On February 28, 2001 staff members of Nanguan District Government office arrested Falun Dafa practitioners to 'enroll' them in a transformation class; fifteen practitioners were arrested in total. The following are several accounts of what took place on February 28:

Falun Dafa practitioner, Jia Liru encountered a police vehicle on her way to shop with her three-year old child, a policeman got out of the vehicle and requested that she proceed with him to the Police Substation to have a talk. However, Jia and her child were taken to the Jingyuetan Transformation Class. Her three-year old child was frightened and cried incessantly; as a result, the child caught a fever. The child was then sent to a hospital to have an injection. Jia piteously implored the officer in charge of the class for permission to look after her child, but her request was brutally rejected.

Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Yunfang was preparing for a class, when the Secretary of the Party committee asked to speak with Zhang. She was asked to stop practicing Falun Dafa, and because Zhang refused to stop practicing, they then sent her forcibly to the Transformation Class.

During the night, Falun Dafa practitioner Qu Zhongyun, while taking care of her younger daughter who has special needs and is unable to move without assistance, suddenly heard violent knocking at her door. Prior to this, Qu Zhongyun's older daughter had been forced to flee the home because she was wanted by the police for practicing Falun Dafa. Qu Zhongyun knew the person knocking at door was not good, so she did not respond. The following morning unexpectedly, the policemen jumped into her home from the balcony above, on the seventh floor. Qu Zhongyun sternly denounced the policeman's gangster behavior. The policeman replied by saying : "I would commit killing if Communists tell me to do so."

Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Zhiwen was at home taking care of his two grandsons aged seven and sixteen years old. The 16-year old boy is suffering from depression. The agency broke in and took Wang and his older grandson to the Transformation Class.

A Dafa practitioner named Yao (a former army officer) was dismissed from the army for practicing Falun Gong. While home visiting during the Chinese New Year, it was asked of him to tread on Teacher Li Hongzhi's portrait in the entrance of a train station, because he refused, he was violently beaten and became deaf in both ears. He was then sent to a detention center. After the detention period was over, he was forcibly sent to the Transformation Class. They claimed that they would not release him if he could not be "transformed".

The staff members presiding over the Transformation Class strongly expressed their objections. Some staff said openly: "Jiang Zemin is so ridiculous, the government will pay 1,000 Yuan RMB a day for the class. It would be much better to use this money in any other place, so many people still do not have any source of income!"

These fellow practitioners in the Transformation Class have no personal freedom, let alone other fundamental rights of human beings. The staff played a video that slandered Falun Gong attempting to brainwash practitioners. Most of the staff members in the class are male, but they scattered Dafa practitioners into different rooms and stayed in the rooms to watch female Dafa practitioners at night. They even shamelessly said: "this is double cultivation of male and female." They also threateningly said to the practitioners: "don't surf the internet!"

Person in the know, March 17, 2001