A Story about family members

After the "self-immolation" incident, I clarified the truth to my family before the government launched its massive propaganda campaign on CCTV (China Central TV Station). Then, a few days later, my family watched the reports from CCTV. My sister-in-law (not a practitioner) said, "I won't believe what the TV reports said about this, unless my sister also behaves like those who were reported on TV." After hearing about the death of Siying, the girl who was a victim of the "self-immolation" incident, my non-practitioner father said, "I knew this would happen. I'm afraid the rest will have the same fate [of being murdered]." More and more ordinary people have woken up!

Interview with news reporter

When a news reporter recently interviewed some top high school students, this is what he learned:

Reporter, "Please talk about the bad consequences of Falun Gong."

Student A, "Like many other students, I know nothing about Falun Gong. So, I am not qualified to comment on that."

Not satisfied with this answer, the reporter then asked another student the same question.

Student B, "I think there's nothing wrong with Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. They are indeed good!"

Worrying from ordinary people.

The "self-immolation" incident took place at Tiananmen Square during the Spring Festival when Tiananmen Square was closed and guarded by police. Without any other sources of information except CCTV news, we were mislead and Falun Gong was slandered. Since many people were present at the recent "Explosion Case at the Fanglin Elementary School in Jiangxi Province," some accurate news reports emerged, so Falun Gong could not be framed this time. In contrast, in the "Explosion Case at Shijiazhuang Cotton Mill", there was hardly any coverage in TV reports. Instead, the TV reports endlessly reiterated the "self-immolation" incident at Tiananmen Square, even though it is boring and full of lies. Will they also blame Falun Gong for the Cotton Mill explosion in order to divert people's attention from the truth and avoid responsibility? We are really worried!

Change of attitude of my neighbor

There were massive TV reports on the "self-immolation" incident at Tiananmen Square. After reading Falun Dafa literature clarifying the truth, an old lady in my neighborhood totally changed her attitude. She said, "Both killing and committing suicide is forbidden according to Falun Gong principles. What the TV reports have said about it must be wrong!"

What do the scientists believe?

The other day at a shopping mall, I met a friend who was a news reporter. We hadn't seen each other for a few years. After saying hello, he said, "We all know that Falun Gong is different from what the media propaganda says. I used to interview many scientists and well-known experts who are working on the National Project 863 [a scientific project for research and development of new technologies]. Many of them practiced Falun Gong, and they even gave me a set of Falun Gong books as a gift. Ordinary people can believe in just about anything, but how could these scientists believe in something that does not make sense? Actually, we all know that Falun Gong is good; it's just that we can do nothing about it. The xx Party is ruining itself!"

Complaining of the group leader

After his visit to the US and Southeast Asia, and having seen the encouraging growth of Falun Gong overseas, our group leader changed his attitude towards Falun Gong. He doesn't follow orders from above regarding the persecution as closely as he used to. Instead, he now trusts practitioners and often stands up to protect them. Realizing that the government is mistreating good people, our group leader really feels upset!

The advice from a school teacher

After the winter break, one school asked each class to hold a meeting and discuss the "self-immolation" incident at Tiananmen Square. When a student was clarifying the truth to his classmates, some of them verbally attacked him. After school, the teacher in charge of the class said to him, "Please don't take their attacks personally--they don't know about Falun Gong. Now, what you can do is do well on your schoolwork. When you grow up, you will understand. Time will tell who is right and who is wrong!"

March 25, 2001