1. The detention center of Luquan City is holding 18 Falun Gong practitioners from Northeast China who were sent there because they went to Beijing to appeal and refused to tell their names. Refusing to cooperate with the evil forces, these practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest, so they were force-fed and subjected to various kinds of tortures.

2. Ms. Li Jianmei has been illegally detained 4 times because she insists on cultivating "Zhen-Shan-Ren" (Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance) to be a good person. On July 5, 2000, the Dahe Village police station arrested Ms. Li unreasonably and sent her to the Luquan detention center. During her detention, the perpetrators slapped her in the face, handcuffed her, and forced her to stand or run for a long time. Ms. Li was also handcuffed from behind and shackled for several days. They refused to release her after 30 days' detention, so Ms. Li went on a hunger strike. Three days later, the local police transferred Ms. Li to the village government, who continued trying to "transform" her while illegally detaining her for another 15 days. Ms. Li went on a huger strike for a total of 14 days. She was then fined 3,000Yuan, and had to pay 1,500 Yuan RMB (roughly 4 months' income of an average worker in China) as a deposit.

3. Mr. Wang Jianhui has been illegally detained at least 4 times. In May 2000, he went to Beijing to appeal and was arrested and sent back to the Luquan Detention Center, where for 1 month he received various brutal tortures. During his captivity in the Luquan detention center in July of 2000, Mr. Wang was handcuffed, shackled, and brutally beaten. In order to not cooperate with the evil forces, Wang Jianhui went on a hunger strike for 21 days, and during this period, he was forced to sit on iron chairs. He had to eat, drink, and sleep on these chairs, which made his legs become terribly red and swollen. In February 2001, Mr. Wang was again sent to the Luquan detention center. He was found to have hepatitis during a medical examination; however, he was not released, but instead tied to a chair outdoors where he endured all kinds of inhuman treatment.

4. Eight female practitioners from Sijiazhuang Town of Luquan City went to Beijing for a lawful appeal in December 2000 and were arrested. After being sent back, they were illegally held at the detention center in Luquan City. During their detention, the guards electrically shocked, beat, swore at, and forced them to remain outside in the snow and freezing cold. The following female practitioners were injured from the beatings and various tortures: Liang Haiying, Wang Ruimin, Shi Qingfang, Wang Xiuli, Jia Junxia, Liang Xiuzhi, Duan Shuyin and Wei Jianling.

5. Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Han Huizhen went to Beijing to appeal in late January of 2001, and was illegally detained in the Luquan City detention center.

6. In December 2000, Mr. Zhao Zhihong was arrested at his home without any reason and was denied release after one month's detention. Mr. Zhao is still being illegally detained at the Luquan detention center.

7. In December 2000, the Sijiazhuang Town government in Luquan City illegally hauled into custody nearly 20 people who had previously practiced Falun Gong. These practitioners would not be released until a 3,000 Yuan deposit was extorted from all of them. Some practitioners' financial situation was not very good, and since they couldn't afford such a large deposit, their families had to borrow money everywhere in order to pay. The longest time of detention was over a dozen days. During this period, practitioners pointed out to the authorities that their conduct violated the law. The town officials said they were following orders from higher authorities. The Mayor said, "Now the treatment of Falun Gong can override the Constitution." Some officials of the town claimed that at this time, no one deals with corrupt criminals, but practicing Falun Gong is prohibited.

8. Fearing that Falun Dafa practitioners might go to Beijing to appeal before and after the New Year of 2001, the local authorities illegally detained several practitioners, including Mr. Zhao Fengshen, in the police station of Sijiazhuan Town without any legal procedures.

9. In January of 2001 (around the Chinese New year), local authorities were again afraid that Dafa practitioners would go to appeal, so they illegally detained several practitioners for over twelve days on the excuse of holding an "education" class.

10. In February 2001, when the delegation from the International Olympic Committee visited China, the local government was still afraid that Dafa practitioners would go to appeal, so once again they illegally detained several of them in Sijiazhuan Town.

Is this the so-called "ruling the country with virtue?" Is this the claimed "help, educate and transform" policy of the Chinese government?

The records of criminals in Luquan City who persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners:

(1) The local government of Luquan City

The Deputy Mayors of Luquan City (zip: 050200): Song Jiyun, Nie Yingwu

Administrative Office: 86-311-2012419, 86-311-2012558

Laws and Regulations Office: 86-311-2012569

Supervision Office: 86-311-2012585

Policy Study Office: 86-311-2012504

(2) The Police Station of Luquan City

Zhang Jiangang: 86-311-2015413

Li Xianzhen: 86-311-2015405

The office of Deputy Head of the Luquan City Police Station: 86-311-2015412

The Deputy Political Commissar: 86-311-2015403

The Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee: 86-311-2012839

The Division of Political Safety: 86-311-2012082.

(3) Dahe Village government

Secretary: Du Yincai, 86-311-2296540, 86-311-2296541, Beeper: 86-126üA127-1125666.

Deputy Secretary: Liu Zhong.

(4) The Sijiazhuang Town government

Administrative Office: 86-311-2267510, 86-311-2267511.

Secretary: 86-311-2266862, 86-311-2267768.

Guo Xing (Deputy Mayor): 86-311-2267718,

Town Office of People's Representative Conference: 86-311-2266892 Organization Office: 86-311-2266895.

(5) The Sijiazhuan Town police sub-station:

Station Supervisor, Gao Jiqiang: 86-311-2267496.

(6) Dahe Village Police Sub-station

Switch Board: 86-311-2295505

Station Supervisor: Gao Aimin

The Political Commissar: Gao Mingsheng

Policeman Feng Yanju, Sun Heliang and Zhang Zengyan.

(7) The detention center of Luquan City

Office: 86-311-2019934, 86-311-2012336

Supervisor: Zhang Weige

Deputy supervisor: Jie Meili (male), Du Bin (female)

Guards: Du Xiai, Zheng Chunyue

(8) Relevant departments

The Municipal Office of People's Representative Conference: 86-311-2012401, 86-311-2012308

The Division of Representatives: 86-311-2012384

The Division of Politics and Legislation: 86-311-2012307

The Reception Office for Appeal: 86-311-2012500.

The Political Consultation Committee office: 86-311-2012482

Proposal office: 86-311-2010010.

The Municipal Government of Luquan City, the Secretary Office of Communist Party: 86-311-2018061

The Committee for Officials Evaluation: 86-311-2012468

The Secretary Office of Discipline and Inspection Committee: 86-311-2012155, 86-311-2012114, 86-311-2105843

The Office to Correct Unhealthy Practice in Government: 86-311-2012817

The Politics and Legislation Committee: 86-311-2012524

The Workers Union of Luquan City: 86-311-2012162, 86-311-2011794, 86-311-2103945

The Office of Women Union Office in Luquan City: 2012089, the Supervisor office: 86-311-2012054

The Appeal Bureau of Luquan City, office: 86-311-2012052, the Supervisor office: 86-311-2012305

The Citizen Affairs Bureau of Luquan City, office: 86-311-2012925, the Supervisor office: 86-311-2011803

The Legislation Bureau of Luquan City, office: 86-311-2012951, the Supervisor office: 86-311-2012347

The Appeal Bureau of Luquan City, office: 86-311-2012159, the Supervisor office: 86-311-2012000

The Deputy Supervisor of Anti-bribery Bureau: 86-311-2101350.

Reported by Falun Dafa practitioners in China

March 11th, 2001