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In Team Two: when Zheng Donghui was forced into labor education for the second time, the prison guards pressured her into giving up Falun Dafa. Both her hands were cuffed; she was only allowed to relieve herself once or twice per day and was permitted two or three hours of sleep per night. She came to realize the truth about Falun Dafa and regretted her mistake after she read an article from our teacher after being released. In the Fourth Team: Du Hongfang awoke to the truth after she mistakenly renounced Dafa (great law and universal principle) under the pressure. Since then, she has firmly set her mind on safeguarding Dafa, and was consequently detained in tiny cell and tortured with electric batons.

Li Rong (who had just graduated from a university in August 2000) was only allowed three hours of sleep per day due to her steadfast refusal to renounce Dafa. Guards monitored her 24 hours a day for fear she would commit suicide under such torture. This lasted for half a month and she became thin from this abuse. She wrote a pledge (to stop practicing Dafa) under such harsh circumstances. However, when she eventually realized her mistake, she was beaten in the guards' office until her neck became red.

Zhang Xiuyun was beaten on her first day in the labor camp and was not allowed sleep for three days and nights. One day at noon, she was called to the guards' office; there she was repeatedly shocked with an electric baton. This caused charred abrasions on her face, and when the torture was over she looked pale and was in poor shape.

Zhang Yaling was forced to go without sleep her first night in the labor camp and was pressured into opposing Dafa. Under such mental torture, Zhang became mentally weak.

Among the prisoners, Dong Hongju (a prostitute) forced Zhang Yaling to stand continuously without sleeping or sitting. Yang Xiuping (a drug abuse criminal) with another prisoner Liu Xuehua (a prostitute) threatened Zhang Yaling: "If you don't give up Dafa, we will beat you to death."

Liu Xuehua slapped her face and said: "If they all give up, then there is no fun. There are a few persistent ones, we can find some interesting things to do." They even claimed: "We will ridicule you to death", etc.

Zhang Yaling was forced to write a pledge under pressure from these prisoners. Later, she enlightened that what she did was wrong and wanted to ask for her pledge back, but was refused by the guard. With secret permission and protection from the guards, Yang Xiuping became even more aggressive and high-handed. Whatever visiting families brought with them had to be given to her; otherwise she complained to the guards. When she saw that the clothes of practitioners were better, she forced them to trade.

Man Yihong wasn't allowed any sleep on her first night since she refused to give up Dafa. She was then questioned in the guards' office: "Do you admit you are a criminal?" She refused to answer, then was shocked with electric batons until she became mentally confused. At night, Yang Xiuping and Liu Xuehua also forced her to stand bare foot on the wet floor of the washroom. Man Yihong was tortured and cursed many times by Yang Xueping. The guards pretended to be ignorant of all this.

Wang Dongmei was beaten severely by the guards when she was forced into labor education the second time. Then Yang Xiuping led her to the sleeping area and beat her in front of other practitioners. Her head was injured so severely that the top of her head was soft and you couldn't feel her skull. From this we can see how brutal the torture that was imposed on Falun Dafa practitioners.

Piao Lianying ( a university graduate) was handcuffed to a bed in order to prevent her from practicing Falun Gong exercises at night after she returned from forced labor. One day her hands and feet were bound to the iron bed without anything covering her lower body, when the weather was very cold. When other practitioners asked the guards about this issue, the team leader Yan Lifeng publicly exposed Piao Lianying in every room. Piao was tied up in bed for over a month, during that period, she had to eat, wash and relieve herself all in the bed. When she was released from such punishment, her hands were numb. She was only released for treatment after she suffered from impetigo.

Shang Dongxia was held in a small cell for continuing to practice. She was handcuffed and hung up on an iron bar for up to seven days.

Zhang Huayun was shocked many times with electric batons for 20 to 30 minutes each time, sometimes even up to one hour. This torture caused her to become so weak that she couldn't do any intensive labor.

Wang Dongmei was beaten by Wang Hong (gang-related criminal) until one eye became red when she was sent to the labor camp for the first time.

Zhang Shaoping was beaten many times by Guan Yuehong (fraud criminal) because she practiced Falun Dafa. But the guards never took notice of this.

Qu Yanhui was punched twice in the face by Wang Hong when she meditated at night.

At Fourth Team, Hong Guojing and his accomplices tortured Sun Lu until her entire body was black and blue. At Sixth Team, between last April and May, one practitioner was tortured until she fell to the ground. Other practitioners staged a group hunger strike to show their strong protest. The hunger strike lasted for more than seven days. However the guards took several determined practitioners to the clinic and office, tied their hands and feet for force-fed them while shocking them with electric batons. They also gave injections to the practitioners for fear they would vomit the food. Several guards tortured one practitioner to such an extent that the practitioner screamed herself hoarse.

Wang Xiufeng was repeatedly tortured with electric batons, monitored 24 hours a day without sleep or rest and was also detained in a small cell many times.

Since last May, director Fan Youlan and others went to learn from Masanjia Labor Camp, when they came back and began to experiment with those same vicious techniques at the Sixth Team. They used extreme measures to pressure practitioners into giving up Dafa. They even compiled a book about how to torture practitioners in order to force them to give in. This book could only be seen by the torturers.

Practitioners who entered here after last October wouldn't be allowed to sleep until being transformed to give up Dafa. Otherwise, they would be shocked with electric batons. If someone changed her attitude toward Dafa again and again, she would be physically abused even more severely.

This is the notorious Heizuizi Labor Camp in Changchun city, Jilin province, another depraved place controlled by Jiang Zemin.

The list of the vicious people:

  • Phone number of the labor camp: 86-431-5384310 (the switch board of Heizuizi Labor Camp)
  • Team One: extension: 862
  • Team leaders: Yan Lifeng and Liu Hu
  • Instructor: Li Ying
  • Guard: Su Guiying (First Group)
  • Li X (Group Two)
  • Wang Lei (Group Three)
  • Ye jiong (The discipline secretary)

Collected from Mainland Practitioners

February 24, 2001