Last September, while being illegally detained in the Dongfeng Xincun Detention Center in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, an engineer from the Daqing Research Institute named Wang Bin was beaten to death for refusing to write a pledge renouncing Dafa [great law and principles of the universe]. However, his murderers have not been lawfully punished yet, because Jiang Zemin wickedly stated that "The practitioners that are tortured to death are counted as having committed suicide." Moreover, since Wang Bin was beaten to death, the Ranghu Road police station has been continuously harassing and persecuting his family.

A day before the Chinese New Year [beginning from January 23, 2001], four or five policemen forced their way into Wang Bin's home and ransacked the house without providing his family with a reason or a search warrant. They didn't find what they were looking for, although they did find a picture of Wang Bin. They intended to confiscate it, but Wang's wife was not afraid of the officers so she protected the picture and wouldn't let them take it. The police then attempted to force her to leave with them, but Wang's over 70-year-old father began trembling and piteously entreating them, and Wang's wife showed firm determination not to comply. A couple of days later, four or five policemen came to Wang's home again. When they did not see Wang's wife, they left.

On March 2nd, a policeman named Cheng Long called to ask Wang's wife to come to the local police station to check something out. She replied, "Since I haven't done anything illegal, whether I choose to go or not is my own choice." She saw a police car stop in front of her home, and thought, "I haven't broken the law; I can't be taken away by the dreadful police." She didn't have any other choice but to jump from the second story of her building in order to leave home.

By that time, their son had left for his evening class at school, so Wang's elderly father, who was paralyzed on one side of his body, was left alone at home. Not seeing anything going on inside, the police used a special tool called "The Unlocker King" to break into Wang Bin's home. Five or six policeman (like bandits) broke into an ordinary family's home at night, and once again illegally ransacked the house. They also threatened Wang's elderly father and harassed the surrounding neighbors. They interrogated the neighbors, asking them about the whereabouts of Wang's wife, and requested that they immediately report to the police once they discovered where she was. Later on, the police continuously made calls to harass Wang Bin's family. Nowadays in China, the number of families that are suffering from such harassment and persecution are countless.

Puzzled fellow citizens, please wake up! If you treasure your own human lives, please support and help Falun Dafa practitioners, who are suffering such misery caused by this persecution! During this period of the Fa-rectification in the human world, all beings have to make serious choices. Everything that our practitioners have done is precisely for all beings, including you, to be able to have a truly glorious future.

A practitioner from China

March 13, 2001