At around noon on January 1, 2001, when I was in Tiananmen Square, I fearlessly shouted out these words from the bottom of my heart: "Falun Dafa is good," "Teacher Li is innocent." Meanwhile, the same thing was happening near me. There were several hundred people watching. Instantly three plain-clothed policemen held me down on the ground so that I could not move, and covered my mouth with my hat. Several minutes later they pushed me into a police van in which there were more than ten practitioners. After the van drove out of the square, we were transferred onto a big bus. There were more than one hundred people already in there. We were sent to the Haidian public security division office, Beijing. There were more than 300 practitioners here including elderly people and children. They were all different ages and from different places. None of them gave their names and addresses. When the police asked us why we came to Beijing, we all answered: " To appeal. To be a good person." After 40 minutes, we were sent to the Fangshan police station.

Upon arriving at Fangshan, we were divided into groups with 10 people in each and taken away by different police stations in various places. Another female practitioner and myself were sent to the Liangxiang police station and handcuffed separately to the handrail of the stairs on each side of the hallway. One policewoman started body-searching us. After a short while, a young policeman came with a cup of hot water in his hand. He was about to pour the hot water on us, and said that he wanted us to drink some water. I told him that he was committing bad deeds. He responded by tightening my handcuff, causing me to suffer great pain. Half an hour later another policeman came and forced us to tell our names and addresses but we refused. He then stripped the clothes off another practitioner, cuffed her hands behind her back and forced her to stand outside in the cold. He took out an electric baton and started shocking her hands until he was tired. He then walked to me and shocked my hands. I could hear the "ZZZ...." sound from the electrical charge. He said that if we still would not tell our names and addresses he would shock our mouths and faces. I told my address (because I could not keep my Xinxing at a high level due to fear). He was quite happy and handed me a chair but still handcuffed me to the handrail of the stairs. He then turned to the other practitioner. He repeatedly shocked her hands, face, mouth, and thighs until he was tired; and then he rested for 15 minutes. When he came out again, he viciously held the electric baton and forced her to say her name and address; and she refused again. He became angry and ordered another young policeman to bring her in to the hallway, about ten feet away from me. He took off her shoes and handcuffed her to the radiator pipes. They then started torturing her. They shocked her hands, mouth, and face until the baton sparked and made sounds. The practitioner still refused to say anything. They angrily changed to another larger electric baton and shocked her legs and toes. At this moment an vicious policeman arrived. He threw away her shoes and continued to shock and torture her. The scene was as horrifying as if a welder was welding. The brave practitioner not only did not give in, but also shouted "Fa (the principles) rectifies the universe". The angry evil policemen slapped her more than twenty times. When I pointed out that they were doing bad deeds and would be paid back, they turned to me angrily and said that they would shock me as well. I cried when I witnessed this. This female practitioner is our teacher's good student. I shouted: "stop beating her, stop beating her". However, the brutal torture lasted for more than 2 hours. They recharged the battery when the electric baton's charge ran out. . At the end, the practitioner could not raise her head. The evil policemen then started denouncing our teacher until about 12 o'clock. The phone rang and someone was fighting outside. All the policemen went out except for the younger one. The practitioner told him that she needed to go to the bathroom but he did not allow her to. She sat on the floor in agony with hands still cuffed to the pipe. I asked him to let her go to bathroom and he kicked me. After about half an hour they came back, and we finally were allowed to go to bathroom. She was not allowed to put on her shoes. They handcuffed her again as soon as she came back. One evil policeman brought her to a room and tortured her for another 2 hours. She was brought back afterwards and was tortured for another half an hour. He went back to the room and we were handcuffed until the next morning.

When the daylight broke, they resumed the torture and shocked her for about one hour. They went out when the phone rang and only left two policemen to watch us. At about 10:00 AM, there were more than 20 practitioners brought in by more than 10 policemen. They cursed and beat them and handcuffed all of them. They took a man of more than 40 years old into a room and started torturing him. After the large electric baton ran out of electrical charge, they switched to the smaller one and later plugged it in to the outlet. At last the practitioner could not stand it and told them his name and address. There was another older man who was from Sichuang province. He was almost 60 years old. This perpetrator used force to handcuff him. It was so painful that the poor old man rolled around on the floor. They unlocked his handcuff after a while and took him to the room and tortured him for 3 minutes. He still refused to say anything. Later he was handcuffed together with us. After a while, the flustered thug handcuffed him again and twisted, pushed and pulled his hands. They took off his clothes and told him they would pour boiling water on him. This older man asked to go to bathroom. The evil policeman held him down on the floor and handcuffed him to the pipes. He had to sit on the floor but he firmly said: " I will not give my name and address even if you beat me to death." All the practitioners who refused to tell their names were handcuffed and tortured. They suffered inhumane persecution. In the afternoon I was taken to the Fangshan police station. In the car, three other practitioners told me about their even more painful experience. In order to force them to say their names, the vicious police took off the clothes of the female practitioners leaving them wearing only underwear. They were handcuffed outdoors and spent a night in freezing cold weather. Her sister passed out. I was eventually taken away by the local office and did not know their situation. However, by the time I left, they were still suffering from the cruel torture. They were struggling on the brink of life and death. I do not know when this inhumane persecution will come to an end. Had I not seen with my own eyes, I would not believe that there are such dark and brutal places in China. So I write this document with tears. I do not know the situation of those practitioners. But I believe that they are good students of our teacher and there are thousands of them. They put up with the torture without regret and hatred and are worthy of our teacher's salvation.

Fellow practitioners, let us step forward! Being particles of the Fa, let us "help our teacher in this human world", realize our promises!

Mainland practitioner

Jan 20th, 2001