for indecent behavior) broke into the room and kicked a Dafa practitioner's chest and head savagely. When she was condemned for her behavior, she and Feng Guojing dragged practitioner Shang Dongxia out and beat her fiercely. Then a jailer, named Wang, handcuffed Shang Dongxia and locked her up in a storeroom. Another time, Shang Dongxia was tied up on the "death penalty bed" and was not allowed to move for five days and nights just because she did meditation in the early morning. Later, Feng Guojing and Li lili (jailed for robbery) dragged Wang Lifen to the activity room and beat her mercilessly with a shovel handle (1.5 meter long), until it was broken into 3 pieces. Twenty minutes later, Wang Lifen was dragged back to her cell. Shang Dongxia was released to the cell at midnight. Her hands were swollen and bloody from the handcuffs, unable to move. The next morning, when others saw both Shang Dongxia and Wang Lifen's arms and back swollen with large hematomata and bruises, everyone wept. Two days later, when Shang Dongxia was doing meditation in the early morning, she was dragged down from the upper bunk bed, which is as high as 1.8 meters, by Yao Yongkui. Shang Dongxia was caused to fall and hit the cement floor with her head. She passed out instantly. However, Yao Yongkui still kicked and swore at her, saying that she was faking death. Finally after 15 minutes before Shang Dongxia could move. The right side of her face was hit so hard a large hematoma appeared. Later, intractable vomiting set in. During the night, the camp was afraid that she might die and sent her to hospital for CT examination. She was diagnosed as suffering from a brain concussion. Her fellow Dafa practitioners together sued Feng Guojing and YaoYongkui for assault with grievous bodily harm, but the jailers withheld the filing.

February 4, 2000, was lunar New Year's Eve, when families gather together to ring in the New Year. But the Dafa practitioners were locked in the dark jail. They quietly practiced Falun Gong exercises but were persecuted by jailors and inmates. All one heard were the punching sound of the inmates' fists landing on the practitioners' bodies. Wang Xiufen (a college teacher) sitting in the front was shocked by two electric batons simultaneously. Many practitioners sat in the activity room rather than going to bed in order to do exercises. Liu Shuxia, Qu Hongmei and some others sat for five days without sleep. Yue X, a head in the management department, tied Wang Xiufen up on the "death penalty bed" with only thin underclothes on. A jailor let An Jing (jailed for fraud, but appointed as head of the cell) opened the door and window, pulled Wang Xiufen's top up with her belly exposed and pulled her underpants down. They put a chamber pot under the bed (there is a hole in the death penalty bed), and tied her hands and feet to the bed balustrades in four different directions. She was tied like this for 18 days in the severe cold winter weather. After being put down from the "death penalty bed", Wang Xiufen's body from waist down was numb and motionless. However, they intensified their pressure to force her to break with Falun Dafa until Wang Xiufen apparently lost her sanity.

The labor camp also forced Dafa practitioners to do extended hard labor work for up to 18 hours per day. When officials from above came to inspect, the jailors coerced the practitioners to rest in bed to deceive the inspectors. As soon as the checking was over, the jailors drove them to work again. Sometimes, practitioners worked till 2am to 3am even all night long.

On April 8, 2000 of the lunar calendar, jailor Su Guiying, together with jailor Ye Jiong, Li X beat Gu Lianying, Zhang Yanting, and Chen Qinghua because of their attempt to validate Dafa. The jailors shocked each of them with electric batons for more than 30 minutes. Chen Qinghua, who is slim and small, was beaten by several jailors and ran back to the cell to escape. They took her back and continued the beating and electric shocks. They forced her to write a pledge to renounce Falun Dafa. Dafa practitioner Li Shuqin's mouth was shocked till swollen and her face was beaten out of shape.

In May 2000, after officials of Jilin Province Labor Camp returned from their visit to Masanjia Female Labor camp, the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners was stepped up with the application of the "Strict Management" protocol. They applied a one hundred point grading system: 30 points would be deducted if the practitioner fails to renounce Falun Dafa (i.e., adding one extra month of detention); a minimum of 50 points would be deducted if found copying or reciting Master Li's writings, talking about Falun Dafa, or doing Falun Gong exercises; she would not be allowed to speak and have to forfeit visitation by family members. Visiting family members have to read aloud two of the slogans on the wall which blaspheme Dafa before each visit.

Li Shuzhen refused to renounce Dafa. She was shocked by Jailor Wang Lei of team three for over 30 minutes until she was incontinent They also kicked her on the chin resulting in a hematoma. Later, Li Shuzhen was sent to unit six and was violently beaten again.

In February 2000, Xu Dongmei (jailed for drug abuse) kicked Wang Zhiping of unit four more than 30 times because Wang insisted on doing Falun Gong exercises. Wang Zhiping did not fall down. Xu then slapped Wang Zhiping's face more than ten times till Wang's face became swollen.

In January 2000, unit head Yan Lifeng, and jailor Wang Lei tied practitioner Piao Lianying of unit one on the "death penalty bed" for 12 days, because she repeatedly reported to them that the labor hours were too long and the work too heavy; and asked for the right to do Falun Gong exercises. Jailor Li X often shocked practitioner Liu Mingwei of unit one with electric baton for over half an hour, as a result, new wounds appear before old ones heal.

In April 2000, jailor Wang Lei shocked Wang Xiaoling and Ni Yanping with electric baton and then locked them up in a confinement room because they were reciting Master Li's articles.

In June 2000, Jailor Su Guiying, Wang Lei and some other jailors shocked Chen Yanmei, Yang Huixia, Wang Guofang, and Zhang Xiuge with electric batons. The jailors further deducted 80 100 points from each of above practitioners (deduction of one point equals to one additional day of detention).

After October 1, 2000, more and more Dafa practitioners were jailed in the labor camp. 'New Birth' unit could not hold any more people. Some practitioners were sent directly to unit One. Jailors asked the unit study committee member Yang Xiuping (jailed for drug abuse) to watch over veteran practitioners 'transforming' new practitioners. Those refusing to be transformed, were not allowed to go to sleep or dine at the dining room.

Yang Xiuping forced practitioner Man Yihong to stand with bare feet in the water in the toilet after having given her a brutal beating. Jilin practitioner Wang Dongmei realized that she had made a mistake in renouncing Falun Dafa after being released home. She went to appeal in Beijing and was rearrested and sent back to the Labor Camp unit one. Yang Xiuping kicked and hit her for more than half an hour on the night when she was taken in. Yang then took her to each cell to demonstrate as warning to other inmates while beating her constantly. Wang Dongmei's hair was messed up; her face was pale; and she could not walk steadily.

This is the "China's best period of human rights". Heaven witnesses everything. Good and evil will receive their just ending! The above is only a partial report of what has been happening at Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp in Changchun City, Jilin Province.

Board of Vicious Persecutors:

  • The Labor Camp Telephone: 86-431-5384310 (the switch board phone )
  • Unit One: extension 862
  • Unit Management Head: Yan Lifeng, Liu Hu
  • Unit Political Head: Li Ying
  • Jailors: Su Guiying (team one), Li X (team two), Wang Lei (team three), Ye Qiong (discipline coordinator)

Edited by China Mainland practitioners

February 24, 2001