[Clearwisdom.net] During the afternoon of March 11, 2001, the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, TX, organized another anti-Falun Gong forum. This time they invited local overseas Chinese to attend. Some local Falun Gong practitioners hurried to make copies of the materials about the self-immolation incident and went to the forum. Based on the experience from two days before, the consulate prepared ahead of time. When our practitioners arrived, there was a person guarding the gate. We were all refused to enter the forum without exception. Some of us had to leave early to attend other activities, so only two practitioners decided to stay there to distribute materials when the forum ended. These overseas Chinese and even the consulate staff should all be given the opportunity to know about the truth and to choose their own future. The forum was held in a hidden room on the second floor in a local Chinese activity center. Having the meeting held so secretively perfectly demonstrates how they can't be seen by the public eye. After a while, we noticed that the two videos had finished (one was about the Tiananmen self-immolation, the other was a review of the anti-Falun-Gong propaganda, the same one played two days before.). When the discussion began, we found that the gate was no longer being guarded. We wanted to enter the forum, but found that the door was locked from inside. We really felt pity for those people who worked for Jiang Zemin. Without backup from the dictatorship in China and without the means of the brutal repression, they could only hide when faced with these two truth bearing Falun Gong practitioners. If those from the consulate indeed had the truth in their hands, why didn't they even have enough courage to face the practitioners directly?

After the forum, people began to leave. Another two practitioners had just joined us, so the four of us gave the self-immolation materials to everyone. Several people stopped to talk with us about the self-immolation incident and the many cases of death. We used kindness in order to explain the doubts and obvious holes in the propaganda created by the Chinese government.

There was a difference between these people and the type of people who were there last time. Last time most of the people we encountered were scholars. This time, however, there were quite a few among them who were not able to debate rationally with us and they refused to undergo any rational discussion. One lady stated that the government was always correct and that whoever went against the government was against China. When we reminded her that all of the political movements that occurred over the past 50 years were not thought of as correct by the government itself either, she became excited and began to shake her body around and shout, "There is no right or wrong, only the things done by the government and the people in power are right." One practitioner spoke to her sternly and said, "There is an important point to note here. That is, when we discuss with people they must admit that there is justice in the human world, human beings should have a basic conscience and things should be able to be distinguished by right and wrong. If you insist that the people in power are the only ones that speak the truth, then that leaves nothing for discussion." Hearing this, people who wanted to help her argue with us had nothing to say. The practitioners didn't miss giving anyone materials just because they were talking with other people. One practitioner even gave the material to a consulate official and told him, "I know you have already read these materials, however, I would still like to suggest that you read them once again." The official left in a hurry.

The discussion lasted about twenty to thirty minutes. The officials didn't say anything the entire time. Upon watching the debate between the local Chinese, and us, at beginning they felt happy. However, when they noticed that our practitioners had the situation under control right from the beginning and through to the end, they dragged these Chinese people away from the site, because they didn't dare to let them know the truth.

Through this event we came to understand that we should not give up any opportunities to "help the Teacher in the human world." On the surface, we weren't allowed to enter the meeting and it seemed hopeless to let the people inside know about the truth; it was raining outside, nobody passed by; we couldn't play our videos in the activity center, we didn't have a way to distribute the materials, etc. But the truth is that as long as we are on site, even outside of the gate, we have formed a threat to those bad people and their vicious deeds. This point can be seen from how the consulate officials were scared out of their wits. It doesn't matter what the consulate officials do as individuals, the consulate represents the evil force of Jiang Zemin as a whole in overseas countries. To stop their deeds against Falun Gong is to suffocate the evil and to save the overseas Chinese from being deceived and harmed. These two events occurred while it was thundering and lightening outside. Our Teacher eliminates the evil in other dimensions, but in this dimension our teacher gave us a chance to participate in the Fa-rectification process ("Fa" is a Chinese term used to refer to the principles and law of Falun Dafa).

Practitioners in Houston

March 15, 2001

(Please refer to http://www.clearwisdom.net/eng/2001/Mar/18/PFW031801_1.html for the March 8 forum mentioned in this article)