[Minghui Net] After one central government official declared on the Xinwen Lianbo News Program of CCTV that "nobody has ever been sentenced to labor reeducation just because of practicing Falun Gong," the following incidents occurred.

Recently three teachers (Wen, Bai, and another with name unknown) in Hebei Urban and Rural Construction School were sent to labor camps because of practicing Dafa. The vicious villains even harrassed the students. Zhang Haibing, a senior in Shijiazhuang 2nd Middle School, was given all sorts of trouble by the school authority because of practicing Falun Dafa. Not only were his normal studies severely disturbed, he was also illegally detained by the school during the 2000 summer vacation under the pretext of making up lessons. On December 9, 2000, Zhang Haibing walked to Tiananmen Square and spoke from deep in his heart, " Falun Dafa is good! Give purity and innocence back to my great Teacher and return purity and innocence to Falun Dafa!" During his stay in Beijing, in order to resist the persecution of the evil, 19-year-old Zhang Haibing calmly faced horrible torture and beating. He refused to tell his name and address. However, Zhu, the principal of 2nd Middle school (We solicit kindhearted people to provide this person's detailed information), went to Beijing, recognized Zhang Haibing and took him back. On December 29, 2000, in order to get meritorious credit and reward, Zhu sent this compassionate student to the police substation to be taken into custody illegally, in spite of the incredibly immoral nature of this trick. On Jan. 21, 2001, Zhang Haibing's family members learned that he had been illegally sent to a labor camp.

Yang Ziyan, a female student in the Professional Technology School, Hebei Normal University, was placed under long-term house confinement by the school authorities because of practicing Dafa.

One practitioner's family members once wanted to consult an attorney and seek for legal assistance for their innocent family member. An attorney said helplessly, "Your family member is innocent and it is also easy to collect supporting evidence. But I am unable to take any action. I would be put into the jail if I would hand over the evidence of innocence to you." At a renowned Attorney Service, one attorney with the last name Yang said, "In China, power is mightier than law. Under this circumstance, we have to get permission from the Department of Jurisdiction if we want to accept a Falun Gong case. Even though we can obtain evidence to prove that my client is innocent, it is very difficult to get the evidence admitted and accepted by the court. One of my colleagues once accepted a case on Falun Gong. The investigation was going very well and he was ready to plead the accused not guilty. But the court held a secret hearing without notifying the attorney. Afterward, the court explained, 'we cannot afford to save a little only to lose a lot...'"

On Jan. 22, 2001, Wang Hongbing, a contact person for a former Falun Gong Assistance Center in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, was illegally sentenced to 3 years of reeducation through labor because of his firm determination to practice Falun Dafa. Wang Hongbing was originally a senior engineer and a key technical person in the Hebei Telephone Equipment Factory. Everyone praised him as a good person. He was once conferred by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications with the title of "Excellent Postgraduate from Universities Affiliated with the Ministry of Postal Services and Telecommunications".

On June, 2000, Wang Hongbing, together with his wife Feng Xiaomei, a Dafa disciple and deputy chief engineer of Hebei Telephone Equipment Factory, were forced to resign from their jobs.

On December 5, 2000, vicious policemen from Changan Substation of Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau suddenly barged into the home where Wang Hongbing was residing peacefully. After they searched everything and found nothing, they forcefully took him away. It was not until December 14, that Wang Hongbing's family members learned that he had been detained under the fabricated charge of " suspected of disrupting implementation of the Law". Wang Hongbing flatly denied the groundless accusation. Without any facts or evidence, Wang Hongbing was illegally imprisoned for an extended duration until Jan. 22, 2001. He was subsequently sent to the Second Brigade of City Labor Camp for three years' labor reeducation. Wang Hongbing's family members appealed to relevant governmental departments. An official in Shijiazhuang Political and Law Committee replied, "The central government has a policy. Whoever doesn't write a pledge and express repentance will be put into "legal procedures" and will be sentenced to labor reeducation."