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[Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] Elders and Children of Practitioners Are Driven Out of their Homes and Into the Street

After Dafa practitioner Xie Yunxia of Provincial Committee Office of Guangdong Province was arrested in her home, last November, her husband, also a Dafa practitioner was forced to leave home last month. Her aged mother and 4-year-old son were the only ones left in their home. The local police and the provincial committee office still did not leave them alone and drove the old woman and child out of their home, last week. It is not known where the piteous old woman and the child live now. We hope the kind-hearted people will care for their whereabouts and consider: Simply for practicing Falun Gong, a family cannot have the basic rights for living. How can it be that even an elder and child lose the right of being supported and cared for, being forced to sleep on the street?

Dafa practitioners Liang Zihui and others, from the Guangzhou Subway Group, have been taken away from their homes and work units without being given a reason, by Meihua Street Police Station in Dongshan District and other police departments. This happened around the time of the New Year and their whereabouts are still not known. There are many families that have been broken apart in this way. Liang Zihui's husband, also a Dafa practitioner, was then taken away before the Spring Festival. Their child is left parentless, to live a lonely and bitter life.

[Kaifeng City, Henan Province] Railroad Station Forces Passengers to Trample on the Picture of Falun Gong's Founder

The Railroad Station of Kaifeng City, Henan Province has put two pictures of teacher in the narrow passageway of the station's entrance. Dafa practitioners wouldn't defile the teacher, so in order to arrest them, it is required that each person entering the station step on the pictures. This is the despicable scheme plotted by the Railroad Public Security Bureau. The plain-clothed police and regular police have 3 shifts during which they take turns monitoring the passengers. There are also several police vehicles parked outside the station.

The Falun Gong Inspection Offices are set up at the ticket office, waiting room of the railway station, the station entrance, etc. There are also banners that contain the vicious language that slander Dafa and teacher.

Once, a middle-aged man was in a hurry to enter the station. He took a big stride and did not step on the picture. The police immediately stopped and interrogated him. He said: "My relative is critically ill and is waiting to see the doctor....". He earnestly requested to be let through but the police would not allow him to pass. The man had no choice but to go back and step on the picture several times. Only after this, was he allowed to enter the station.

Phone numbers of the Police Station

Jia Baocheng, deputy director: (office) 86-378-3916153-24018 (home) 86-378-3915685

Gao Fei, policeman on duty: (office) 86-378-5124114-23028

[Ren County, Hebei Province] Righteous Phone Calls are an Effective Way to Suffocate the Evil

Since having exposed the crimes of persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners by the police in Ren County, Hebei Province on Minghui Net, many righteous phone calls were made to the homes of those malicious people. Those policemen have become very afraid and their arrogance has been heavily stricken. We have received reliable information that on January 23 and 24, the home of the evil thug Liu Zhenguo of Ren County received at least several dozen phone calls questioning him, advising him not to continue his crime, not to arrest or beat Falun Gong practitioners, and not to act as the accomplice of Jiang Zemin, etc. These phone calls made Liu Zhenguo afraid and uneasy. These people did not think that so many people would condemn them for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Probably other malicious policemen also received the righteous phone calls.

I, here, on behalf of Dafa practitioners in Ren County, Hebei Province who are arrested, beaten, have had homes ransacked, and are sent to forced labor, express thanks to the fellow practitioners and the kind-hearted people who made the righteous phone calls. We ask fellow practitioners in other areas to accurately collect the phone numbers of the families of these terrible people, advise them to do good deeds, point out a correct path for them and suffocate the evil.

The wicked persons of Ren County Authorities:

Wang Zhongqing, secretary of Politics and Law Committee, using all means to extort money from practitioners, phone: 86-319-7515195.

Chen Zhongwei, deputy director of Ren County Public Security Bureau in charge of Falun Gong issues, cell phone: 86-13013291964

He Haiduo, section chief of the Political Security Section of Ren County Public Security Bureau, home phone: 86-319-7512712

Liu Zhenguo, thug of the Political Security Section of Ren County Public Security who is responsible for beating Falun Gong practitioners, home phone: 86-319-7512712

The above several people have persecuted Dafa practitioners since 1998 using the No. 555 document of the Public Security Department as an excuse. They extorted money and property from Dafa practitioners and their family members.

Before July 20, 1999, Dafa practitioners had exposed their crimes on the Internet. However, they did not repent but retaliated by further intensifying their persecution of Dafa practitioners. Any practitioner who went to Beijing to appeal had his or her home ransacked. Properties taken away from practitioners would include: Television, audio recorder, farm tools, bicycle, tricycle, and more. Even shampoo and tapes used for learning English by the children were also taken away. Practitioner Liu Xingge (or Liu Shengge)'s family was very poor, so they took away the wheat and quilts. Such bandit-like acts have made the neighbors of these practitioners feel indignant.

[Jilin City, Jilin Province] Search and Arrest of Dafa Practitioners Who Publish Statements on Internet

Now, Jilin City has issued an order: Use all means to search out Dafa practitioners who publish statements on the Internet and do not even spare the Dafa practitioners' relatives and friends. The whereabouts of Dafa practitioners must be found. People who find and arrest Dafa practitioners will be given a monetary reward.

The family members of Dafa practitioners are also deceived when told that if the practitioner is found now, he will be all right if he admits to having made a mistake, but if he is arrested later, he will be sentenced for 3~7 years.

[Huludao City, Liaoning Province] It is Every Dafa Practitioner's Duty to Validate Dafa

A Falun Gong practitioner is a recorder of electricity meters in the Electric Power Department, Lianshan District, Huludao City. People generally brand these recorders as "Electric Tigers" (this means that they abuse their power to take advantage of customers). Before practicing Falun Gong, he used to accept money from customers who stole electricity through bypassing the meter and let them get off. This is a common phenomenon in current society, where everyone is pursuing material gain and money. Since practicing Falun Gong, he has never accepted any money from the customers.

After July 20th 1999, he thought that he should validate Dafa. He returned the money that he had accepted in the past to the customers one by one. He also told them, "I am a Falun Gong practitioner. My Teacher teaches me to cultivate Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance and to be a good man. I have done a wrong thing, so now I return this money to you." He returned over 13,000 Yuan total (about US $1,500, the yearly average income for a city employee is about 5,000 Yuan). People were moved by his honesty and said, "We have already forgotten this matter, but you still remember it."

His action made a big impact in the local community. People talked about this matter on streets and buses, "Falun Gong is really such a good exercise. It can really change a person to be good. Falun Gong is admirable." "Jiang Zemin talks about his 'Three Phrases' everyday, but there are more and more corrupted officials. It is like the proverb, 'A bad leader can only have bad followers' ".

This practitioner went to appeal for Falun Gong many times. Before the New Year of 2001, he went to Beijing again. Since then, three months have passed without information about him. We ask the people to turn their attention to this matter and help find him.

[Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province] Daqing Oil Administration Bureau Alters the Public's Appraisal Results on Falun Gong Practitioners

In a recent XX Party member appraisal event, a branch Party Committee arranged an appraisal meeting according to the Party Constitution and the requirement from the upper level committee. The people who worked with the party members knew exactly how they had behaved. Thus, people graded those party members who are Falun Gong practitioners as having "passed". These practitioners are key members in their work. They are righteous, honest, and regarded as good persons by all local people. However, since they insisted on practicing Falun Gong, one leader of the Party Committee of the Bureau forced the branch Party Committee to alter the appraisal results of these practitioners to "fail". This vicious action upset the local people.

[Lanzhou City, Gansu Province] Lanzhou City Government Strengthens Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners

Yuan Jiang was the previous Falun Gong Assistant of Gansu Province. His mother Ren Canru is detained in First Detention Center of Lanzhou city because she has gone twice to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. Police from Lanzhou City Police Bureau spoke with Yuan Jiang, telling him that if he promised to quit practicing Falun Gong, they would release his mother immediately. Yuan Jiang refused the trade. The police and Yuan's work unit both stated that if Yuan Jiang kept on practicing Falun Gong, they would send him into a "Forced Transformation Class" in Taoshuping and would not release him until he gave up practicing. Yuan Jiang was forced to leave home on Feb. 6th. It is said that Yuan's mother will be sent to labor camp.

Ge Junying was the Falun Gong Assistant of Chengguan District of Lanzhou City. Because Ge insisted on practicing Falun Gong, he was also forced to leave home. Ge's daughter was detained in Taoshuping Forced Transformation Class for forced transformation.

One day in February, three plainclothes policemen came to practitioner Fang Shuguang's home to harass him. Fang is a teacher at the Provincial Communist Party Training School of Gansu Province. Fang refused to open the door for them. The three plainclothes policemen kept watch on his home for three days and later set up a monitoring site on the ground floor of the building. This severely affected the normal life of the family. Another practitioner, Zheng Fengru, was forced to report to the Security Department of her work unit everyday to study materials slandering Falun Dafa. They threatened that if she didn't comply they would detain her in a dark cell. One day in January 2001, Zheng Fengru was arrested from her home by six police and was detained together with several drug-addicts in a cell for one day and one night. Later she was transferred to a "Falun Gong Forced Transformation Class". Her school-age son is left alone at home.

Since January 2001, Lanzhou City Government has strengthened the persecution on Falun Gong. Many practitioners were put into Detention Centers or Forced Transformation Classes. Some were arrested from home while others were arrested by being deceived into going to a local police station for a talk. The families of practitioners are asked to pay 5,000 Yuan (about one whole year's salary) for the Forced Transformation Class and the practitioners are forced to be in the transformation center for indefinite terms.

[China] Police Begin Full Scale Monitoring of Dafa Practitioners' Telephones

It is said that the telephones of all practitioners will be monitored if their names are listed in the local police station as Falun Gong Practitioners. All telephone numbers that have called the practitioners will be investigated also.

The primary target of this new persecution is on the printing and distributing of truth-clarifying materials.

[Jilin City, Jilin Province] Police Are Awarded 1,000 Yuan Cash Per Falun Gong Practitioner Arrested

Information from Jilin City Police Bureau said that the Jilin City Government motivated policemen to arrest more Falun Gong practitioners by awarding 1,000 Yuan cash (about two months' salary of an average urban worker/translator) for arresting each Falun Gong practitioner. The practitioners arrested will be put into so-called "Transformation Class" (another name for a detention center). Their family members are forced to pay police 600 Yuan as a "Class Attendance Fee". Now the police have started this mass arresting campaign.

Recently, many districts of Jilin City began to force practitioners into so-called "Transformation Class". Each one has to pay 300 to 600 Yuan for meals. If a practitioner doesn't have enough cash, the police will go to his home and take away the TV and other belongings. Some practitioners have had to borrow money to pay the Police. One who doesn't go to the Transformation Class must pay a bail of 2,000-Yuan (about US $250, a total of four months' average salary). Under such pressure, some practitioners were forced to leave home.

Some practitioners who are forced into the Transformation Class are holding hunger strikes to ask for their physical freedom. Their family members and all people please give your attention to them.

[Lanzhou City, Gansu Province] Practitioner Wei Lifu Is Illegally Arrested and Detained

Wei Lifu, male, 31 years old, is a practitioner from Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. He was arrested while distributing truth-clarifying materials in the buildings near Gongxingdun Police Substation on November 11, 2000. He was detained in Dashaping Detention Center, Lanzhou City. Before that, Wei was illegally detained for 15 days in October 2000 because he attended a group practice of Falun Gong near the west entrance to Lanzhou City Square.

According to Gongxingdun Police Substation, Lanzhou City Police Bureau regarded his case to be an important one because he carried over 200 pieces of printed materials and some articles such as "Jiang Zemin cannot shrug off his Responsibility in History". The materials Wei distributed are claimed to contain content attacking the government and its leader and are thus "anti-government" materials.

On Feb 23rd 2001, the police issued an arrest warrant and transferred his case to Prosecution Department of Chengguan District, Lanzhou City. Wei Lifu is still detained in Dashaping Detention Center.

Recently, one more batch of practitioners was sent to labor camp. He Yingguo, Liu Juhua, Liu Xiuying, Tan Shurong, Zhu Xiulan and others were sent to labor camp after being detained in Xiguoyuan for several months. Among them were two practitioners, including Zhu Xiulan, that the Labor Camp rejected because of their poor health. They were then escorted to a mental and addiction patient center for forced transformation. No transformation, no release.

Fu Yanbiao, a teacher in the Department of Physics, and Yang Xiaobing, a teacher in the Department of Arts, Northwestern Normal University were sent to labor camps in Beijing after being detained in Beijing for a few months. Li Yuanqing, a student, and others were escorted back from Beijing and detained in a local police station. Now their detention term has been changed from 15-days to indefinite.

[Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province] Police Take Away Many Dafa Practitioners From Their Homes for Forced Transformation

Police took away many Dafa practitioners from their homes in Doumen County, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province since the Lantern Festival for forced transformation. These practitioners have not been released to this day. It is heard from an inside source that the practitioners will be sentenced to forced labor education of 3 years or less if they refuse to accept transformation and do not break away from Dafa. This is quite contrary to what Jiang Zemin and his followers have claimed: that "No Falun Gong practitioners sentenced to forced labor education have been taken away from their home". It is also contrary to what Mao Yunsheng, Director of Forced Labor Education Bureau, Ministry of Judiciary claimed on February 20, 2001: "No Falun Gong practitioners were sentenced to forced labor education in China simply because they practice Falun Gong."

[Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province] Shenzhen Dafa Practitioner Zou Xiuyu Is Illegally Sentenced to 3 Years Forced Labor

Dafa practitioner Zou Xiuyu and other practitioners went to Beijing by train to validate Dafa at the end of December 2000. Zou is sentenced to 3 years forced labor education. No detailed information is available.

Dafa practitioner Yu Lian from Shenzhen City was taken away in September 2000 while working and detained in Futian Detention Center. No further information is available.

[Shaihai City] A Dafa Practitioner from Shanghai is Illegally Sentenced to 7 Years Imprisonment

Dafa practitioner Hong Pingping, over 20 years old, was arrested in Shanghai last Summer because of her actively speaking out the truth of Dafa and exchanging experiences with other practitioners. She is sentenced to 7 years imprisonment.

[Shijiajuang City, Hebei Province] The Affiliated Schools of North China Pharmaceuticals Illegally Put Dafa Practitioner Guan Lirong under House Arrest

On February 19, 2001, Dafa practitioner Guan Lirong from Shijiazhuang City was suddenly put under house arrest by her work unit (the Affiliated Zidi School of North China Pharmaceuticals).

When she told the administrative officials seriously: "You detain me against the law."

The officials said: "We don't have any other choice. It is the order from upper level officials. Because Beijing is applying to hold the Olympic Games, every unit or department is asked to control Falun Gong practitioners." It turned out to be Jiang Zemin's order for decorating peace and deceiving the Committee for selecting the host city for the Olympic Game.

Guang Lirong did not cooperate with them by going on a hunger strike for 4 days. The officials were afraid that she would die and sent her home. She was very weak. The plan to detain her until the Conference of National People's Congress in March failed.

The Telephone of the Affiliated Zidi School of North China Pharmaceuticals:(86-311)-6060775, 6057614

The Administrative Department of Shijiazhuang City People's Congress:(86-311)-6689651

The Committee on Legal System:(86-311)-6689521

The Committee on Internal Judiciary:(86-311)-6689509

Office of Appeal:(86-311)6689506

The Policy Investigation Office of Shijiazhuang Political Consultative Conference Committee:(86-311)-6689825

The Committee on Social Legal System:(86-311)-6689877

The Committee of Race and Religion:(86-311)6689872

The Liaison Committee for Chinese Descendant from Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao:(86-311)6689853

Shijiazhuang Procuratorate:(86-311)7017607, 7017616, 7017462, 7870123

Supervisory Division:(86-311)7038618

Division of Suit:(86-311)7024826

Division of Criminal Cases:(86-311)7017602

Division of Arresting Order:(86-311)7017754

Division of Charge and Appeal:(86-311)7025012

Sub-Division of Charge and Appeal:(86-311)7017609

[Shijiajuang City, Hebei ProvinceShijiazhuang Police Forcibly Enter Citizen's Residence and Arrest People at will

At 8:00 PM on February 12, 2001, 5-6 police from "6.10" Falun Gong Special Case Group (a government office in charge of cracking down Falun Gong/by translator) of Shijiazhuang Police Station suddenly, without showing any ID, entered Dafa practitioner Zhao Weimin's home and ransacked it. Later, the police wanted to take him away. Zhao Weimin and his family members told the police: "I have not done any wrongdoings against the law. I cannot go with you."

The police called their fellows with a cellular phone. Several more police came and forcefully took him away along with his books. He was illegally detained in Baoshi Hotel. Because Zhao Weimin refused to cooperate with the vicious police, during interrogation, the vicious police brutally beat and kicked him, and slapped his face with slippers, causing bruises and swellings on his face and left ear as well as other places. At last no wrongdoing was found and he was released on the third day.

This is the true image of the so-called "People's Guards" during Jiang Zemin's claimed time period of "Govern the country with virtue".

Telephone of the Office on Duty in Shijiazhuang Police Station: (86-311) 7023296.

Telephone of Baoshi Hotel, Manager: (86-311)6679166. Switchboard: (86-311)6044236

[China] Be Alert for the Police Trap to Arrest Dafa Practitioners Browsing Internet

Police take advantage on practitioner's wish to expose the crimes by making tricks on floppy disks. For example, a policeman told one practitioner that he had obtained some inside secret documents about persecuting Dafa practitioners and gave him a floppy disk. The policeman also told him that no one should open it except those able to visit the Internet. Later it was found that it is a police's trap for arresting Dafa practitioners able to get onto the Internet.