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"Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp is a dark den of evil forces. Most of the disciplinary guards there are reincarnated minor ghosts from hell." (from "Suffocate the Evil") -- This is absolutely true. Using every cruel mean of torture at their disposal, guards there brutally persecute and viciously suppress Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa practitioners. Guards Su Jing and Shao Li were especially mean. For their own political gains, these two pushed their ferocity and nastiness to extremes.

They force all Falun Dafa practitioners sent to Masanjia Labor Re-Education Camp through the "brain washing" sessions where practitioners studied books that slander and smear Falun Dafa. This is what they call "transformation." For practitioners that refuse to be "transformed," they use all kinds of brutal and violent tortures. Several prisoners, headed up by Feng Lin, were particularly fierce and unscrupulous. To please their "masters," the guards, they would strike practitioners violently upon hearing a single call from them.

Because she refused to be "transformed," practitioner Jiang Jie (from Fushun in Liaoning Province) was often beaten black and blue by guards and prisoners such as Feng Lin. During the daytime, they forced her to do heavy manual labor. At night, they would torture her (beating her up and not allowing her to sleep). One time, Feng Lin and several other prisoners beat her for several hours. They pulled her hair and banged her head against the wall. Using electric batons, they shocked her head and many other parts of her body. Jiang Jie was beaten so badly that she defecated in her pants. Bruises were all over her face, and blood was running from her mouth and nose. The persecutors tortured her almost every day. Jiang Jie once happened to meet officer Su Jing and reported her situation of being tortured. Su Jing smiled and she said hypocritically, "I will prevent these things from happening from now on." However, Jiang Jie was tortured even more brutally afterward. Obviously, everything was under the control of officer Su Jing and Shao Li.

Practitioner Gao Yanqiu also refused to be "transformed" even after she had been at the camp for a long time. Officer Dai Yuhong and Feng Lin beat and tortured her with electric batons. She was abused so badly that she lost her memory and ability of taking care of herself.

Shao Li, Dai Yuhong, and Feng Lin often beat up practitioner Song Xiuting. They also subjected her to other abuse and punishment, such as forcing her to squat or to assume certain painful postures for hours on end, beating her if she was to stumble or fall. Many times, Song Xiuting would have preferred death to having to continue to endure the unbearable pain.

Several practitioners such as Xu Hongjun and Zhang Yulian were also tortured and punished everyday for their refusing to be "transformed." One day, under the support of Shao Li and a disciplinary guard, Feng Lin and several other prisoners beat her so badly that her legs, thighs, buttocks, and groin were all black and blue. But that wasn't enough. They pushed another practitioner to the floor, tied her arms up, and then while one person held one of her legs, another pulled the other leg, cruelly stretching them apart. They said that they would tear her into two pieces. Adding indecency to their sheer brutality, they also beat her in the groin and lower abdomen.

There is another practitioner at Masanjia named Zou Guirong (from Fushun in Liaoning Province). She was determined in her cultivation of Falun Dafa and would rather die than be "transformed." For more than a year since her arrival at the camp, the superintendent and prisoners had frequently beaten, abused, and shocked her with electric batons. She works during the day; and at night, perpetrators torture her and put her through forced "brainwashing" and overnight corporal punishments, such as forcing her to maintain certain painful postures for hours on end. For her, not being allowed to sleep has become almost routine.

A person who knows the inside story, 03/05/01