The purpose of Zhengjian Net [Righteous Opinion] is to open up the culture of the new human beings, while at the same time promoting Dafa practitioners' understanding about life, the human body, and the universe. During this human civilization, we know that the Western God created this epoch, that he created people from the earth. We also know that Pan Gu in the East separated heaven and earth in the beginning of history, and that Nugua made people on the earth. We know that Cang Jie invented Chinese characters, etc. But all this belongs to ancient history. At the New Zealand Falun Dafa Conference, Teacher has explained : "... the Dafa and I will be unknown by mankind in the future. People should be passing on the legend for a long time. Like mythical stories, people will talk about it for a long time. They will deeply remember the great lesson of the final positioning of the lives in this level." Dafa practitioners are cultivators. Zhengjian Net, whose collection of articles will mainly be written by Dafa practitioners, should leave only pure, righteous, and magnificent thoughts for the next generations.

Because of an insufficient number of articles, Zhengjian Net has previously published stories of traditional pedagogy [knowledge] and supernatural phenomena, along with some current scientific research that is beyond the limits of the experimental sciences, such as research into the soul, hypnotism, and prehistoric culture. Should Zhengjian Net continue like this? In the present state of political persecution, one excuse that the vicious force has utilized is science--that part of science which is the most rigid and ignorant, and which clings to the past. For this reason, recent discoveries of modern science on topics such as reincarnation, juxtaposed with traditional teachings about kindness, should be helpful in clarifying the truth and exposing the evil forces. But this shouldn't be the focal point of Zhengjian Net.

Teacher has mentioned in the Lecture in New Zealand: "Actually you may know that a lot of people are practicing bad things, but have you thought about this before? Today all of mankind's environments are impure." Aren't all of the above-mentioned things within the human environment?

It is not merely the human things, Teacher has explained in Lecture at the First Conference in North America: "If all beings in the cosmos have deviated from the Fa, do the beings that have deviated from the Fa not include the heavens that humans believe in? If the heavens of Buddhas, Daos, and Gods are all part of it, think about what kind of problem this is. Regardless of who taught in those years--Jesus, Sakyamuni, Lao Zi, or Yahweh--at the time when they did their teaching, all beings and lives in the cosmos had already deviated for a long time from the essential nature of the cosmos."

Thus, what Zhengjian Net produces must be pure and good for the future human beings. Mankind's things in this current period, including everything in history, even cultivation ways, have deviated. The righteous mind, wisdom, and supernatural capabilities that Dafa practitioners have gained from Dafa cultivation are completely new. Everything practitioners have cultivated may be published on Zhengjian Net. It's not that we cannot use anything of the human society. We may still use positive facts and examples, but they must be used to express or validate the opinions of Dafa practitioners, and not be promoting old stuff. In addition, the point of view from which those facts and examples are quoted must be considered.

The knowledge of science is learned; it needs proof, theory, and reasoning. This process is not perfect, so a lot of conclusions deviate from the truth. But righteous opinions are not like this. When life has been rectified in the Fa rectification process, practitioners can naturally see the truth. When a practitioner sees it and writes about it, this is a righteous opinion.

Practitioners can start with their own personal experience and knowledge about life and the universe. In this way, it should not be difficult to write articles for Zhengjian Net. Articles can be informal, regardless of topics. They may discuss a point that one has enlightened to in the Fa cultivation, the progress of one's mind and body, one's opinions of nature, culture, society, or morality; or they may simply record what one feels and sees during cultivation. Each article will be like a drop of water, many of which will someday congregate into a river and sea. Articles for Zhengjian will not be "sought;" instead, they should be "submitted." So long as every practitioner truly realizes the position and function of Zhengjian Net from the bottom of his or her heart, Zhengjian will realize its true purpose: a web center where Dafa practitioners can create the new science and new culture of the future. As particles of Dafa, it is our duty-bound mission to use our Dafa-inspired wisdom to develop this future science and civilization.

Human society has deviated. There is evil that is easy to see, but there are also many deviated factors in apparent kind-heartedness that are difficult to expose. Teacher has said that "Today all of mankind's environments are impure." Although every practitioner has a well-cultivated side, and has righteous opinions from Dafa cultivation, we live among ordinary people, so we all have a contaminated side that is difficult to see objectively. Thus, the articles on Zhengjian Net can help us become aware of our own deviation.

Teacher has said in the Eastern Conference, "Because of our cultivation environment, our Fa-studying environment, the things discussed by the students and the words spoken are all noble--all are a precious and most pure environment. This is very rare in human society. This is the most benevolent, most beautiful piece of pure land, so everybody cannot lose this environment. The human society continues to fall, and continuously changes for the worse. You all have jobs in everyday people's society; you all have social activities; you all need to get in contact with everyday people, get in contact with everyday people's society. In this way, what you see and what you hear are all about everyday people, and this might interfere with your cultivation. Conferences like this would never be too much. They can benefit the students, can make everyone improve in the conference, can make everyone find one's shortcomings, which prompts everyone to make further progress. This is great. The objective of conferences is just this. Being able to help everyone in cultivation, this is the objective of the conferences."

We hope everyone supports Zhengjian Net's efforts to help with the Fa-rectification process. Help make Zhengjian Net into a website for understanding and exposing the deviation of our current civilization and for creating a new civilization, as well as providing a place that functions as an experience sharing conference.

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Note: Currently Zhengjian Net has only a Chinese version. The English version is still in preparation, but we encourage English articles and articles in other languages.

Zhengjian Net Editorial Board

March 20, 2001