[Minghui Net] I often felt blessed to have the chance to learn the essential principles of the universe. Now I feel even more fortunate to have the opportunity to play the role of being a particle in Dafa. There is an old Chinese saying: "It takes quite a long time to train and manage an army in order to use it at a specific moment in the future." Soldiers ought to have good training in normal times. While the enemy is right in front of you, if the soldier is still in training mode, doesn't fire or even sneak away, then he will be sent to the military court, no matter how well he was trained. When there is a war, civilians can hide and escape, but not soldiers, because they have the responsibility of fighting and defending.

This example is not quite appropriate to use in the context of our cultivation, because Dafa has no enemy. (Those people who are damaging Dafa are very pitiful. They were used by the high-level evil beings to do bad deeds. As a consequence, they are hurting themselves.) All genuine practitioners know that safeguarding Dafa is in the nature of the beings who have obtained Dafa. When the "evil force" is damaging Dafa and persecuting Dafa practitioners, and when our Master is being slandered, an everyday person who is able to recognize the good value of Dafa will have a chance for a hopeful future. On the other hand, instead of acting like an everyday person, a Dafa practitioner who has obtained the Fa and has a righteous mind shall have the responsibility of safeguarding Dafa and telling the truth to the public. Our Teacher said: "In the midst of the Fa-rectification, a god's single thought about Dafa determines his existence or destruction. Can those who've obtained Dafa regard things as everyday people do? If a person has obtained the Fa but isn't able to validate the Fa, does he still deserve to be a Dafa disciple? ..." [Mr. Li Hongzhi's article "Serious Teachings"]

Throughout the course of cultivation, we became a particle of Dafa. If NOW it is not the time for us to play the role of a Dafa particle, when will it be? Some of us may have waited just for this moment. After recognizing this sacred responsibility, I decided to join the Fa-rectification activities with other fellow practitioners at the practice site.

Twice a week since last July, I have been handing out Falun Dafa materials to those who were visiting the USA from Mainland China. It took me a few hours for each round trip, but I could hand out materials to many Chinese people. Sometimes, because of my laziness and from being tired of dealing with many other things, I would think about not going. When I thought about the concept that Dafa has created everything, I am a particle of Dafa, and the "evil forces" damage to Dafa is also attacking the origin of my life, I would forget my tiredness and be on my way to clarify the truth.

The process of clarify the truth requires our righteous mind, knowing what we are going to do and what we are doing from the perspective of the Fa. To clarify the truth, we need to break away from any human mentality or limitation, to not rigidly adhere to formality, and be active and intelligent. Not long ago, I learned that the Chinese consulate was going to hold a forum about Falun Gong. Another Western practitioner and I went to the consulate to attend the forum and to expose Jiang Zemin's savage acts. Holding a list of names, someone was standing at the entrance to the consulate and only allowed the people whose names were on the list to attend the forum. Our Fahui [chinese term for Falun Dafa conferences] never uses the list of names to screen the attendees. From this it is obvious that one can tell those who are above board and openhearted from those who have a guilty conscience. We heard that the Chinese consulate staff was going to offer the attendees a free dinner at a restaurant. This was to be expected, because no one would attend their forum filled with lies if there were no petty favors extended. Most of the attendees were the heads of Chinese student committees in Southern cities. Normally, we wouldn't have any time to go that far to clarify the truth. It was a rare event that the Chinese consulate gathered them together. So we decided not to let this chance go by. We waited and handed out the materials on the way from the consulate to the restaurant. That way, the attendees got our Falun Dafa truth-clarifying materials after the forum. Some of them said: "We were just talking about you. What the government said was different from your materials." From this we came to a conclusion that we should turn every attempt at damaging Dafa into an opportunity of promoting Dafa.

The mighty current of the Fa-rectification is also washing away practitioners' attachments. Please think about it. At the critical moment of an "evil force" damaging Dafa, if we have not let go of a lot of personal attachments, then we haven't positioned ourselves in Dafa. Our Teacher said: "The immeasurable and innumerable Buddhas, Daos, and Gods in the cosmos and the living beings in even larger cosmic bodies are all watching everything on this tiny speck of dust in the cosmos." [Mr LiHongzhi's article "Towards Consummation"] Whenever I think of this, I dare not lower the standard for demanding of myself to do a good job in every aspect, including words, actions, every thought and mentality. Sometimes I would eliminate the bad thoughts once they came out of my mind. People will not only judge how well I have done, but, more importantly, they also judge how well this Fa particle is doing. We Fa particles should emit the most righteous beauty wherever we go.

Before the "evil force" started to damage Dafa, reaching Consummation was my biggest wish. Now, giving my full strength to playing the role of a Dafa particle is my biggest wish. If Teacher Li recognizes us as Dafa particles, then we have no need to worry about whether we can reach Consummation, because Dafa will definitely create the best future for his particles.

I know how every genuine Dafa particle should act when the Fa is rectifying the principles for the heaven and the earth. He will devote his wisdom, courage, energy, and everything to the mighty current of the Fa-rectification.

An overseas practitioner