There are four child practitioners in our class. Their stories are very moving and have inspired me a lot. Now, I'd like to write them down to share with you their tribulations and happiness.

There is a little girl in our class called Xiaomeng. Since July 22, 1999, her diligence in studying the Fa has never wavered, and she is still steadfast. She has a small room at home. Every day she locks the door to study the Fa and practices right after she comes home from school. She does this unremittingly everyday. Xiaomeng attended Teacher's seminar in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, at the end of 1994 when she was only 4 years old. Teacher touched her little head with mercy, and she simply smiled to Teacher. Since losing the maternal love [either her parents were divorced or her mother died], as soon as she goes into her small room, she can feel Teacher touching her head, and as before, she immediately feels Teacher's mercy.

A little boy in our class did not practice diligently. In addition, his mother's imprisonment had a big impact on him. My mother always asked me to comfort him, but I didn't want to. I thought it was unnecessary. But Xiaomeng goes to comfort him every day and says to him, "Don't be upset. What your mum is doing is most sacred and magnificent, and we must do well and not let Teacher down."

Another boy is called Chengcai. He often cries like a little girl. We four are often together and share experiences and recent articles. He also tells us about his mother's new understanding of the Fa. As he is not good at expressing his ideas and does not have a good memory, he writes everything down in his little notebook. One day he forgot to bring the notebook with him so he said to us, "I forgot to bring my notebook, and will go get it." We kept waiting for him but he still had not returned when the class began, so we had to go back to class. However we saw him in tears in front of the classroom. Later, we asked him what happened. He cried and said, "I went back to get my little notebook but the class teacher said, 'Entering the classroom is not allowed at this moment. How dare you come in casually? Stand there!'" Once Chengcai and his mother, along with other fellow practitioners, were practicing outside. He and his mother stood in the front row. When he held the wheel [the second set of exercise of Falun Gong], he was so scared that his two hands were trembling and he could not form a circle with his hands. At the completion of the second set of exercises, he looked around and said to mum, "Gosh, the police are coming!" His mother said, "Don't be scared!" Then he became more steady. His mother was later imprisoned three times. After the last time, as he was afraid that his mother would be imprisoned again, he would rush back home every day from school in one breath to see if his mother was home. If she was, he would then be relieved.

Another little boy who does not practice diligently is called Qiuqiu. He has been under great pressure since his mother was arrested and sent to prison for appealing for Falun Gong. He was a football fan, and usually took a football to play with as soon as the class was over. Since his mother was imprisoned, he no longer plays with the football, and often walks downstairs step-by-step with his head lowered. He faces a tree and stands there with his head lowered. One day in class, he became absent minded because he missed his mother so much. His teacher said, "Qiuqiu, stand there and face the wall!" After a while he suddenly cried and said, "I miss my" His teacher was afraid he would divulge the information, and said immediately, "Ok, Ok, don't say anything, don't say anything, just sit down." Then he stopped crying.

We also have a little girl in our school. Her name is Tongling and she is only 9 years old. She often goes to distribute flyers with her mother, and shows her mother the best places to hand them out. Once, she secretly brought chalk and wrote on the wall of the corridor "Falun Dafa is Good." When she takes a bus, she sometimes brings a flyer and leaves it on the seat to offer people salvation. Because her mother was always scared to step forward to clarify the truth, she then would say to her mother, "Mum, why haven't you gone to Beijing yet?"

Another little girl is called Xiaoxue and she is only 7 years old. Although she's young, her mind is very clear about the Fa and its principles. Once a man came to her home to persuade her mother not to practice. Her mother was suddenly puzzled. After he left, she said to her, "Mum, he is a big devil. How could you listen to him?" Her mother asked her to eat the watermelon he brought, but she said, "Mum, I wouldn't eat a watermelon bought by a devil. I'd like to go to sister Xin's home!" Later, when she met my mother, she said, "Aunt, my mother is scared, she's scared!" Once, her mother's hand trembled as she distributed truth clarifying flyers, so the flyers could not be inserted into the door. She then said to her mother, "You hold me, let me do it!" Then the materials were successfully inserted. During the period when her mother was not diligently practicing, Xiaoxue saw Teacher sitting cross-legged and making the hand gestures in front of the blackboard in her class. She also saw a lot of Falun [law wheel] and light circles. One day, Xiaoxue secretly took a flyer and went to a copy shop without telling her mother. She passed the flyer to the lady and said, "Aunt, I picked this up, would you like to read it? I feel it is quite good."

These are the stories of the child practitioners around me.

Now, I'd like to talk about Teacher's mercy and care of me.

My mum has been imprisoned since she was arrested in Beijing. Because she was firm and did not write the "pledge to stop practicing," she has been in and out of jail three times. During the last time, I could not bear it any more and cried out at home. That night I had a dream that Teacher came and said to me, "Don't cry, your mum will be back in a week!" I didn't believe it fully at that time and thought, "Is this true?" Just one day before mum was released, Teacher once again told me, "Your mother will be back tomorrow!" Then I thought maybe Teacher felt sorry for me so he was just comforting me, so I was not very concerned about it. Unexpectedly, my mother did come back on the next day.

There is another little practitioner in the same grade as me in school, whose mother is also in jail. He cries at home everyday and is very heartbroken. Two days before his mother was released, Teacher advised him of the date and time of his mother's release, and she was indeed released at that time. He even said to me, "Teacher is so compassionate!"

Now I can no longer go back to school, but these little practitioners' deeds will inspire me to strive forward vigorously.

A child practitioner in China

March18, 2001