[Minghui Net] Being in the labor camp for half a year enabled me to observe clearly the inside stories of the camp. To satisfy their supervisors and to earn more bonuses, the guards in the labor camp had perpetrated countless crimes on those illegally detained Falun Dafa practitioners.

Since May 1999, people at the Heizuizi Labor Camp in Changchun have carried out extreme methods in their efforts to forcibly "transform" practitioners. Towards those who refused to be transformed (refuse to give up practicing Falun Dafa), the guards deducted 30 points from their records and added 30 days to their detention period. If during the following month practitioners still did not write "the denouncement letter"[letter to denounce Falun Dafa], 30 more points would be deducted and 30 more days added to their detention period. They use this kind of method to force practitioners to "transform." It is actually a "detention without end."

Wang Yuguei, Wang Shouhui, and Ms. Liu are ladies who are over 60 years old and were illegally detained in the 5th team. Because they persisted in their belief in Falun Dafa and did not want to write the "denouncing" letter, the team leaders, Li Wenna, Wang Limei, and Wen Ying, tied them up beside the bed. For several days, these old ladies had to stand with their hands tied behind their backs for 24 hours a day, without being allowed any rest. Not only that, but sometimes the guards even beat them with electric batons. We once passed Cell No. 7 on our way to the washroom and saw that they were still standing. They looked very feeble and their faces were contorted and distorted as a result of the torture; one was even disfigured. The practitioner standing in the middle was burned badly by the electric batons. Her neck and face were bruised. Her cheeks and mouth were swollen. I could no longer recognize her. I asked the practitioner beside me, "Who is the person standing in the middle?" She took a careful look and said, "Isn't she Wang Shouhui!" Suddenly, a deep pain in my heart burst. I sympathized with their suffering but I respected greatly their strength. The team leader, Wen Ying, laughed at them and gave them disrespectful nicknames. However, they endured the inhuman torture without voicing any hatred or grievance.

Once, we were doing manual labor outdoors around noon. The 6th team was having lunch in the dinning room. Two police officers in long, white coats took this chance to push a practitioner on a bed and took turns to beat her with electric batons. We could hear her screaming unceasingly, "Stop the shocking, I am a good person!" The police just ignored her screams. The painful screaming was so heart-rending that every practitioner doing outdoor labor was deeply concerned. No one could continue working. The guard then yelled at us, "What are you listening to?! Go! Go!" This kind of things happened every day.

What is difficult to understand is that the police themselves are women too, but they do not at all have the kind heart one expects of women. The 6th team's leader, Hou, is an example. She is one of the main criminals in persecution of practitioners in Heizuizi Female Labor Camp. She uses the most despicable means to physically and mentally torture the steadfast practitioners. She herded the steadfast practitioners into one cell and put a toilet pot in the center of the room. All practitioners had to use this toilet there in the same room where they live, and they were not allowed to leave. When the toilet pot was full, Hou did not allow it to be emptied, as she wanted the practitioners to live with the smell of the excrement. There was a practitioner, Ms. Shi, who was having her period and asked for Hou's permission to go to the washroom. However, Hou not only rejected the request from this fellow woman, but also said cynically, "No, you have to use the toilet in the room." Shi told her, "The toilet is totally full already. It would be all over the ground if I use it there." Hou yelled loudly, "Follow the order! Don't you understand Chinese!" Shi was almost shaking from holding in her urgent need, but she had to go back to the room. She stood beside the full pot and hesitated to use it. At this moment, Hou followed into the room and said, "Urinate there! Urinate there!" While Shi just took off her pants and urinated, Hou suddenly took out the electric baton hidden behind her and electrically shocked Shi's waist for some time. Owing to the sudden shock, Shi's monthly period stop suddenly. Hou, however, remained forever indifferent to this, as if she would get rewarded if she tortured practitioners to death.

We firmly believe that the laws of the land and the Law of Heaven will punish these guards who already lost all of their conscience as human beings.

We also hope those people who do not know the truth to think deeply. Don't be blinded by the lies and setups. Furthermore, don't follow the orders of Jiang Zemin to do bad deeds; otherwise, it will destroy your own future.

A Dafa Practitioner

March 7, 2001