We as Falun Dafa practitioners, and having recently been released from the Women's Labor Camp of Jinlin Province experienced and witnessed the following.

From the period of mid May 2000 while in the labor camp, because we practiced Falun Gong exercises in our cell, we all received brutal treatment. They used electric batons with high voltage, slabs cut from bamboo to beat us to the ground. A criminal prisoner Shao Yanhong beat Dafa practitioners at her will. She tied practitioners, Liu Guiru and Li Xiuhua to a bed with leather belts and beat them till they passed out. Shao punch Li in the area of her breasts with three strikes of her fist, and Li fainted for three to five minutes before she caught her breath.

In late September, Dafa practitioner Fan Xiuying refused to accept medical treatment, and was therefore beaten with an electric baton and forced to receive the treatment. They them left her handcuffed to a bed for a month. Shao Yanhong beat her each time she was due to receive medical treatment. Dafa practitioner Fan Xiuying received endless torture to both her body and mind.

Practitioners Liu Shujuan, Wang Shouhui, and Wang Yugui also received brutal treatment from the same criminal prisoner . While using bamboo slabs it was openly suggested to Shao Yanhong, by the guard that she use the electric baton, saying it would keep the practitioners awake. Once, Shao dragged Wang Yugui (nearly 60 years old, small and thin) to the water room, and punched at her breasts with her fists, Wang had hardly caught her breath, when she was towed back to cell and was again punched at her heart. Shao Yanhong struck at Liu Shujuan's heart with her fist everyday. One time, Shao struck at Liu's heart with a flurry of at least ten blows, causing Liu to fall to the ground and pass out.

For nine days and nights, we were forced to stand up. In the day we stood, while during the night we were forced to stand in a particular stance; with our hands and feet tied to the bed, our mouths open, eyes open, and our heads bending to one side, if we were unable to keep this posture, we were beaten .

Wang Shouhui and Liu Shujuan were beaten by Chief officer Wang for half an hour with two electric batons while their hands were tied to the bed..

What kind of society allows a convicted criminal to take charge and beat innocent people?

Written on Jan 11, 2001.