I am a practitioner in Mainland China. I was born into a worker's family and from childhood have possessed a lofty ideal to make great contributions to my motherland. With the progress of time, however, I gradually became disillusioned with all that I had worked for, and awakened to the unrelenting struggle that plagues our society. Gradually, as things got worse, my physical condition also worsened and I began to suffer from various physical diseases.

In August 1998, I was very fortunate to obtain Falun Dafa (Great Law; Universal Principles), and I proceeded to change my life through studying the Fa (Law; Principles) and practicing the exercises. Afterwards, all my diseases miraculously disappeared. I felt as if I had been transformed into a different person; I was full of energy in both my work and daily life. My family members and colleagues also witnessed my changes. From then on, I was fully determined to stick to Dafa's teachings.

Despite having such a positive impact upon me and millions of other people, Falun Dafa was banned and persecuted in China. I never expected that such a lofty practice could be viciously slandered and suppressed in my country. This persecution was instigated by Jiang Zemin and the unprincipled officials who follow him. They did as much as they could to fabricate lies and inhumanly persecute the practitioners who hold to their beliefs of Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance. Even peaceful appeals to the government were met with hostility and neglect. Due to my firm belief in Dafa, I felt compelled to put forward the facts to different levels of government. As a result of my efforts to clarify the truth I was illegally detained twice as a criminal by the Haidian branch of the Public Security Bureau of Beijing. Moreover, the policemen of Wanshoulu police station frequently limited my personal freedom by detaining me without any legal reason.

The hired-thugs led by Jiang Zemin tried their best to confuse the media and shift their crimes onto others. As part of their scheming and deception, they made use of superiors, colleagues, and relatives of practitioners in order to "transform" them. My work unit, the department of agriculture, joined their criminal activities, and they used a lot of shameful methods to send the practitioners in the department to labor camps. They tried unsuccessfully to cheat me and send me to some "transformation" site four times. I pointed out that they were wrong; however, in the end I had to leave my family to escape further persecution. The afternoon of Jan. 30, 2001, was my daughter's birthday so I risked coming back home to see her. Just as the party was underway a gang of men headed by Jiang Ping (the director of discipline office in the department of agriculture), Xu Li (safety officer of department of agriculture) and a police officer surnamed Zhang rushed into my apartment and took me by force to the meeting room of the business center of the department of agriculture in Wangshoulu. That evening, the head of Sec. 10 of the Public Security Bureau and two other policemen interrogated me. They told me I had but two choices; one was to go to the "transformation" class and the other was to go to the police station. I told them: "We practitioners are all good people within society, and we have done no crime, so I will accept neither of your two choices." The afternoon of Jan. 31, I was brought to the base of the department of agriculture some 200 kilometers away, where they took me into custody. By dinnertime I was made to sit on a reserved seat with the heads of my work unit. In the middle of the meal, a man named Zhang from Sec. 10 of the Public Security Bureau made a toast to the others: " Let's wait to celebrate..." It made me feel strange. After dinner the guard put me back in my room and urged me to drink water immediately. After a short period of time, I suddenly felt that my tongue was going numb and my head was exploding, also the beating of my heart had increased also. I perceived they had put something into the bowel and cup I used for dinner. I tried to steady my nerves and recite "Lun Yu" (the preface written by Master Li Hongzhi in Zhuan Falun, his main work) in my mind, and then all the symptoms were suppressed. Meanwhile, I also discovered that those people who tried to harm me were observing me the whole time, and the power of Dafa amazed them too. To verify my guess, I purposely changed my seat all of a sudden before the second meal. It turned out that no one moved to that seat.

In order to "transform" me, they got seven people to do the work. Some were people within my work unit who had been "transformed" in labor camps, and some were from the institute of psychology. Among them I knew Zhang Huailin, Yao Zhong, Du Xiaoming, and some one surnamed Ding. They quoted Master Li's words and interpreted them to the opposite meaning, trying to mislead me. Due to my negligence in taking the Fa as teacher, I wrote the statement renouncing Dafa and handed in the books and tape records of Dafa while in a confounded state. However, when I woke up, I quickly realized that I had made a huge mistake, and then wrote a declaration to annul the statement I made. After that, they began to rampantly harass me by means of phone calls, monitoring, and fatigue strategy. On the night of Feb. 4, an officer surnamed Zhang from Sec.10 of the Public Security Bureau, along with Jiang Ping, Xu Li and the head of vehicle administration section interrogated me again. Jiang asked me several times if I was willing to separate with Dafa completely. I answered: "No way!" The police officer surnamed Zhang brought me some paper and a pen to let me write a statement. Without hesitation I wrote down a statement to take back the renouncement I had previously made and all the words that were harmful to Dafa. Enraged by my determination, the police officer rushed forward to seize me by the hair and slapped me quite severely. Then, in a fit of rage, he beat me on the ears, the top of the head , the eyes, and the temples. Finally, he also pounded my chin with his fist. My head and face were swollen and purple, and my mouth bled. It was hard to hear or speak. However, I had only one thought at that moment: I would never betray Dafa even if beaten to death! At that moment I didn't feel any pain and could only hear a pounding sound on my head. The brutality and viciousness of the police officer made all the people there turn away.

On the morning of Feb. 5, I was transferred to a training center in Huairou County by the heads of my work unit. They said that they would not release me so easily because I was not "transformed" the way they wanted. On the evening of Feb. 6, I found that the guard didn't follow me back to my room after dinner. After a few minutes some one came in to turn on the lamps on the wall to the maximum and then hurried out. From time to time the guards and that police officer named Zhang came in to take a look, and there was an eerie atmosphere within and outside the room. I remembered that some one told me: "If not transformed, you will be made either dead or mad." In connection with what had happened in those days, I decided I should not endure their persecution passively and I would not allow anything harmful towards Dafa to happen.. "Break away from them," I said to myself. I put on my clothes and stepped out of the door. Xu Li asked me: "Where are you going?" I answered that I was going to talk with the heads. When I got to the second floor, I found there was no one in all of the rooms. Understanding that it was an opportunity to free myself from further persecution, I immediately entered one room and locked the door. I opened a window and jumped to the platform beneath, and then jumped to the ground from the platform. Swiftly crossing a wall and entering a residential quarter, I arduously climbed over another high wall with the help of a wire pole. After that I ran through some wild terrain, and saw that a taxi was driving towards me. In this manner, I finally extricated myself from their control.

Because I failed to pay attention to Xinxing (mind and heart nature or character) amidst the tribulation, I did a wrong thing that didn't live up to the requirement of the Fa. I feel pain in my heart. Hence, I must expose all the evil deeds at the transformation camp to the public. I'll also remember this lesson forever and double my efforts in the course of Fa-rectification to make up for the previous mistake.

A practitioner from Mainland China

February 22, 2001